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“ Us have simply thrown “

the next session of a national hural of Buryatiya has come to the end with Scandal: representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and “ Fair Russia “ have left a boardroom from - that “ an United Russia “ has refused to them creation of three posts vitse - the speakers working not on the released basis. United Russia party members who occupy all supervising posts in a hural, have declared that “ two existing vitse - speakers will be enough “ and to strengthen the position, have passed the law reducing number necessary for quorum with 44 to 34 deputies that will allow fraction of the party in power consisting of 47 persons, not to reflect almost on an appearance. Representatives of opposition parties promise to protest this law in court. During yesterday`s session of a national hural of Buryatiya struggle of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and “ Fair Russia “ with “ an United Russia “ for supervising posts in parliament has reached apogee. The day before party in power fraction, having used essential majority of votes to own advantage (47 deputies from 68), has rejected brought by the deputy from “ Fair Russia “ Vladimir Gejdebrehtom the bill expanding the list of supervising posts in a national hural. Mister Gejdebreht offered along with the operating two vice-presidents of the parliament working on the released basis, to enter posts vitse - speakers from each of fractions which would work on “ the public beginnings “. Thus, representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and “ Fair Russia “ expected to compensate absence of the representatives in a hural management.

new convocation of the Buryat parliament has been selected on December, 2nd, hural directing bodies have been generated in January. On both posts vitse - speakers of parliament United Russia party members have been selected. Within all year representatives of opposition demanded to consider the bill of mister Gejdebrehta, however document discussion was constantly postponed. To achieve question inclusion in the summons of September session, representatives of opposition parties have broken June session of a national hural. Without opposition United Russia party members could not collect quorum, and they had to promise to consider the problem on introduction of additional posts vitse - speakers in September.

after on Monday the bill has been rejected “ an United Russia “ communists, the liberal - democrats and spravorossy have left again a boardroom, having paralysed hural work. In reply to this demarche speaker Matvej Gershevich has declared that session will continue the work even if deputies will take part in it from " only; an United Russia “. “ fraction “United Russia“ includes 47 deputies. Today we still had 42 deputies, and it is necessary for quorum 44. The question price - two persons. We will easy continue tomorrow work even if other fractions will not come “ - mister Gershevich has explained. To that the opposition has been deceived in the expectations about additional posts, the speaker has concerned easy. “ simply “United Russia“ has considered that two vitse - speakers for the organisation of effective work of parliament will be quite enough. So session has been broken out of the blue, - has declared Matvej Gershevich. - the Decision about it is accepted, and now again to return to this point in question consideration it is possible only in a year “ - he has underlined.

the opposition, truth, has decided to test good luck already next day. Yesterday the head of fraction “ Fair Russia “ in a national hural of Irinchej Mathanov has suggested to consider the problem once again about vitse - speakers. Against repeated inclusion of this question in the summons has voted “ an United Russia “ which has collected this time 47 deputies entering into fraction. Afterwards the deputy - the United Russia party member Anna Skosyrsky has suggested to consider the bill introduced on Monday lowering necessary for work of a hural quorum with qualified (44 deputies) to the simple majority (33 deputies). Despite opposition barrackings about regulations infringement, the initiative has been supported “ an United Russia “. Opposition parties have left again a boardroom, however thanks to discipline of United Russia party members session has proceeded.

meanwhile representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and “ Fair Russia “ distances joint a press - conference on which have accused “ an United Russia “ in power usurpation in a national hural. Communist Sergey Budazhapov has declared that “ today “United Russia“ represents the worst variant of the CPSU of the period of stagnation “. “ Our fractions represent 30 % of the population of republic. For the budget this law does not bear any loading - to us are not necessary neither secretaries, nor salaries, cars. We wanted only one - that the voice of 30 % of the population in a hural has been heard “ - the head of fraction " was indignant; Fair Russia “ Irinchej Mathanov. “ We addressed to the president, to the chairman of a hural, but, unfortunately, results are that that us do not hear “ - the head of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Marhaev has complained. “ all the summer long all four fractions together with the speaker worked over this bill, we have literally gained it. And that has occurred - us have simply thrown “ - the head of fraction of LDPR Igor Bobkov has declared.

answering a question on the further actions, “ oppositionists “ have assured that they anyway will return to session work as behind each of them there are voters. “ we now will not be, as children, to inflate cheeks. We were not selected by means of an administrative resource. It they were selected at the expense of an administrative resource, the president of Buryatiya Vyacheslav Nagovitsyna and eks - the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. We were selected at the expense of ourselves and the leaders. Therefore we also will work, express further the opinion civilised methods “ - mister Bobkov has expressed the general opinion of opposition. Among civilised methods of struggle - the requirement to cancel the law on quorum decrease, as “ it has been accepted with numerous infringements of regulations “. To achieve it, members of parliament are ready to have legal proceedings with United Russia party members.

Andrey Dumler, Alexander Terentyev, the Uhlan - Ude