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the Three Dialogue the group of companies " has reached Khabarovsk

Despite financial crisis proceeding in the country and assumptions of possible change of the proprietor; the Three Dialogue has continued expansion of the presence, having opened office in Khabarovsk. By 2011 it plans to occupy third of local market of private investments. According to experts, arrival Three will not change the market of Khabarovsk territory considerably, but will allow it to be closer to medium-sized clients and to raise financial literacy of the population that will do good to all participants of the market of investment services. Past Monday operating director GK the Three Dialogue Andrey Sharons and vitse - the governor of Khabarovsk territory Vladimir Syrkin have signed the cooperation agreement in sphere of development of the financial and share markets and increase of investment appeal of the organisations of region. The general moments of cooperation are registered in the document only. Concrete projects in which the investment company is ready to participate, yet are not called. From the enterprises, with which the Three Dialogue co-operates at the moment, mister Sharons named only Komsomol - on - the Cupid aviation production association. Speaking about an event now in Russia financial crisis, Andrey Sharons has declared that such difficult situation gives new possibilities both for business, and for the subsequent investments.

a group of companies the Three Dialogue it is based in 1991, on 100 % belongs to company management through partnership system. Specialises on trading operations with securities, investitsionno - bank services, trust management by actives, direct and venture investments, personal investments and the finance. According to magazine Money for January, 1st, 2008 the Three Dialogue Took the third place in the list of the largest Russian management companies. The volume of the actives which are in trust management of the company, has made 115,3 mlrd rbl. Office Three in Khabarovsk became the second in the Far East: two years ago the company has opened representation in Vladivostok. According to managers of the company, they were interested by that in Khabarovsk territory one of the highest levels of the average salary in region - 15 thousand rbl., its inhabitants have placed on accounts of banks 62 mlrd rbl. (it on 2 million rbl. more than to Primorski Krai, the biggest indicator in DFO), thus here is at least three thousand millionaires and the subject takes the eighth place on investment appeal in Russia.

the head of representation Dialogue Three in Khabarovsk Natalia Vojchuk on a press - conferences has ambitiously enough declared: We have come to create the market . As she said, in Khabarovsk territory at the company not so it is a lot of competitors . Andrey Sharons has confirmed that in the subject before arrival Dialogue Three three large operating organisations - VTB, " worked; the Whale of Finans and finam . Mister Sharons has underlined that the Three intend to occupy third of Khabarovsk market of private investments and to involve by 2011 not less than 1 thousand private and corporate clients. According to madam Vojchuk, in to the Three count on annual attraction not less than $5 million on broker service and not less than 35 million rbl. on trust management (PIF) in Khabarovsk territory.

in Khabarovsk the group of companies intends to master first of all ritejlovyj a segment. if to be guided by Vladivostok, there 97 % of our clients make physical persons. The volume of the enclosed means of private and corporate clients is equal - Natalia Vojchuk has explained. Meanwhile, according to participants of the market, for Dialogue Three arrival to a segment of the small and average investor - new business in which she needs for much to learn . the Group is very strong in work with institutional investors. To work with physical persons it has undertaken attempts about two years ago, and until recently it did it not so successfully. I think, she will learn it, the question in that is what is the time and money for it it is required - one of participants of the market, wished to remain not named considers.

in the list of products Three Natalia Vojchuk has allocated broker servicing (ready to place not less than $100 thousand) Assuming that all transactions for the client are made by the broker. However, the part of experts doubts that this service will be claimed. it is elite service, demand on which not so big. If 100 persons use it, it will be the big good luck - one of interlocutors , familiar with the local market of private investments has noted.

interrogated experts have agreed in opinion that the Three Dialogue has come to Khabarovsk territory, as well as other management companies to expand geography of the presence and to be closer to individual clients with the small capital. In large clients will be engaged in Moscow. Indirectly it was confirmed also with Andrey Sharons: If there will be no possibilities of the Khabarovsk experts, will be engaged Moscow - including individual conducting the account, depending on its sizes .

I see plus in arrival of the new participant is will obviously promote increase of financial literacy of the population - has commented yesterday on arrival Three to Khabarovsk operating director UK finam Management Sergey Hestanov. It has explained that now in the Russian market management companies are engaged not in a competition, and struggle against financial illiteracy of the population .

Marina Kravchenko