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For forming of optimum system is sold to improve insufficiently constantly schemes of work with dealers. The competent advertising policy has great value, for example. However for increase in sales volume of usual advertising any more does not suffice, therefore many companies resort to other methods. It is a question about so-called BTL - technologies. Number of most popular of them concern promo - actions.

below the line

the Legend about an origin of term BTL was born about 50 years ago. Speak, one of heads of company Procter & Gamble, making the estimate of expenses on marketing, has included in it advertising in a press, on television and etc. and has put total end. But has thought suddenly that has not considered an expense for distribution of free samples and other actions on goods advancement. It was necessary to enter these figures more low, that is below the line. Since then experts in marketing name traditional direct advertising ATL (above the line, Over line ), and other methods of stimulation of sale - BTL (below the line, below the line ) .

Term BTL unites today various technologies: a merchandising (the Council of Federation for May, 22nd, 2002), direkt - marketing, PR, promotion - actions and etc. Of - for that more in detail see that these methods are below the line at many the impression is made that they are secondary. actually it not so, - is told by the general director of agency In Town Tatyana Aleskerova. - Simply there is a direct and indirect stimulation of sales. Advertising in a press, on television, external is an indirect stimulation. And direct means work directly with the consumer, for example, in points of sale . Besides, at ATL and BTL different problems. Tatyana Aleskerova: By means of methods ATL the company builds a brand, creates a legend, causes certain associations in consumers. And methods BTL in practice embody character of this brand.

Popularity BTL - technologies grows fast rates - by different estimations, the companies spend for them from 20 to 40 % of the advertising budget. More often tools BTL use the tobacco and alcoholic companies as from - for legislative restrictions they cannot place advertising in a press, on television and etc. Besides, the big activity is shown by the companies - manufacturers FMCG, consumer goods of daily demand: foodstuff, beer, subjects of personal hygiene, cosmetics and etc.

Growth of interest to methods BTL speaks that the competition becomes tougher, and consumers trust traditional forms of advancement of the goods ever less. So, usual advertising does not assume feedback, and communications turn out unilateral. At the same time the consumer needs dialogue with the manufacturer, it is more loyal to a product which has tried. BTL - actions just also give such possibility.

By means of BTL the companies can solve some problems. In - the first, fast and break-even sales level substantial growth. After all if the consumer sees a television roller, he follows not at once the advertised goods in shop - between decision-making and purchase will pass time. And advertising actions it is direct in a sale place stimulate it to instant purchase. In - the second, formation of the positive relation and loyalty maintenance to mark. The project head of the company Autocity trading Michael Shabalin has expressed so: When purchase involves the big risk - for example, financial (if the goods road) or social (acquaintances will negatively estimate a choice) - or are risk to be traumatised while in service in the goods BTL - technologies are the most effective tools of formation of the positive relation to mark. In its opinion, in this case the advertiser should by means of rational arguments convince consumer to make a choice in favour of the goods, and special BTL - the actions directed on its testing, just allow to issue such message.

From all BTL - methods more often the companies resort to promo - to actions that it is no wonder: similar actions have already proved the high efficiency.

How to choose a method

the Most optimum moments for carrying out promo - actions - a conclusion to the market of a new brand, mark restart, expansion assortimentnoj rulers, change of packing and etc. is a lot of Tools. What from them to choose?

the Most effective method promo - a gift for purchase. For example, it is possible to offer a gift after goods purchase for the certain sum, and it is desirable, that it corresponded to requirements of target audience. It can be as a useful thing in an economy (when to the buyer of seasonings give a set of wooden shovels for teflon ware), and a souvenir or even an entertainment. In a network of shoe shops + for example, all visitors are treated with tangerines, bananas, sweets and etc. with Ilya Buzdin, the director for marketing and sales + : We borrowed this idea the Central Asian dealers. If in the market of the visitor treat, it is not perceived as persuasive advertising and does not cause in the person aggression. More likely on the contrary, such gesture has to the seller and stimulates to purchase fulfilment that subconsciously it to thank.

