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Georgia has declared detection Russian bespilotnika

on October, 1st the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Shota Utiashvili has declared about found about village Odzisi of Mtshetsky area on border with South Ossetia the Russian prospecting pilotless flying machine (BPLA). In the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia it is especially underlined that the device has not been brought down, and its falling has been caused by the technical reasons. Command of the Russian peacekeeping forces does not confirm this information.
the fallen Russian flying machine has been fixed by the Georgian party near to borders with South Ossetia. According to Shota Utiashvili, bespilotnik has been equipped by photoequipment for the prospecting purposes . The purpose of work of the device was, according to the Georgian party, to reconnoiter an arrangement of posts of the Georgian police about village Odzisi. The village adjoins Ahalgorsky area which is supervised by the Russian armies and the South Ossetia armed formations. As has assured Utiashvili, experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have already deciphered the information and the materials, collected by the flying machine .

This incident forces to remember a similar situation with one more Russian BPLA. On September, 23rd the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has informed that the small pilotless device flied at height about 50 m over a place of passage of the pipeline of Baku-Supsa where it was found out by the Georgian patrol . Then the Georgian policemen have brought down bespilotnik shots from an automatic gun. The camera found out on the device has allowed to Georgia an occasion to suspect Russia of gathering of the information concerning an arrangement and moving of the Georgian armies. The Russian side categorically denied the given information believing that it is the next information provocation of the Georgian party for the purpose of conditions destabilization in region .

it is necessary to notice that mutual recriminations of Moscow and Tbilisi in use BPLA in the prospecting purposes proceed for a long time already. The greatest resonance has caused incident with Georgian BPLA over Abkhazia, brought down on April, 20th. Having accused of its destruction Moscow, Tbilisi initiated consideration of the given incident at session of Security council of the United Nations in New York contrary to counteraction of Moscow.

the authorities of South Ossetia, from its part, repeatedly declared that over republic the Georgian pilotless scout planes fly, and that a little from them have been brought down.