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Somalia it is ready to recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia

the Ambassador of Somalia in Russia Mohammed Handulle has declared on October, 1st that the country is ready to join Russia and Nicaragua and to recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The ambassador also has declared desire of Somalia to co-operate with Russia in military - technical sphere and has informed on the permission to the Russian ships to perform operations against pirates in the Somali maritime belt, and also on a land.
on a press - conferences in Moscow Mohammed Handulle has declared that the government of Somalia completely supports the right of the former unrecognized republics to self-determination. As he said, the government of Somalia will prepare in the most prompt image diplomatic relations with South Ossetia, and also Georgia and Abkhazia . The ambassador of Somalia also has noticed that its country supports Russia in its efforts on situation stabilisation on caucasus.

the Ambassador also has declared that the government of Somalia grants to the Russian ships the right to be at coast of the country for struggle against pirates both on the sea, and on a land . For realisation of corresponding missions the special status will be given the ships of the Navy of Russia in Somalia.

according to Mohammed Handulle, the parties also carry on negotiations for realisation possibility the Russian frontier guards of protection of coast Somalias and training of local military men. we want, that Russia, as soon as possible, has adjusted with our country military - technical cooperation. At the given stage there are active negotiations at level the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of two countries under the permission of questions on participation of Russia in preparation of divisions of frontier troops of Somalia, fighting parts and security services. We hope that the delegation of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation also will soon take part in negotiations - the ambassador has declared.

in the statements the diplomat has concerned also to a situation with the Ukrainian vessel Faina grasped by pirates on September, 25th. We will remind, the crew of a vessel with military technology cargo consisted of 17 citizens of Ukraine, one Latvian and two Russians. According to the representative of Somalia, Russia and Ukraine have the right to be engaged in clearing Fainy . Moreover, the ambassador has declared that if Russia or Ukraine releases a vessel Faina they have a just cause independently to condemn the pirates who have grasped him .

In the meantime, the Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe intends to address to Russia with an appeal to cancel documents on a recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. As the assistant to the chief negotiator of the Russian Federation in the PASS Leonid Slutsky has declared. As he said, such appeal contains in the draught resolution on the report of the representative of assembly concerning a situation in South Ossetia.