Other variant - to present the same goods. According to Tatyana Aleskerovoj, it is the most effective way of increase in sales. So, in + in 1999 have started the action two it is equal to one that is two pairs footwear it was possible to buy at the price of one. It has appeared that similar reception even is more effective than decrease in all prices for 50 %. As the director for work with clients of agency IMS Alexander Popov considers, such actions are useful for spending to owners of not untwisted marks: the Person will receive goods stock, will try out and can be switched to this mark.

When the new product is started, manufacturers often apply such methods of stimulation of sale, as sempling (sampling, free raspostranenie trial samples of the goods among target audience) and tasting (testing). These methods are directed on giving the chance to the person to test the new goods. For example, Muscovites for certain remember girls in the dark blue wigs offering near the underground to all interested person of a cigarette. The specified receptions will be much more effective if not simply to distribute a product, but also to provide consultation that consumers have more learnt about the new goods. It is considered that if about it learns not less than 10 % of target audience, will start to work sarafannoe radio .

such tool, as game promotion (competitions, lotteries, draws of prizes and etc.) Today is actively used . For example, actions like " are very popular; Glance under a cover or Write, for what you love our mark, three packings have come and win a prize . Such actions are spent constantly by manufacturers and suppliers of coffee, beer, soft drinks. The big plus of these actions - possibility to capture almost all Russia. However to become successful, it is necessary to provide them with additional advertising support in mass-media.

the Local actions spent, for example, in one city, quite often provide opening of the centre of delivery of prizes where buyers bring checks, packings and etc. for an exchange for a gift. But its organizers should provide all trifles, differently the action will come to nothing. For example, one and a half years ago the beer advertising campaign " was spent; Klinsky and it was possible to receive mugs for the handed over covers and other prizes. However the company has not provided the big flow of people, and dissatisfied consumers had to stand huge turns.

Beer and shows

Among effective methods of stimulation of sale it is necessary to note the organisation of mass entertaining actions (event marketing, sobytijnyj marketing ) - Various festivals, parties and etc. Them usually date for any dates, for example: to the City Day, anniversary of the company, opening of new shop and etc. the Primary goal of organizers etihaktsy - to create staginess and to involve representatives of target audience.

For example, agency IMS carried out recently in St.-Petersburg similar action for washing-up liquid Fairy. On a beach at the Peter and Paul Fortress huge tables have been exposed, people treated a spaghetti with fat sauce, and then at them washed plates. Alexander Popov: the Action was spent to raise trust of consumers and once again to show force of a brand. After all one business - a commercial, and absolutely another when the person really sees that one bottle Fairy it is possible to wash up almost 6 thousand plates.

the Organization of mass actions demands the big efforts. So, action Fairy served more than 300 persons - it was necessary to construct a scene, to bring water, to organise a stream of people and the entertaining program calculated at six o`clock. Event was successful, and management Procter & Gamble the decision to carry out the similar action in Kiev has made.

the Favorite method of the beer companies - carrying out fate - concerts and festivals. For example, festival Wings company Efes (for advancement of mark of beer " will organise; the Old miller ), Advancement - Sun Interbrew (a brand Klinsky ) .

in the Summer of last year the festival of street musicians " has taken place; Street Pilsner Urquel (this mark of the Czech beer belongs to company SABMiller). Natalia Stepanjuk, the general director of agency IQ Marketing: We have brought to Moscow street musicians from every corner of the globe and have prevailed upon the city authorities to carry out action in city centre, on the Marsh area. For three days the festival was visited about 17 thousand persons, and by representatives of target audience. we distributed invitations in correct places and to correct people - at offices of the companies, in cult youth cafes and etc. Besides, we carefully chose radio stations and programs in which festival advertising " should sound; - Natalia Stepanjuk tells. Sales Pilsner Urquel constantly grow, though this mark is not advertised in any way by tools ATL.

