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Michael Blumberg was put forward in anti-recessionary mayors

the Mayor of New York Michael Blumberg intends to remain for the third term. The billionaire and the owner of agency of business news Bloomberg, it always was the opponent of prolongation of powers of the town governor of the largest American megacity. Mister Blumberg has considerably changed the position in connection with a going deep economic crisis in the USA. In its opinion, the situation in economy which compare to Great depression, demands, that the post of the mayor of financial capital USA was occupied with the skilled financier. However, Michael Blumberga`s opponents have seen mercenary calculation in its plans and have accused of unwillingness to concede the armchair to other worthy candidates.
Michael Blumberga`s official statement about intention to initiate change in the city legislation limiting the period of board of the mayor of New York by two four-year terms, will be made today. Nevertheless at once some informed circles in city administration to which The New York Times newspaper has referred on Tuesday, have informed that mayor Blumberg, whose second term expires next year, has made decision to remain. For this purpose it will need to copy the law of 1993 which is not allowing the mayor, and also to 51 member of city council to remain in the armchairs for the third term.

Michael Blumberga`s decision became sensation, considering that until recently it had a reputation for the opponent in principle of an irremovability of the city power and lifelong posts . So, in 2002 shortly after it the first time has been selected by the mayor of New York, having replaced with Rudolf Dzhuliani`s this post, mister Blumberg has put a veto for the bill providing expansion of term of board of city officials. Then he motivated the decision with that offered amendments can be used fathers of a city In personal political ends.

according to The New York Times newspaper, Michael Blumberg considered the decision within last two months and fluctuated till last moment, having made the choice only in a past week-end. The bowl of scales in favour of such step was inclined by the drama events developed in last weeks on Uoll - strit. Here, on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange, there began the business career as the trader Michael Blumberg - now not only the mayor of New York, but also the succeeding media magnate, the owner of agency of the business news Bloomberg, reputed one of the most influential people of America. Threat of a collapse of the American economy the business capital USA New York can become which epicentre, has demanded from Michael Blumberga with its experience of the financier and the businessman of not ordinary decision - to declare that it remains on the captain`s bridge in connection with an approaching storm. It is remarkable that last days Michael Blumberg actively communicated with the Minister of Finance of the USA Henry Polson, Bush`s offered by administration author of the plan of the repayment the state bad actives on $700 mlrd, and also with head of one of the largest in the USA gone bankrupt financial company Lehman Brothers Richard Fuldom - younger.

it is impossible to consider the third term unreasonable for Blumberga who is a rare shot. It has proved as the good mayor, and, certainly, it is the most competent person in the field of the finance - the president of influential non-governmental organisation New York Civic Henry Stern has commented on Michael Blumberga`s forthcoming promotion for the third term. We will remind that Michael Blumberg is known as the proabortionist and permissions of unisex marriages, introductions of control over sale of the weapon, abolition of capital punishment, increase of taxes to property for struggle against budgetary deficiency and restrictions of budgetary expenses. In these measures it is possible to see elements of programs as democrats, and republicans.

according to mister Stern, it is the opponent of prolongation of a term of appointment of city officials, however for mister Blumberga pertinently to make an exception. at the same time to drag behind it all members of city council, and them 51, it would be equivalent to to drag all garbage - has disapprovingly responded about colleagues of the mayor in a management of New York of Henry Stern.

at the same time delights concerning the third term of mayor Blumberga divide not all. In the American mass-media there were already the first critical comments which sense is reduced to that the decision mister Blumberg has actually gone counter to own principles and actually could be guided by mercenary motives, instead of desire to rescue the American economy. Supporters of this point of view insist that for struggle against financial crisis there would be also other worthy candidates who would consult with a problem not worse, than the mayor - billionaire Blumberg.