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Ozhivitelnoe beer

to Ostankinsky brewery, the third on size among pivkombinatov Moscow, long time was possible to hold positions in the market thanks to the popularity which has remained from Soviet period of the marks. However in 2000 absence of accurate positioning of brands, a permanent job over quality and the debugged system of distribution had an effect - volumes of output began to fall promptly.

owners of factory expected to solve a problem, having sold a controlling interest. But to agree with anybody it was not possible, and the enterprise had to reconstruct business without assistance. As a result the Ostankinsky factory for 11 months of last year has increased volumes of output by 33 %. And manufacture growth in money terms (77 %) has appeared unprecedented for the beer market which has slowed down development.

Inert existence
Capacities of Ostankinsky brewery (OPZ), based in 1949, are calculated on 8,5 million manufacture has given beer in a year. The factory has been privatised in 1993, and in 1996 an enterprise controlling interest have redeemed its top - managers. The basic brands OPZ at that time were beer Ostankinsky Zhigulevsk Moscow and Slavic .

In a year after an August default volumes of output on OPZ made 6,3 million has given. According to an estimation of marketing agency Business - analytics in 1999 on an industrial complex share 6,8 % of the capital market of beer were necessary. Orientation to release inexpensive Soviet the marks enough claimed by consumers after crisis, any time allowed the enterprise to hold positions in the market. But in the same 1999 in the Russian beer market there were at once three strong players - the Petersburg company gallant International (a brand Botchkarev ), capital transmark ( the Gold butt ) and Brewery Moscow Efes (marks Efes and the Old miller ) . Active steps on a market gain undertook also Baltic Vienna and Ochakovo has considerably strengthened the market positions holding Sun Interbrew - in 1999 the company has got Klinsky pivkombinat.

to Maintain a competition to the modernised brewing enterprises to the Ostankinsky factory which did not have neither foreign investors, nor own means for replacement of the old equipment and development, all became more difficult. Besides, at OPZ there was no debugged system of distribution, therefore it could not cover in regular intervals with the production even Moscow, not to mention other cities.

Vitaly Rebrikov, commercial director TD Ostankinsky brewery : One of the basic problems was that the industrial complex long time actually did not supervise sale. The wholesale companies buying from us beer, delivered it in those shops and in those areas of capital where considered it necessary. Besides, the pool of the wholesalers working with us, was generated basically to a territorial sign: - production was bought by those to whom was close to come behind it on factory . The capital north where the Ostankinsky industrial complex is located, and area in radius 30 - 50 km have been captured, and in the south of Moscow of beer of industrial complex practically was not.

With activization of competitive struggle in the market of sale of factory began to fall: on OPZ was not not only real work on attraction of distributors, but also distinct positioning of a product also volumes of output, accordingly, were reduced.

Beer will not be
2000 has brought to owners of the enterprise still the big problems. The Samara beer factory, since 1992 owning the rights to mark Zhigulevsk And already achieved in court of an interdiction for use of this trade mark by the Moskvoretsk brewery and firm the Bouquet of Chuvashiya from Cheboksary, has submitted the similar claim to ostankintsam. In January the Moscow arbitration court has satisfied the claim of Samara Open Society Zhigulevsk beer having forbidden Muscovites drink manufacture under this trade mark.

the Interdiction for release Zhigulevsk hardly has not finished the capital enterprise: at that point in time the factory was one of the largest manufacturers of this beer, in total amount of production Ostankinsky on a share Zhigulevsk it was necessary to 50 %. And though by results of 2000 the factory has let out 5 million has given beer - Ostankinsky it was possible to occupy partially the released capacities under other marks, - decrease in volumes of output has made more than 20 % (according to the Union of manufacturers pivobezalkogolnoj production, the worst results has shown only Moskvoretsk pivkombinat). Owners OPZ have understood that without serious financial support to make production of factory competitive they not in a condition, and have made decision to sell a controlling interest.

Following the results of the closed tender declared in the summer of 2001, preliminary arrangements on sale have been reached from Open Society the Brewing company ` Baltic ` . Pitertsy aspired to increase the presence in the capital market, and the industrial platform in Moscow would be it very opportunely. However by July, 2002 the transaction was upset. As some experts, OPZ and " consider; Baltic have not agreed on price. The official version of factory has been stated in dispatched in mass-media a press - release: Considering serious improvement of a market position of factory, the management has made decision unilaterally to leave from the transaction and to set as priority a problem of carrying out of scale reconstruction of factory and partner search in this sphere .

Meanwhile volumes of output continued to fall - for 2001 the factory has let out all 3,9 million has given beer. In the end of the same year OPZ, without waiting results of negotiations with potential buyers, has begun business re-structuring. For its carrying out to factory have invited new managers - basically in a sales department. Vitaly Rebrikov, passed on OPZ from a post of the chief of service of sales MPBK " became the commercial director ; Ochakovo . Results of this re-structuring have appeared so encouraging that we have decided to continue the amendment of affairs independently - the adviser of board of directors OPZ Michael Nikolsky remembers.

degree Increase
On - former without having means for creation of strong brands, their large-scale advertising support and appreciable improvement of quality of production, management OPZ has set the task to debug distribution system. Besides, it has been decided to deduce nevertheless on the market new marks of beer and, probably, in due course to refuse the old. Vitaly Rebrikov: At creation of marks we were guided by preferences of consumers which choose now more dense grades. Certainly, the production technology of dense beer more expensively also demands almost twice more time for preparation, but quality of such drink above .