the Success of the action in many respects depends on selection of promoters. As the director for work with clients of agency IMS Alexander Popov, " considers; to underestimate their role it is impossible. The person in a uniform and it says what words, is communications of your brand with the consumer. And it works several times more strongly, than advertising on the TV . Each agency has an extensive database of promoters which allows to pick up quickly the necessary people (for example, in base IMS about 15 thousand persons). And they can be grouped in experience, growth, I blossom an eye and even to the size of a breast - all depends that is necessary for the client.

Cost of promoters depends on many conditions. The basic tsenoobrazujushchimi factors are experience, qualification, the appearance put before them a problem (for example to distribute leaflets at the underground or to work with consumers in club) and etc. According to the general director of agency In Town of Tatyana Aleskerovoj, the promoter for work in the market costs $2,5 - 3 at an o`clock, in the street - about $5. promo - girl for work during evening and night time (as a rule, with modelling appearance) are estimated in $10 - 50 at an o`clock. Promoters - men cost dearer, as it is less than them.

the Majority of promoters - students. But some companies involve for advancement of the goods of experts from corresponding areas (for example, stomatologists, veterinary surgeons, advisers for home appliances and etc.) . We will tell, for advertising of expensive wine it is necessary to invite the expert who will not strike the person in a dirt if the knowing consumer gets. The general director of agency IQ Marketing Natalia Stepanjuk: When we carried out the action for company Danon sauces have decided to put not usual promoters, and students of culinary schools. They with skill told to mistresses how to use sauce, and communicated on this theme with pleasure. It is much more effective, than boiled promoters whom we among themselves still name warm bodies . But experts, naturally, always cost more expensive.

Promoters should be necessarily dressed in a uniform, differently them will not see in crowd. As a rule, marketing agencies have subcontractors who sew the form for promotion - actions. Is better, if it coincides on colour with primary colour of an advanced brand.

the Most simple variant is a T-shirt and bejsbolka with a logo. Usually their cost - $4 - 10 depending on circulation. For work in the street, especially during the cold period, sew special jackets. For example, in the end of December the young men dressed in silvery overalls, distributed at the underground of a leaflet with New Year`s offers from Bi the Line . The exclusive overalls developed specially under the client and a product, on the average cost $40 - 55. So, in agency In Town have told that in their practice the most exotic dress for promoters represented a dress from natural flowers. According to Tatyana Aleskerovoj, it costed very expensively .

Promoters need to be instructed preliminary, and to carry out special training is even better. Besides, they should be supervised. For this purpose employ the observer - the supervisor who can go round one day prior to five points where the action is spent. It is desirable, that promoters did not know, when it will arrive.

Discounts and bonuses

If to organise mass entertaining actions under force to only large companies to offer consumers of a discount and other bonus programs almost any company can. In the USA, for example, almost 80 % of an annual turnover of retail networks are necessary on Christmas sales.

Discount programs need to be planned carefully. First of all it is necessary to start with features of the brand and to think, whether will damage discounts of global strategy of mark. After all there are examples when brands were simply killed by such programs. Natalia Stepanjuk, say, has remembered one known mark of lingerie. At a given time this brand has seriously suffered, because Linen buy to indulge itself, and in this category it is impossible to base marketing on discount programs: they deprive the elitism goods .

sales of the stale and seasonal goods - for the account bolshej oborachivaemosti are very favourable. Manufacturers of categories not bad play discounts durable (household electronics), fashion goods (clothes, fabrics and etc.) And others. However too it is necessary to prepare for the organisation of these actions - in particular, to deliver in a trading network goods enough.

But if discounts, as a rule, actions seasonal constant discount cards were already got by each trading network respecting. One of the most widespread phrases in any shop: you have our discount card? Ilya Buzdin, + : the Russian consumer is already overloaded by discount programs. I, for example, feel much more comfortable in that shop where to me do not ask such question. But nevertheless these programs on - former are effective.

