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Have started 3G in Tolyatti
Today the Samara branch of Open Society Vympelcom in Tolyatti starts in commercial operation a network of mobile communication of new generation 3G (UMTS/ HSPA). Exactly one month ago, on September, 1st, the network 3G has appeared in Samara. With start of networks of the third generation to clients a Biline in territory of the largest cities of region it became accessible the high-speed mobile Internet in the speed over 1 Mbit/ with, and also considerable improvement of quality of a voice communication - it is told in the company message. We will remind, on July, 3rd, 2008 the Samara branch of Open Society Vympelcom has obtained the permit of Rossvjazohrankultury to operation of a communication network of new generation (3G). The practical gaugings spent by technical experts of the company, have shown a correctness of functioning of services on the basis of technology 3G. During carrying out of gaugings speed of data transmission in a real network reached 6,2 Mbit/ sek that more than in 20 times exceeds usual EDGE - indicators and more than in 100 times - usual GPRS - indicators - it is told in the company message.
Valery Vorontsova

  the Finance
is summed up issues of Pervobanka
the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has registered the report on results of additional issue of actions of Open Society the First incorporated bank . Actions in number of 30 456 853 pieces are placed by a face-value of 10 roubles on the closed subscription among shareholders to proportionally their shares of participation in the bank capital - at the price of 49,25 roubles for a security. The issue total amount has made 1,5 mlrd rbl. Following the results of additional issue the size of an authorised capital stock of bank has exceeded 1,27 mlrd rbl., and own capital has come nearer to 5 mlrd rbl. lath Overcoming in 5 mlrd rbl. will allow not only to increase a credit portfolio to 50 mlrd rbl. But also will open before bank new possibilities on participation in large corporate and state projects. Also the capital increase will essentially improve bank quality indicators - sufficiency of the capital on all parametres, a parity of large credits and the capital, reliability of bank as a whole - the president of Open Society " has noted; the First incorporated bank Oleg Bagaev. From the moment of formation of Pervobanka as a result of carrying out of four additional issues and profit capitalisation for 2006 - 2007 own capital of bank has grown more than in 7 times. Dynamical growth of financial indicators, expansion of a filial network and business scales confirm successful realisation of the strategic plan for development of the bank providing increase of own capital by 2010 to 12 mlrd rbl. Financial indicators for September, 1st, 2008: Balance currency - 51,88 mlrd roubles, the bank capital - 4,08 mlrd roubles, a credit portfolio - 31,06 mlrd roubles, the rests on accounts of legal persons - 16,61 mlrd roubles, the rests on accounts of physical persons - 7,84 mlrd roubles.

Valery Vorontsova

KamAZ has driven into militiamen
In Ulyanovsk in dorozhno - transport incident four militiamen and two fellow travellers following with them were lost. As has informed investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation across the Ulyanovsk region, incident happens on Monday, at 00 o`clock 35 minutes on a site proezzhej to a part around crossing of the Moscow highway and the Western parkway. KamAZ, belonging to the private businessman, has at great speed faced car UAZ of separate company PPS at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Zasvijazhsky area, following in a passing direction with the included flashing beacons. The police car has hit in a column of a tram line and has lighted up, all persons who were in it were lost. Driver KamAza is detained. On a scene employees of investigatory committee and a management of the Department of Internal Affairs of area left. The senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation on UO Alexander Sorokin has noticed that militiamen were not on the task, but at execution . While, as he said, there is no data about alcohol presence in blood at someone from participants of incident. degree of fault of each of drivers and the reason of the happened will be established during the investigation - mister Sorokin has told. Criminal case to signs of structure of the crime provided ch is brought. 3 items 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Infringement by the person operating the car, the traffic regulations, entailed death of two and more persons ) .

