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Samara the Rosaviation has departed from passengers

has stopped airline work Samara . Now transportation of passengers Samaras the airline " will carry out; Atlant - the Union . Two More companies entering into alliance AiRUnion - Krasejr and Domodedovsky airlines - have acquired the right to transport the passengers till the end of October. As have noted in Rosaviation, the decision was accepted in coordination with GK Rostehnologii which have considered that Samara there are in the worst financial position, than other companies of an alliance. On September, 29th the Federal agency of air transport (Rosaviation) has made the decision on stay of action of the certificate ekspluatanta Open Society Airline Samara . Since yesterday the company has stopped to carry out transportation of passengers and has delegated these responsibility of airline Atlant - the Union . To two other companies which are a part AiRUnion, - Krasnoyarsk airlines and Domodedovsky airlines - period of validity of certificates is prolonged till October, 28th (more in detail about work of other air carriers entering into alliance AiRUnion read on 11 strip. - ).
airline Samara since 2005 entered into alliance AiRUnion And/ to Samara owns own park of planes: That is 134, That is 154, That is 154, the Yak - 42, the Yak - 40 and Silt - 76. By data SPARK - Interfax in 2007 the company gain has made 2,2 million rbl., a loss - 59 million rbl., in 1 quarter 2008 a gain - 436 million rbl., a loss - 47 million rbl.
As is informed on a Rosaviation site, the decision on prolongation of certificates is dictated by necessity of end by the companies of performance of programs of flights under the summer schedule, and also in order to avoid mass failures of aviatransportations and infringement of the rights of passengers. As to Samaras the company on a number of criteria has been recognised by less capable to carry out of the obligations. a cause of a failure in certificate prolongation to Samara there was its financial position which has appeared heavier, than at other companies, at which not such big debts. Besides, at Krasejra and Domodedovsky airlines depth of sales hardly more than at Samaras that too was the factor for decision-making. Our decisions were co-ordinated with the future proprietors GK Rostehnologii and airline Atlant - the Union - they have decided to begin procedure of transfer of routes with this company - have informed yesterday in Rosaviation. By data from open sources, airline accounts payable Samara has increased from 972,49 million rbl. for January, 1st, 2008 to 1,14 mlrd roubles for July, 1st, 2008.
In airline Samara do not agree with Rosaviation. we also have obligations to passengers, as well as at other companies. Besides, during crisis our passengers have suffered least: on refusals we were in service far not on the first place - the chief of department of image and Open Society advertising " has informed; Airline Samara Alexander Irdullin, having added that in airline have declared that while any official statements about company liquidation did not arrive.
in AiRUnion also do not agree with Rosaviation arguments. Krasejr certainly, was the donor of an alliance. But to say that activity of this or that company was worse or better, I would not become. At airline Samara there were normal, high-grade prospects, therefore it and has entered into an alliance - tells a press - secretary AiRUnion Olga Trapeznikova.
According to experts, stay of action of the certificate ekspluatanta says that the companies Samara actually does not exist any more. to restore the certificate, of course, it is possible, but in this case on that volume of infringements which are fixed, it is almost unreal. It is possible to tell that the company under such brand is not present " more; - has informed a source in Rosaviation. Samara now has simply turned to the legal body - the head of analytical service of agency " speaks; Aviaport Oleg Panteleev. According to mister Panteleeva, it is not excluded that after the termination of actions of certificates of other companies of alliance AiRUnion they will be comprehended by the same fate. However, according to the general director of consulting company Infomost Boris Rybaka, still early to say that the airline does not exist any more. the certificate can be renewed. After all all property remains in the company, accordingly it possesses the base. Other question is a conformity to shown requirements for reception of the certificate, such as a financial solvency of the company, park presence, - he speaks, noticing that to predict airline actions today it is impossible. - I Can tell only that this question will solve not Samara and Rostehnologii .
Ljubov Shramko