Rus News Journal

Calendar on October, 6th

on October, 6th and 7 Moscow the prime minister - the minister of Israel will visit Ehud Olmert.

For October, 6th in Tomsk in regional court will pass selection of jurymen on business of the major of militia Gennady Nikiforova accused of murder of businessman Igor Vahnenko.

on October, 6th and 7 the representative of the secretary general of the United Nations under human rights and internal displaced persons of Volter of Guelder-roses plans to visit South Ossetia.

to Great Britain will make working visit the president V.Jushchenko.

till October, 6th in Moscow the arbitration court has postponed consideration of the claim of Federal customs service of Russia about collecting of 22,5 billion dollars with Bank of New York Mellon.

In Russia in the form of correspondence voting will pass extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Open Society Airline Omskavia the register is closed on September, 1st.

in Russia shareholders of Open Society the Siberian coal power company At the extraordinary meeting spent in the correspondence form, will consider the problem about dopemissii the actions, placed on the closed subscription.

in Stockholm will pass delivery of the Nobel Prize in the field of physiology and medicine.