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“ the Megaphone “ has raised a claim on smarts

After MTS the petition in Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) about acquisition of the seventh by quantity of served subscribers of cellular company SMARTS has submitted “ the Megaphone “. Apparently, struggle for the Volga region cellular active, which cost is estimated in $1 mlrd, will be developed between these two operators. One more representative “ the big three “ - “ Vympelcom “ by data „“ has made decision to refuse from attempts to get smarts. “ the Megaphone “ has submitted the petition en face about acquisition of 100 % of voting actions smarts on September, 5th, it is told in the department message. In connection with necessity of reception of additional information FAS has prolonged term of its consideration. Yesterday the director for public relations “ the Megaphone “ Marina Belasheva has confirmed „“ the fact of giving of the given petition. It has reminded that readiness to buy smarts in June of this year was declared by the general director “ the Megaphone “ Sergey Soldatenkov.
general director smarts Andrey Girev repeatedly noticed that the company carries on negotiations with variety of investors. Yesterday he has declared „“ that the circle of applicants remained without changes, but did not begin to make comments, in what terms sale smarts can take place. As he said, financial crisis has not affected company cost. “ we do not have severe need on sale, for last year the pure debt of the company has decreased from $250 million to $150 million, therefore even at a present market situation we feel confidently “ - mister Girev confirms.
Cellular operator smarts following the results of August (estimation ACM - Consulting) rendered a telecommunication service more than 3,505 million to subscribers (the seventh result among all cellular operators). More than 80 % of actions smarts are supervised by the founder of the company Gennady Kirjushin, 15 % belong to chairman of board of directors Boris Skvortsovu, 2,97 % - Open Society “ Volgatelekom “. Following the results of the second quarter the company gain has made 1,54 mlrd rbl.
“ the Megaphone “ not the unique applicant for business smarts: in December, 2007 negotiations about purchase smarts conducted “ Vympelcom “ and in the middle of July of this year of MTS and registered in Netherlands Cezanne B V. (also it is supervised by the operator) have addressed en face with petitions for acquisition of 100 % of the Volga region operator (see„ “From August, 18th). Term of their consideration FAS has prolonged till the end of October, but the operator has not lost interest to an active, has told yesterday„ “a press - the secretary of MTS Irina Osadchaja. A press - the secretary “ Vympelcom “ Ekaterina Osadchaja did not begin to make comments on interest of its company to smarts. But, according to the source, close to “ to Vympelcom “ the operator has refused idea to get smarts.
Shareholders smarts try to sell the company, estimating the business in $1,2 - 1,3 billion are More sceptical in estimations the experts considering that cost smarts does not exceed $0,8 - 1 billion Thus, in their opinion, means for purchase smarts at “ the Megaphone “ is: the free monetary stream of the operator is at comfortable level and following the results of the first half of the year 2008 makes 16,3 mlrd rbl. Besides, “ to the Megaphone “ new actives for increase of capitalisation on the threshold of planned IPO are necessary.
By estimations of senior analyst ACM - Consulting Anton Pogrebinsky, now share smarts in the Russian market makes 2 %, and a share “ the Megaphone “ - 23 %. Proceeding from it, after purchase smarts “ the Megaphone “ the share of its competitors of MTS and " can increase the share in Russia on the average to 25 %, thus that; Vympelcom “ makes 35 % and 25 % accordingly.
Alexander Hodonova