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Head Arbat Prestige the Moscow City Court is left under arrest

on October, 1st recognised as lawful prolongation of arrest for the head of the company Arbat Prestige Vladimir Nekrasov and the adviser of the company Evergejt Sergey Schneider (known also as Simeon Mogilevich) till December, 23rd. Thus, the appeal of protection of the accused has been rejected. Lawyers remained neudovletvoreny a judgement and intend to direct business on repeated consideration in other structure of court.
along with the application on cancellation of the decision on prolongation of term of holding in custody for Vladimir Nekrasov and Sergey Schneider, protection also drew on holiday of rbl. accused on the security in 75 million the Offered sum lawyers of the accused have characterised as exceeding the size of taxes of which non-payment the head " is accused; Arbat Prestige .

we Will remind, owners of a network Arbat Prestige Vladimir Nekrasov and konsultatnt Evergejt Sergey Schneider have been arrested in the end of January. It had been brought accusations on ch. 2 items 199 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (evasion from payment of taxes and tax collections from the organisations in especially large size) which provides punishment till six years of imprisonment. On July, 14th the Ostankinsky court of Moscow has prolonged under the petition of a consequence term of holding in custody of Vladimir Nekrasov and Sergey Schneider`s its business partner till December, 23rd.

Simeon Schneider who is known to law enforcement bodies at once under several surnames - Mogilevich, Palagnjuk, Telesh, Makelvich, more than 15 years searched in a number of the countries, including in the USA where it has been put on the wanted list on charge in swindle, money-laundering and racket.

under the version of the investigation, during the period from January, 2005 till December, 2006 by entering into the declaration of the deformed data on incomes the general director and the official owner Arbat Prestige Vladimir Nekrasov has evaded from payment of taxes to the 49 million 511 thousand sum 515 rbl. the former spouse Mogilevicha rendering under the contract legal services of Open Society " was the Third participant of criminal group, under the version of the investigation; Arbat Prestige Olga Schneider. It as believe in law enforcement bodies, being the lawyer, was responsible for legal cover of tax swindle.

holding Arbat Prestige it is based in 1989 and is engaged in retail trade in cosmetics and perfumery. To the company belongs 68 perfumery - cosmetic shops. A company turn Arbat end To which carries out retails Arbat Prestige in 2005 - 2007 has made 27,5 mlrd rbl.