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“ an United Russia “ has updated council of supporters of party

On Friday “ an United Russia “ has published on the official site new structure of the central coordination council of supporters of party. The council structure was updated on 80 %. Council was left, in particular, by the assistant to the representative of the president of Russia in Privolzhsky federal district Vladimir Zorin. New people should symbolise reform of institute of supporters “ an United Russia “ and after entering into the party charter of amendments to make recommendations to candidates for United Russia party members. The new structure of council included, in particular, members of Public chamber Maria Bolshakova, Galina Bogolyubov, the leader of movement “ In support of Vladimir Putin “ Pavel Astakhov, Maria Kiselyov, Oleg Netrebsky, winners of the party project “ the Professional command of the country “ The physicist - jadershchik Andrey Tamonov, the expert on nanotehnologijam Victor Bykov, actor George Taratorkin, the priest - singer Victor Rybin, opera singer Maria Maksakov, the editor-in-chief of orthodox magazine “ Foma “ Vladimir Legojda.

Among excluded - the head of Fund of assistance to the world on caucasus Ahsarbek Galazov, councillors of federation Vladimir Zhidkih and Alexander Tchekalin, vitse - the governor of St.-Petersburg Alexander Vahmistrov, the general director “ Uraltransgaza “ David Gajdt, the assistant to the plenipotentiary of Russia in Privolzhsky federal district Vladimir Zorin, national actor Mark Zaharov, the general director of Institute of UNESCO Vladimir Kinelev, the first vice-president of the Central Bank George Luntovsky, the head of the Nizhniy Novgorod airclub Vladimir Pakov, the deputy minister of defence Nikolay Pankov, the ataman of the Reserve Cossack army Andrey Reva, the chairman of the Moscow oil company Valery Churilov.

Excluded explain rotation by employment on the basic work. For example, in political council of the Nizhniy Novgorod branch “ an United Russia “„ “Have declared that Vladimir Zorin has left council only because “ the person with its post is very occupied “.

In “ an United Russia “ name other reasons: reform of institute of supporters has begun, and the majority of councillors were not on sessions and in general did nothing. Besides, at formation of new structure of council United Russia party members have sharply reduced number of officials and businessmen (the last will be included into other council - on work about business - Vladimir Gruzdev`s community).

Former structure of main board of supporters “ an United Russia “ has been generated to elections to Duma. Then it was more important to show communications with officials and businessmen which could not or did not want to enter party, and also with power structures and military men who under the law should be out of parties (last problem remains). Till now among supporters the party allocated regional political elite (52 % of supporters), federal authorities (17 %), intelligency (17 %) and industrialists (10 %). Among power structures the party has found till now only 3 % of open supporters. Now the party intends to change this proportion.

after prime minister Vladimir Putin has led party, United Russia party members have decided not to increase any more numbers and to stop at level of 2 million persons. “ party members are our kernel. The second circle, 44 million supporters, is people who have voted for us on last elections. And the third circle - the public organisations delivering to us of supporters “ - the assistant to the secretary of presidium gensoveta " has explained; an United Russia “ on work with supporters, the head of the central coordination council of supporters of party Frants Klintsevich. He has informed that work on formation of similar councils in each region comes to the end.

“ In “United Russia“ the main thing -

with persons badly does not change. A trouble of prepotent party that it is faceless, all hide behind “steam locomotives“, including for Putin. Popularity from known people as though borrow, and real work with the voter do not conduct and on decision-making process of influence do not render “ - the assistant to the general director of the Center of political technologies Boris Makarenko has commented „“ on party innovations.

Irina Nagornyh, Julia Suhonina