Provide advertising support of new marks in Moscow the enterprise could not, on it there was no money. Therefore has been decided to begin expansion to regions, where expenses for advancement of production much more low, than in capital. For the regional market in the end of 2001 the Ostankinsky beer factory has started in manufacture mark the Old butt . Obviously, OPZ has decided not to waste time on working out of the original name of beer and has built a mix from names of such strong brands, as the Gold butt And the Old miller . However on Ostankinsky explain that the factory lets out new beer on the Czech technology providing use by manufacture of old butts, from here and the name.

the New grade bolshej density (13, 14 and 17 %) spread in glass bottles on 0,5 l and in PET - capacities in volume of 2,25 l with the handle. The Italian line on vyduvu polyethylene bottles has managed in $2 million Unlike Ostankinsky and Moscow calculated on less provided consumers, the Old butt it was positioned as a better product srednetsenovogo a segment.

Since January, 2002 sales department OPZ in which the special regional division has been created, was engaged in transformation of structure of sale and active adjustment of communications with regions. At first the Old butt It began to be delivered to Irkutsk, then to Murmansk, Novosibirsk and other big cities. The separate system of discounts has been developed for regional partners of Ostankinsky beer factory. Complex actions for attraction of distributors provided carrying out promo - actions. To the sales representatives of the wholesale companies working directly with points of sales, bonuses were paid for certain quantity of the captured shops. To stimulate the conclusion of partner agreements with Ostankinsky the advertising campaign in support of the new mark, started before the summer season beginning in 35 large Russian cities should also. According to representatives of factory, the budget has been allocated for regional expansion from own means Ostankinsky and it has appeared sufficient only for an economic variant address advertising. In its frameworks on local TV channels commercials took place, and in points of sale passed promo - actions.

Vitaly Rebrikov: It is impossible to tell that everywhere we managed to reach considerable sales volumes. In separate regions positions of local manufacturers are very strong. For example, Novosibirsk factory Vinap occupies in the local market actually a monopoly position. Nevertheless in Novosibirsk our production " is on sale also;.

Without the aid of the TV
in the Summer of 2002 manufacture inexpensive Slavic and Moscow it has been curtailed, and in the bottom price segment the factory still had only mark Ostankinsky . Therefore the beer factory has started one more new mark, Moscow bochkovoe intended already for the capital market.

the Moscow sales department of Ostankinsky factory had to be limited to the budget which did not provide expenses on television advertising though it was used actively by competitors. those more seriously to our representatives had to work with distributors who should provide sales of our production in Moscow and Moscow suburbs - mister Rebrikov confirms.

Number of distributors OPZ has reduced to the several large companies. It had been offered more flexible system of discounts and new conditions of deliveries. basically it is firms which are engaged in more expensive grades of beer, - Vitaly Rebrikov explains, - therefore the competition to our marks does not arise . Now sales of production of Ostankinsky industrial complex in Moscow and Moscow suburbs carry out the companies Tushino - beer and Belligen working also with marks Sun Interbrew, Pivgorod Igerija and others. For constant contact to distributors at factory managers on work with key clients (while such practice extends only on three companies) answer.

Vitaly Rebrikov: Still one year ago us did not take seriously. Now, when we managed to make the main thing - to interest distributors, the relation to Ostankinsky has radically changed. Offers on exclusive representation of our marks began to arrive. Distributors have seen that the enterprise is ready to invest in advancement of production and on it it is possible to earn .

Further - it is more
In December of last year on Ostankinsky have again started to spill Zhigulevsk . The matter is that in May, 2000 the appeal chamber of Rospatent recognised Zhigulevsk Specific concept which cannot be registered as a trade mark as the Samara brewers demanded. returning to manufacture of this mark - reaction of factory to concrete inquiries of consumers, - confirms Michael Nikolsky. - despite an abundance of new brands, the old mark continues to take in the market worthy positions .

Change of marketing strategy of the enterprise and radical reorganisation of a marketing network were not slow to affect sales volume. According to Ostankinsky beer factory, for 11 months 2002 beer manufacture has returned on level of 2000 and has made 5 million has given that exceeds indicators of 2001 on 33 %. And in cost expression manufacture growth has made 77 %. Thanks to regional expansion OPZ could occupy, by its own estimations, 0,8 % of the Russian beer market. Thus following the results of 2002 agency Business - analytics Has estimated a share of Ostankinsky beer factory in the capital market in 2,6 %. As Vitaly Rebrikov believes, in 2003 this indicator can grow to 3,5 %. We deduce on the market essentially new packing - PET - a bottle of 0,6 l. Besides, we start the program of cooperation with retail networks, to begin with with diskaunterami, - the commercial director Ostankinsky explains. - And growth of incomes allows us to be engaged in advertising support of marks on national channels .

However, successes Ostankinsky yet do not impress competitors. factory volumes of output are so small what to speak about any crisis of a situation at the enterprise simply senselessly - Adam Tlehuraj, the vice-president " considers ; Baltic . Inna Kochetova, the vice-president on marketing and sales MPBK Ochakovo it is not so categorical: Growth of sales Ostankinsky says that they have successfully replaced strategy. As to mutual relations with regions, that, probably, successes in this direction are connected with changes in the marketing policy and pricing. Judging by that OPZ shows weak advertising activity, growth of sales, most likely, is connected with a price policy of the enterprise offering lower, than at competitors, the price. Falling of manufacture observed earlier, I think, it has been connected not with an interdiction for manufacture Zhigulevsk and with problems of sale of existing marks .