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My status can be lifted, having financing

On the threshold of session of the State council about physical culture and sports on October, 8th in Odintsov the president of the Olympic committee of Russia LEONID TJAGACHEV in interview to the correspondent VALERYS - MIRONOVOJ has told about joint intention OKR and the Ministries of sports, the youth policy and tourism to reorganise system of sports preparation in Russia. He also has shared the plans in connection with change of the status of president OKR during the period since 2009 for 2014.
- you were satisfied with results of the last Olympic Games?

- the president of Russia, premieres - the minister, sportsmen, trainers, presidents of federations, not excepting me and my friends is Enough appreciation them a distance already. Anyhow, but the Olympic committee of Russia for 100 percent, without errors, has carried out all problems and had no any remark neither from the IOC, nor from the international federations. I as president OKR never refused to answer, though all know that OKR neither doctors, nor masseurs, neither trainers, nor sportsmen do not submit. However we incur responsibility because we represent the country. Any head of sports should not refuse responsibility. Therefore - that I also say constantly that OKR and a state structure of management should work as sports always together. And without insults.

- what questions will be the main things on the State Council and you from it wait for what decisions?

- Now we with the minister of sports, the youth policy and tourism by Vitaly Mutko which desire to reorganise system of development of physical culture and sports hugely, we finish preparation of the plan of teamwork of the ministry and OKR till 2020. Main points: system of development of the Russian sports, a financing way, including OKR, national teams and building of sports constructions. For the first time in history we have signed the agreement between OKR and the ministry where have registered our functions on the basic point of preparation of national teams to Games. With a prize Russia the Olympic Games in Sochi OKR, by rules the IOC, has lost possibility to sign sponsor`s contracts, since 2009. But nobody cancelled preparation for Vancouver and London. Therefore the financial question in our relations with the ministry costs independently. In letters addressed to the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and premieres - minister Vladimir Putin I have told that the main sports powers of the world have off-budget financing from lotteries and a gaming, and also has expressed desire to emphasise on the Olympic lottery. The lottery in Austria, for example, brings it NOK $2,5 mlrd in a year. The lottery budget will be opened, and all means from it will go on preparation for the Olympic Games. As henceforth OKR and the sports Ministry will spend in common preparation for participation of Russians in the Olympic Games to divide to us there is nothing.

- Means, the further functioning OKR is in direct dependence on the Olympic lottery and the state budget?

- I have raised the question about budgetary financing OKR on last State Council, it has been solved by president Putin positively, and Audit Chamber recently checking our work has given it an appreciation. OKR wants to participate in development of children`s sports, in adjustment of sports medicine and a science. If the head, sports including about it should speak well leaves. When have appointed Mutko, at meeting in OKR ten presidents of federations have declared that with leaving of Fetisova from their soul the stone has fallen down.

and presidents FSBR and SBR Michael Mamiashvili and Alexander Tikhonov have asked: Where our money leaves? After all the agency is created that through it the government financed sports, instead of its workers . When me have appointed the chairman of sport committee, president OKR Vitaly Smirnov has collected heads of federations, has presented figures of the budget and has suggested to divide depending on the importance of kinds. Has told that itself only will sign it, and you, say, will work according to plan. Secrets on financing should not be. And when people told that on the Ski track of Russia last years it was spent on places on 300 million roubles (it is the annual budget of two federations) I was in shock. In my stay by the minister these competitions did not cost practically anything. Money is necessary only on numbers and a line lining. All the rest became participants and local heads. I have no right to accuse but as the councillor of federation I read documents and I participate in Audit Chamber decisions.

- results of auditor check of Rossporta and have not been published...

- They are in federation Council, and they are pitiable. With them understand, and when - nibud these results become property of the public.

- you agree with the statement of the president of Federation of wrestling of Russia of Michael Mamiashvili what many sponsors and presidents of federations from among businessmen and political elite after not too successful performance of Russians will cease to help with Beijing to them, and therefore it is necessary to increase a share of the state participation in business of preparation of national teams?

- Many presidents and sponsors of federations are heads and participants of presidential fund of support of the Olympians, therefore all decisions on them - a prerogative of the president. Certainly, someone can refuse, but the mass outcome will not occur. To reduce dependence of federations on sponsors, it is necessary to reconsider all norms confirmed by the government - a food, placing, moving and etc. And the main thing - salaries of trainers, first of all, nurseries.

- whether There is a sense to return to the Soviet system of preparation which was is taken for a basis by the Chineses who have won on the Olympic Games?

- China took from us the best, has created the Olympic centres by kinds, has invited the best trainers and has finished process to automatism. The Olympic boarding schools should be created and to us. This system to me is known, and it, I consider, should earn after the State Council at once, differently in Sochi we will not make anything. We should take the best also from Americans, the Austrians (especially for winter) and at progressing Englishmen. The system will earn, when will be not only money, but also shepherds as I name trainers from god. Let it will be at least and 75 years, but they should take to themselves in assistants to good executors. If I now return to mountain skiing again for four years I will make a hot team. As has made it on the instructions of the chairman of Sport committee of the USSR Sergey Pavlova, without having neither communications, nor authority. Mountain skiing - my pain. Thought, my pupils will cope with a problem. But they very much love themselves and the families. And the trainer should not to distract. Foreigners of position will not rescue. They cannot work to self-oblivion, therefore can be advisers, and the main things - only Russians.

- you reflect on the successor?

- it is not terrible To me to lose a post. After all without having possibility to sign contracts, I lose the status till 2014. It can be lifted, having either the financing, or budgetary. The organising committee of the Sochi Olympic Games should give OKR certain deductions from means earned by it. But he will start to earn yet soon, and on the Olympic cycle to London OKR from the IOC will receive only $6 million And I should finance device OKR, the international study of experts, preparation of new members of the international federations and the IOC. Today at us three members the IOC, and it is necessary it is more. That they advanced in the international federations bolshee number of our representatives. Despite falling of the status of president OKR, I under the decision of the recent congress of the International federation of skiing (FIS) should be responsible for the Sochi Olympic Games as to its first vice-president. It is not clear yet how till 2014 structure OKR will be considered in general? After all its work under the law is duplicated by organising committee.

- thus, the post of president OKR becomes tasteless ?

- In December, 2009 on otchetno - re-election Olympic meeting we should solve, whether we with the ministry will continue our work under the plan developed by us till 2014? And before we will hold meetings with the president of Russia, premieres - the minister and the government, and also the IOC and we will understand, whether there is in it a sense. It is possible to re-elect everybody, and work will rise.

- as for today affairs in Sochi are?

- Except good, about Sochi and about the Presidential Council which was spent there two weeks ago by Vladimir Putin, anything I can not tell. The head of the coordination commission the IOC on preparation for the Sochi Olympic Games Jean - Claude Killi has supported our decision to transfer in connection with environmental problems building of some objects. However the minister of regional development of Russia Dmitry Kozak has officially declared that in 2010 all sports constructions will be constructed, and on them will pass stages of World Cups.

- carrying over has raised the price of building?

- Has reduced the price. So, the Pear glade on which it was planned to construct the biathlon and sanno - bobslejnyj the centres, is on the ridge. One 15 - kilometre road there would manage in the huge sum, not to mention LEP and a gas pipeline. The centres have transferred more low on 450 - 500 m, on height about 1200 m above sea level. It is normal and for Olympic Games carrying out, and for the further use.