Rus News Journal

54 - 0000074

the Report of information about property sale Open Society neftemash , Kemerovo, by means of the public offer.

Open Society neftemash Kemerovo, informs on sale of object not finished by building by means of the public offer belonging on the property right, 1 - floor, the base/ concrete tape, walls panel, overlappings/ concrete, m. a roof, floors concrete, a total area of building of 388,4 sq. m, degree of readiness of 99 %, inv. 903/ 3, lighted. H, located to the address: the Kemerovo region, Kemerovo, Lenin area, street Tereshkovoj, d. 45.

Occupied with object of not complete building the ground area is not included into property structure.

the price of the initial offer: 7 341 000 (seven millions three hundred forty one thousand) roubles.

Term of demands acceptance for acquisition of the object which has been not finished by building - 30 working days, from the moment of publication of the given message.

the trading organisation: Open Company the Kuzbass club of creditors an INN 4205137123, 650004, Kemerovo, street Cathedral, 8, of. 429, ph. 8 - (3842) - 441969.

the Right of acquisition of property belongs to the applicant who has made an application when due hereunder the first on acquisition of property at the price of the offer, operating at the moment of application.

the given report of information is the public offer. The demand for acquisition of property by means of the public offer (in duplicate) and the inventory of the presented documents (in duplicate) under the confirmed forms, move in the trading organisation together with the documents specified in them.

demands are accepted by trading organisation in the working days from 9:30 till to the address: Kemerovo, street Cathedral, 8, of. 429.

Applicants can receive samples of documents, familiarise with the information on property and other information at the organizer of the auctions.