Rus News Journal

66 - 0000220

the Competitive managing director Open Company Tavdalesprom spends open auction on sale of property of the enterprise:

the Prize 1 Building ABK 3 - h floor, located to the address: Tavda, street Lesopilshchikov, 2/ A

the Initial price of a prize 1 - 800 000 rbl. the Deposit - 20 % (160 000 rbl.).

the Prize 2 Apartment 3 - h the room, 60,9 sq. m., located to the address: Tavda, street Lesopilshchikov, 4-15.

the Initial price of a prize 2 - 692 000 rbl. the Deposit - 20 % (138 400 rbl.) .

Auction will take place 30. 10. 2008 in 11. 00 hours to the address: Ekaterinburg, street of Kalinin 8, office 3, bodies. (343 330-87 - 93, 336-67 - 22.

the Form of giving of application forms for participation closed - the demand with the offer on the price moves in the sealed envelope, and the necessary list of documents is the appendix to the demand and moves in an open kind (are not sealed in an envelope with the demand).

Application forms for participation are accepted within 25 days, in everyday life with 10. 00 hours to 16. 00 hours, from the date of the publication. Demands acceptance comes to an end in 12. 00 o`clock in the afternoon, following 25 day.

to the demand (under the form of the organizer) on participation in togas should be enclosed:

1) the Contract on the deposit, the prisoner with the seller, on utverzhd. The organizer of the auctions to the form.

2) the payment document, podtverzhd. Payment of the deposit with a bank mark about execution;

3) the Power of attorney (for the authorised representative);

4) In addition: for jur. Persons:

notar. It is assured. Copies will found. Dock - in;

notar. It is assured. sv - va about registration and statements on the tax account;

notar. It is assured. A copy of the decision on executive office appointment;

the decision of competent controls jur. Persons about fulfilment of the large transaction or the original of the inquiry that the made transaction is not large;

data on a dale of the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation, MO in an authorised capital stock jur. Persons in the form of the register of owners of actions - for joint-stock company, or written assurance signed by the head and the press - for other societies.

for IP - notar. It is assured. Copies will found. Dock - century

For fiz. Persons - the passport and sv - in about statement on the tax account - notarially certified copies.

requisites for deposit transfer: Open Company Tavdalesprom INN 6634008071, BIK 046551854, a check point 663401001, to/ with 30101810100000000854, r/ with 40702810110000060003 in Open Society Bank Northern treasury

payment of the deposit bank Is possible. Bills with the come term of a presentation for payment.

the auctions the person who has offered during auction the highest price who signs this very day the report on results of auction admits won. Full payment is made within 14 days from the date of the contract conclusion.

to the person who has lost auction, the deposit comes back during 5 bank of days.