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Disks for a week

the Basic authors of an album dushepoleznye songs on every day (Ulitka Records) three - the head of chorus Sirin Andrey Kotov , the ethnographer and the propagandist of folklore Sergey Starostin and Russian people. The leader of group Auktsyon Leonid Fedorov and its long-term partner fri - the jazz contrabass player Vladimir Volkov - at companions on help, their names even are written on a cover more in small print. In hypothetical absolute sizes of popular music here the main star - Leonid Fedorov, but sings it less than the basic authors. Voices of misters of Kotova and Starostin do not leave doubts in authenticity of a material, and it in spite of the fact that for third of songs they have written music, and Deeply and When I will leave entirely belong to Sergey Starostin`s feather. But Leonid Fedorova`s guitar does Dushepoleznye songs upotrebimymi in an every spot on the globe, and the contrabass of mister Volkova carries away the listener in dangerous psychodelic distances and definitively destroys genre frameworks of record. The sound on recent representation of a plate in the Central house of the artist on spirit reminded Jimmy Pejdzha and Robert Planta`s classical album No Quarter (1994) - record of live performances of former participants Led Zeppelin in the Wales and Morocco accompanied volynshchika, the Egyptian orchestra and the singer bhangra. Both disks - that any folklore has the same core, one source. Compare, for example, the shepherd`s plot Makariy and a national English song Gallows Pole . It is unimportant, whether the name of the author of a song (Sergey Starostin, Jimmy Pejdzh) or authorship is known to history is designated as words and a singsong national . Folk it is frequent one note, one chord, one string, and round them the singer - the storyteller twists a plot of the history, which almost always - about death. And if it the master the song seems more deeply and more touchingly any Beethoven or King Crimson.

After foreign colleagues Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails and domestic from the Russian group the Sansara Byelorussians Ljapis Trubetsky have laid out the new album in the Internet for free downloading. In its boundless possibilities ljapisy were convinced of last year. Then it has appeared what enough to place the witty priest - artovyj a clip on a song the Capital in correct places of a network that almost forgotten punks - comedians suddenly sharply became the main megaphone antiglobalizma in territory of the former USSR. A new disk the Manifesto opens the song with the same name glorifying hedonism in all its variety. The butt with vodka at every turn,/ Is not present to work - glory to a booze./ marihuana we will grow up on beds,/ About its advantage there will be lectures in clubs - Sergey Mihalok as always with the most serious look sings. This expression for a clip on the first single of an album it has appeared enough. The shocking video similar to the Capital does not happen, the Manifesto - cutting of concert shootings. In brighter video product ZHlob Sergey Mihalok complains concerning hard destiny of the national favourite: My old songs will tyre out me in a coffin,/ I not fate - a star - I pop zhlob . An album the Manifesto - first of all a set of improbably witty sketches, which as just right today`s life, as last year`s All children, hare, have fulfilled lave . It is Enough to listen or read pair of interview of Sergey Mihalka and Pavel Bulatnikova that it became clear that whoever pretended to be ljapisy - Whether followers Naomi Klein or a software - the Cord and company version, they remain first of all a gang of comedians the stand - aperov, the masters of a colloquial genre sharply feeling pulse of time to which in their understanding it is most conformable insolent ska - the punk.