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Leaders of the Moscow skinheads recognised the fault

Leaders of the criminal group which members are accused of 20 murders and 12 attempts at murder, completely recognised the fault. To their example three more accused have followed. On the versions of the investigation, all crimes were made by members of a gang because of racial and an ethnic animosity. To figurants of business accusation as regards 2 articles 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (a premeditated murder of two and more persons) is brought, to article 30 UK (attempt at murder) and 105 UK (murder), and also article 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (kindling of international enmity).
At the private meeting which has taken place on October, 1st of Moscow City Court upon the skinheads of crimes made by a gang, its leaders Arthur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky completely recognised the fault. Partially recognised the fault defendants Vitaly Nikitin, Nikolay Dagaev and the Novel of Cousins. To deny the participation in incriminated crimes continue Denis Lavrinenkov and Svetlana Avakumova.

the Consequence on the given case has come to the end still on June, 30th. On a dock - young men at the age from 17 till 22 years, making murders and attacks on natives of Asia and caucasus during the period from August, 2006 till April 2007 - go. According to the investigation, on the account of group of 32 criminal episodes, including 20 murders and 12 attempts at murder. skinheads made all attacks as a part of group. As victims lonely citizens of not slavic appearance got out. Attacking aspired to put for the minimum time interval as much as possible heavy damages - the official representative of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin has noted.

as he said, the grouping has started to operate in territory of Moscow in August, 2006, to detain leaders of skinheads it was possible only in April, 2007, and other members of grouping in February, 2008. Leaders of skinheads at the moment of fulfilment of crimes were minors. Besides, among participants of this organisation - 22 - the summer girl who removed the first crime on the chamber. Then the victim remained is live - Markin has noted.

we will remind, leaders of group, students of Ryno and Skachevsky have been detained in April, 2007 on charge in murder of the native of Armenia. Later in business there were other figurants, and to a consequence there were known some more similar criminal episodes. In June, 2007 Arthur Ryno who has voluntary admitted 37 attacks on natives of Asia and from caucasus, has refused the indications. C has had time to establish its participation in 22 crimes in which result it was possible to survive only to one person.

the Moscow City Court has sentenced one more group of minor skinheads on September, 22nd to imprisonment for terms from three till ten years. The consequence has established the general handwriting of fulfilment of crimes these gangs. Under the influence of extended in the various ways the illegal youth organisations of ideas about exclusiveness of persons of Russian nationality and inferiority of persons not the slavic origin, accused have united in the organised groups for fulfilment of murders of natives of the former Soviet republics of the Asian and Caucasian regions - have noted in Office of Public Prosecutor.