Sergey Titov, Ulyanovsk

Kosmotras will put into orbit the Earth
the Thai companion
Today Joint-Stock Company Kosmotras from starting base Clear in the Orenburg region starts the space companion for kingdom Thailand, have informed in a press - region service. Representative MKK Kosmotras has specified that it is a question of start of the companion by means of " carrier rocket; Dnepr created on the basis of heavy intercontinental ballistic missile RS - 20 Voevoda (in NATO classification - the Satan ) . The companion as which customer the Kingdom Thailand has acted, weighs 750 kgs. It will be deduced on is solar - a synchronous orbit in height of 820 kilometres. Companion THEOS is made by the European company EADS Astrium SAS by request of the Thai agency on geoinformatics and development of space technologies also it is intended for remote sounding of a surface of the Earth. Its start-up has been planned for August of current year, but the conclusion of the space vehicle to an orbit should be postponed. Joint-Stock Company the International space company Kosmotras it is based in 1997. Primary activity MKK Kosmotras it is connected with realisation of programs of the Russian Federation on recycling of rockets RS - 20, taken out of service and used in starting system Dnepr for start into a circumterraneous orbit of space vehicles. Within the limits of the program Dnepr 10 successful start-up are by this time carried out, into an orbit is deduced more than 30 space vehicles of Russia and other countries.
Michael Antonov, Orenburg

On creation OEZ in Ulyanovsk will involve
20 mlrd roubles
Cumulative investments into creation and development of a special economic zone of port type (poez) Volga - the Aviacargo in the Ulyanovsk region in intermediate term prospect will make 20 mlrd roubles. As has informed a press - service of the regional government, the zone will be created on the basis of the international airport Ulyanovsk - East also will occupy the area of 640 hectares with expansion in the long term twice. Formation poez will lead to creation of additional capacities on repair and maintenance service of aircrafts, creation terminalno - logistical and warehouse complexes, to substantial increase of level of rendering transportno - logistical services and to development of potential of an aircraft repair complex of the enterprises of region - it is told in the company message.

Interfax - the Volga region

have translated the Minister in museum workers
From October, 1st the minister of culture of the Saratov region Michael Bryzgalov passes to new work. It is appointed by the director of the State central museum of musical culture of Glinka. The first deputy Natalia Tereshina will fulfil duties of the minister. Mister Bryzgalov will replace on a post of the director of a museum of Robert Tsaturova which fulfilled duties of the head. In the ministry of culture of area it is event in any way do not make comments.
sarbc. ru

Tax specialists of area have collected Taxes 62 mlrd roubles
For 8 months tax specialists of area have collected in budgets 62 mlrd roubles of taxes and tax collections. It on 15,8 mlrd roubles (or 34,1 %) above the similar period of 2007. The volume of tax revenues in the federal budget has exceeded level of last year on 26,1 %, in the consolidated budget of area - on 43 %, including regional - on 42,2 %, municipal - on 45,8 %. On a share of the Saratov region 5,3 % in total amount of tax revenues on Privolzhsky federal district, or 8 place from 14 subjects entering into district are necessary. The basic part of incomes of budgets of all levels is generated for the account: the profit tax - 23,6 %; the tax to incomes of physical persons - 20,2 %; the VAT - 19,3 %; the tax to mining operations - 8 %; the uniform social tax enlisted in the federal budget - 6,5 %.
sarbc. ru

the Office of Public Prosecutor has found out forgery on elections
in Volgograd gordumu
Office of Public Prosecutor of the Volgograd region has directed to court criminal case about falsification of results of elections of deputies gordumy Volgograd. The unique candidate on election district 43 in Krasnoarmeysk a disctrict of the city was Sergey Zabednov. After counting of votes it was found out that Zabednov has not collected necessary quantity of votes. For the candidate 572 persons, against - 637 have voted. Results of voting have been entered in the minutes which was signed by all members of election committee. However after five hours the chairman of local election committee Svetlana Perunova together with the secretary Irina Kamyninoj have misled committee-men, having informed them that the report is filled incorrectly. They have given to committee-men on signing the new report in which have brought the data of counting of votes, having changed their places. The report has been signed by all committee-men. As a result of falsification for Zabednova 637 voters, against - 572 have voted. The falsification fact has been found out during check at repeated counting of votes. On check materials in the relation Perunovoj and Kamyninoj the prosecutor of the region bring criminal case. Their actions are qualified under item 142. 1 ( Falsification of results of voting ) the criminal code of Russian Federation. Business is directed to court. In total in elective campaign by city and regional public prosecutors of the Volgograd region for the purpose of the prevention and suppression of infringements of the selective legislation it is brought more than 20 representations, 48 cautions are declared, 10 administrative affairs are raised.
news agency Rosbalt