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eks - the mayor of Vladivostok will pay off for kolumbary from own pocket

the Soviet district court of Vladivostok has satisfied the claim requirement of Office of Public Prosecutor about collecting in city budget with eks - mayor Yury Kopylov of 21,5 million rbl. For such sum the former town governor who has been recognised earlier by guilty of excess of powers of office, the damage has caused to municipal union, illegally having concluded the contract on delivery of building materials for a construction kolumbarija. Mister Kopylov continues to consider itself innocent, as any damage to a city has not put . eks - the mayor of Vladivostok Yury Kopylov has been recognised by guilty of excess of powers of office in May, 2007. Then the Lenin regional court has established that in 2003 mister Kopylov autocratically, without the coordination with body of the representative power and without carrying out of obligatory competition has concluded from Open Company Sirojama the contract on building kolumbarija for participants of the Great Patriotic War. The damage to city budget has made 6,5 million the rbl. paid by Open Company Sirojama in 2003, and 21,5 million rbl. more, according to the Arbitration court decision, the city administration has paid the companies for the put materials in 2007. The Lenin regional court recognised mister Kopylov guilty of excess of powers of office (ch. 2 items 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) also has sentenced it to four years of imprisonment conditionally with a two-year trial period.

proceeding from the sentence which has entered validity of regional court the Office of Public Prosecutor of Vladivostok achieved from eks - the mayor of compensation of a damage to city budget - the claim sum made 21,5 million rbl. In November of last year the Frunze regional court in quality obespechitelnoj measures under the claim of Office of Public Prosecutor has seized on movable and real estate of the former town governor - the ground area the area of 1,5 thousand in sq. m on street of the Ninth, garage boxing the area of 50,5 sq. m, six cars, in t. ch. Release Hummer 2003, and also a motor boat. Definition of court it was forbidden to Yury Kopylov to make actions on alienation, and corresponding state structures - to make registration actions concerning this property.

process on damage compensation could not begin some months - on Yury Kopylov`s aetiology. In the beginning of July, on the eve of the next session planned by court, eks - the mayor has been hospitalised in one of hospitals of Vladivostok with the diagnosis a hypertensive crisis . Yesterday mister Kopylov and its lawyer were not again on process, and in their absence judge Michael Bujnachev has made decision claim requirement of Office of Public Prosecutor of a city to satisfy. the respondent has been properly notified on time of judicial session and was not without a good reason - Irina Nomokonova has informed the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Primorski Krai. Yury Kopylov, making comments on a judgement, did not hide the indignation: It is devilry any. Neither I, nor my lawyer knew nothing about court. How it is possible to make such decision without our presence? by words eks - the mayor, it on - former is on the sick-list, continuing out-patient treatment, and the court has been informed on it . Its lawyer Vladimir Matjushenko has added that the decision of the Soviet regional court will be it is appealed necessarily against .

Yury Kopylov continues to consider itself innocent in business about construction kolumbarija. He insists that has stolen nothing at a city and kolumbary - extremely necessary object for Vladivostok: in a city the crematorium operates, and with ashes of relatives people are compelled to store urns in apartments . To prove the innocence, Yury Kopylov promises to reach, in case of need, the European court under human rights in Strasbourg. It is not excluded that at eks - the mayor really does not remain other exit: In June the Supreme court of the Russian Federation has left its complaint to a sentence of Lenin district court of a city without satisfaction.

in case the protection complaint will be rejected also the decision of judge Bujnacheva will enter validity the arrested property of mister Kopylov will go from a hammer.

Alexey Tchernyshev, Vladivostok