According to Ilya Buzdina, memory discount programs will develop in the near future. This one of the most effective stimulants of sales and formation of loyalty of consumers. For example, in a network of restaurants Rosinter the program " operates; Visa the Guest of honour . Each visitor restorana can fill the questionnaire and is free receive card Visa Classic on which points at a rate of 10 % from the account sum will be charged. This money then can be used for payment of invoices at network restaurants Rosinter Restorants . Memory discount programs operate in a chain store system Arbat Prestige M.Video tehnosila and others. In a perfumery network Arbat Prestige for example, after purchase for the sum equivalent $50 give a gift and give out a card allowing the right to a five-percentage discount. In process of increase in volume of purchases the size of a discount can increase.

to Bypass competitors

As promo - actions are very popular today, consumers have started to be tired of their abundance. Means, for achievement of the best result it is necessary to differ from competitors. The company should think, and whether it is necessary to put, for example, the little table the fiftieth in ` Ramstore ` even if its product is unique - Natalia Stepanjuk speaks. To make the action non-standard it is difficult. As Alexander Popov, " considers; the plot of any film keeps within frameworks of one of hundred typical scenarios, the same concerns and to promo - to actions. Nevertheless in action always it is possible to introduce any highlight .

the Most obvious variant - to think up an unusual prize, to pick up non-standard promoters or as - that especially them to dress. Natalia Stepanjuk: About one year back the mark of chips Lay ` s had in assortment two new tastes - Lay ` s Max Hell and Lay ` s Max Heaven. For their advancement it was possible to spend simply tasting - to put little tables in shops and to suggest all visitors to try. But we have made on - to another. As hell and heaven in translation from English mean a hell and Paradise (one chips had taste of hot pepper, and - swept away), them the promoters who have been changed clothes by angels and devils began to advertise others. According to Natalia Stepanjuk, unusual suits was enough that them promo - the action was allocated against others.

It is possible to combine some various ways sales promotion. So, within the limits of the action with Lay ` s Max tasting was spent not simply - the consumer could get there and then chips and receive a small gift like a disposable tattoo in the form of an angel or a devil. But there is more to come. Teenagers could win a badge with number which served as the admission in club on special action. Natalia Stepanjuk: We have organised a party for thousand teenagers, and it all was angelsko - devil . The agiotage was simply huge. Children searched for the pair having a badge with similar number, stood, for example, with posters: the Devil #18, respond! . Cult youth groups acted, all danced, got acquainted and etc. the Information on this action was then splashed out in the press so one more tool - PR has been involved.

However, sometimes it is even not necessary to puzzle over the original scenario of the action. It is possible to use standard tools, it is simply qualitative them having realised. According to experts in marketing, in the market passes many insipid and poor-quality actions. Therefore it is possible to spend usual tasting or sempling, but at high level, with the trained promoters who will manage to find the approach to the consumer.

How much and what for

the Budget promo - actions usually depends on target audience, complexity of the action, from that, how many cities participate in it, and etc. If action scale and all is thought over to trifles, its cost can make some hundreds thousand dollars.

the Basic items of expenditure a little. In - the first, the personnel - promoters, the advisers, the invited actors and etc. _ & _ In - the second, the equipment and other auxiliary materials (a uniform, stands, posters, leaflets), and also a rent for a place if the action passes in shop or other shop. Besides, depending on the scenario it is necessary to provide expenses on prizes, gifts, distribution of samples and it is etc. natural, their delivery and storage too stand money. If the action (for example, competition, a lottery or mass action) is announced in mass-media it is necessary to add expenses on advertising. At last, if in the action organisation is engaged BTL - agency, it is necessary to pay for its services commission fee. In this case it is a question, as a rule, about 10 - 15 % from a total cost of the action.

