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Penza will glance in a uniform window

In December, 2008 in Penza opening of the multipurpose centre of granting of the state and municipal services (MFTS) is planned. On expectation of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation, the new structure will clean many administrative barriers and will lower corruption level. The Office of Public Prosecutor declares that to begin with check on corruption needs to be passed to the decision about creation MFTS. Experts doubt that creation of one more state structure will solve problems in already available. Yesterday a press - the service of the government of the Penza region has declared that Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation will allocate 33 million roubles for creation of the multipurpose centre of granting of the state and municipal services in Penza and project realisation on working out of the program of improvement of quality of services on its base. The first tranche on introduction of administrative regulations (departmental legal certificates which provide accurate terms and an order of consideration of references of citizens) at a rate of 26,5 million roubles will receive region in October. The corresponding contract has been signed one of these days by the regional government and Ministry of economic development and trade within the limits of carrying out of actions of administrative reform in 2008 .
Competitive selection of programs on carrying out of administrative reform in which the government of the Penza region has taken part, spent Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation in April, 2008. According to the director of department of state regulation in economy of Ministry of economic development and trade of Andrey Sharova, now MFTS have opened more than in 16 regions of Russia. In department plans to equip by 2010 with the similar centres all large regions.
the basic function MFTS, according to mister Sharova is Creation of the state supermarket where any citizen of Russia can receive any services - from municipal to federal . MFTS means automation of services (transition of officials to an electronic turn and the account of documents), and also introduction and synchronisation interdepartmental and mezhurovnevyh administrative regulations (terms of official registration of papers will be estimated not from the sum of the terms provided by administrative regulations of several departments, and proceeding from uniform regulations MFTS).
Under the information , Penza MFTS will begin work in December, 2008.
work in the centre will be built by a principle the Uniform window . The citizen or the legal person can hand over documents in MFTS, for example, on registration of the Russian passport, the property right to apartment or the ground area. Through the term established by regulations in the same window it will receive already issued document. The centre will initially give free of charge an order of 80 services. With development MFTS the quantity of services will increase - have informed in department on realisation of administrative reform of the regional government.
according to the director opened in February, 2008 MUP the Multipurpose centre of granting of the state and municipal services cities of Balakovo of the Saratov region Rafailja Bahteeva, udachnost the Penza project on creation MFTS will depend on that, the how much seriously Penza officials will approach to information support of the Center, and also to preparation and personnel training.
Office of Public Prosecutor of the Penza region and regional analysts have concerned creation MFTS frostily. the governmental order about Center creation to us did not arrive and yet has not passed check on a subject korruptsionnosti and conformity to the federal legislation. To give estimations, as a matter of experience other regions, it is inappropriate, as the same structures with identical names can carry out absolutely different functions - the chief of the department on supervision of execution of the federal legislation of regional Office of Public Prosecutor Sergey Dolmatov has declared .
I treat badly to that the quantity of officials once again will increase. Whether new department in already available will help to put things in order, will show time. But a principle a uniform window gets accustomed in Russia very difficult. If now legal illiteracy of the population is compensated by direct contact to officials, dialogue through a uniform window can become a barrier to an explanation of nuances in drawing up and selection of documents. I do not exclude that in the first months of work from a uniform window the set of refusals in registration " will fall down; - the head of the analytical centre " considers; Pareto - the centre Anatoly Bodrov.
Alexey Panin,
Natalia Glivenko