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Conditionally guilty

Yesterday the court of Kanavinsky area of Nizhni Novgorod has pronounced a sentence on the case of illegal release in 2003-2004 of actions of Open Society New Mirsky it is mountain - concentrating industrial complex (GOK) in the total cost of 18,9 million rbl. of the Indication against the spouse eks - the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Babble Hodyrevoj, considered as the organizer of swindle, the court has not taken into consideration. As a result the basic charges in a criminal conduct have been shifted on the former director of industrial complex of Alexander Bobrova who has run away still before announcement of a sentence. Yesterday the Kanavinsky regional court has pronounced a sentence to the former director of Central administrative board of a road and transport economy of the Nizhniy Novgorod region (GU DiTH) Oleg Zaharovu and it eks - to the assistants Vladimir Moshkov and Elena Glagolevoj accused of illegal withdrawal of a state block of shares of actions New wordly GOKa. To all defendants it was incriminated Complicity in fulfilment of swindle by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement in especially large size (ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). The court has sentenced Oleg Zaharova to five and a half to years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period in two years. For five years have conditionally received Vladimir Moshkov and Elena Glagolev - Oleg Zaharova`s former assistants.

the Fourth defendant - eks - the director of industrial complex Alexander Bobrov - was not present at a court hall. He has absconded in July, 2008, being under a subscription about nevyezde after state charge has asked court to sentence it to seven years of imprisonment. As the Office of Public Prosecutor has considered its not repented, and Alexander Bobrov, except swindle, was accused even of illegal reception of the credit, he has preferred not to be on sentence announcement, presumably having left to native Belarus. As a result of it declared in federal search and have taken out the correspondence decision about its arrest.

As they say in the bill of particulars, in 2003-2004 defendants, carrying out the criminal plan Babble Hodyrevoj - spouses of Nizhniy Novgorod governor Gennady Khodyrev of that time, on receipt of control over New wordly

GOKom have spent illegal issue of actions of industrial complex. As a result of release of additional 10 thousand poor papers the controlling interest of the enterprise belonging to the Nizhniy Novgorod region, has been reduced twice - to 20,5 %. The state has lost control over GOKom, and the package in 74,5 % of actions has been distributed on the several private companies, including on limited liability companies RosTEK transinvest the Nizhniy Novgorod bureau of real estate Brian - the Guarantor and so forth

These structures as has established a consequence, were supervised accused, and actions were transferred to them by small packages no more than 20 % not to cause claims from the Ministry of an antimonopoly policy and the Federal commission on securities (nowadays - Federal antimonopoly service and Federal Agency of the financial markets). Transfer of a controlling interest by a face-value of 18,9 million rbl. to commercial structures should become a result of all operation, according to the charge party, Babble Hodyrevoj.

However yesterday the court at sentence announcement named the spouse eks - the governor the person, materials in which relation are allocated in separate manufacture . The court has informed that indications against Babble Hodyrevoj are inconsistent, and its participation in a crime has not found proofs in the given judicial examination. As a result, in the general opinion of participants of the process which has attentively listened to all 200 pages of a sentence, the basic weight of fault has laid down on fluent Alexander Bobrova`s shoulders. Lawyers of the condemned have explained that conditional punishment will be hardly appealed against.

Roman Krjazhev