According to experts in marketing, at use BTL - technologies one contact to the consumer manages to the companies much more expensively, than in traditional advertising. For example, last year beer presentation Klinsky to one potential buyer on fate - festival Advancement advertising on television for the same time has managed in 217 times more expensively, than. Nevertheless company Sun Interbrew considers these expenses justified.

The matter is that efficiency of direct contact much more above, than at advertising. It is reached first of all at the expense of addressing of such actions. As Alexander Popov from IMS, " speaks; ATL in any degree reminds shooting from a gun on sparrows whereas methods BTL give the chance to address to each consumer individually and that is important, to receive the answer . Natalia Stepanjuk: I against in promotion - actions to calculate cost for a head . For example, cost of one contact in our action spent for mark of Land Rover, would be simply huge. But business of that costed.

the Project was called Man`s games . By long negotiations of the company it was possible to take out on the test - a drive in Nahabino more than 60 VIP - persons, owners and directors of large corporations. For them have thought up something like a Bondiana - wood, tests, various adventures. On one only territory preparation some weeks have left. But as a result of visitors with pleasure drove on wood by cars in cost under $100 thousand and as it has been provided in the scenario, rescued girls. All has ended with an exclusive supper.

Behind cars the turn was built, and it in many respects became result of the action. we never so successfully have not reached target audience by means of usual advertising even if would allocate for it ten times more means, than is spent on ` Man`s games ` - Natalia Stepanjuk has added.

Agency In Town advanced brand Wella Design, a youth line of styling sprays. According to Tatyana Aleskerovoj, by means of usual tools - television, radio and other advertising carriers - to reach target audience it was difficult. Therefore in campaign have developed original promo - the action Dotantsuj to Ibiza .

the Main objective of this action - popularisation of a brand among the most advanced youth - Tatyana Aleskerova speaks. 10 major high schools have been at first chosen, and within a year in them organised discos, held competitions on knowledge of mark etc. Then separately for students of each high school the party and competition of dances in night club were spent. Now four its winners will go to Ibiza in the summer.

One more advantage promo - actions in comparison with usual advertising - their emotional component. As Natalia Stepanjuk speaks, persuasive advertising can achieve recognition, to generate image. But the television roller in any way cannot affect human life, and to a brand it does not add loyalty. more thin things for this purpose should join, - madam Stepanjuk continues. - When the person comes on festival, it receives weight of emotions. And if, for example, will get acquainted there with the future wife will for ever remember this event .

the Main effect of actions on sale stimulation is, certainly, growth of sales. During the sale action at once increase in 2 - 3 times, and sometimes and in 5 - 6 times (basically it concerns foodstuff). According to the director for company marketing Paterson Natalias Kononovoj, in their trading network the sales volume promotiruemoj production increases on 5 - 100 % depending on popularity of mark, quality of the goods, a kind of the action and etc. Alexander Popov: This lifting, of course, the short-term. Then sales go on recession, but all the same remain at level higher, than prior to the beginning of the action, percent on 10 - 20.

According to experts in marketing to form loyalty of consumers, actions are better for spending with certain frequency. It depends on strategy of a brand and a competition sharpness. For example, Coca Cola and PepsiCo spend them practically in a mode non - stop. And here that Ilya Buzdin from " speaks; + : Carrying out various promotion - actions we took to ourselves for a rule - if one comes to an end, another there and then should begin. Having tried one reception, we do not try to stop on it. Certainly, buyers remember the interesting action, ask, when it will be started over again. But the target audience most part quickly is satiated and waits for something new. Therefore the most difficult is in time to refuse the successful action.

And the best result it is possible to achieve if to use actions for stimulation of sales together with other kinds of communications, that is BTL should not go in a separation from ATL. This line is made is artificial. It as border between two states also disturbs to effective work, - Natalia Stepanjuk speaks. - the brand Concept should be uniform and without any watersheds .