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In what danger of fast growth?

last years the Russian companies develop rough rates. However growth is always interfaced to a considerable quantity of problems. Therefore for many dynamical companies there is actual a question: in what danger of fast growth?

Nikolay Nikolenko, the first deputy of the chairman of the board Industrially - the insurance company:
- In process of company growth style of management cardinally changes. From a chain of command, rigid hierarchy and a subordination transition to horizontal type of management, so-called " is carried out; flat to management structures. In the course of company rapid growth there is a contradiction which the top consists in desire - management to operate all processes of one centre and, on the other hand, objective requirement of subordinate links independently to make decisions. The success of the further development of the company consists in the permission of this contradiction. It is necessary not only solve questions of delegation of powers to subordinate links and coordination between them at level of horizontal communications, but also to provide readiness of managers of an average link to take up these powers. Thus, the main danger of growth of the company consists that in case of preservation, preservations of vertical management methods are slowed down rates of increase of the company that can lead to business stagnation.

Jacob Pak, the director for marketing of a network of coffee houses the Ideal cup (St.-Petersburg):
- growth Problems are characteristic for the majority of the companies actively mastering the markets. Usually they are cyclic and connected with structural crisis which the young organisation worries for the first, third and seventh year of the activity. Company experience the Ideal cup and the general view on a problem allows to formulate so-called three theses of meat. The first of them - Meat too fat . According to this supervision the organisation has the problem of a margin connected with spasmodic increase of indirect costs, providing volume of output. However still it is not enough manufacture for a covering of these costs. In this case rigid control over costs, kvotirovanie items of expenditure in interrelation with the plan of sales is necessary. The second thesis - meat quickly spoils . Problems of falling of quality indicators test almost all companies intensively increasing volume of output for a unit of production. What is necessary? Standardization and formalisation business - processes, introduction of system of quality. And at last, the third thesis - meat without bones . A serious problem of emerging markets and the companies - shortage of the resources, first of all competent shots, and also financial assets. It is obvious that for the decision of these problems the company should invest in training and personnel development, actively to search for sources of the capital and to form attractive investment image of the company.

Igor Babayev, the president of agrarian and industrial complex Cherkizovsky :
- Most our company endured rapid growth after crisis of 1998. During this period five have been got mjasopererabatyvajushchih factories in various regions of the European part of Russia, the powerful poultry-farming block from seven integrated poultry farms is generated, the network from 20 trading houses across all Russia is created. I would note two main complexities which it was necessary then to face. The first is a problem to adjust management of group in conditions when branches are from head on distance of 1000 km and more. To solve a problem it was possible thanks to forming of effective holding model of management at various levels - industrial, marketing, marketing and etc. The second is a problem of distribution of high business and industrial culture on the enterprises included in group. She dared at the expense of sending at the enterprises for long terms of the qualified command of managers of the main plant, Cherkizovsky MPZ which laboriously imparted this culture on places. As a result now all enterprises of agrarian and industrial complex Cherkizovsky not only work on uniform technologies on the modern equipment, but also under the uniform scheme of the organisation of manufacture, sale, selection and training of shots, the financial reporting.

Evgenie Mikheyev, the assistant to the general director on management of a retail network of the company Eldorado :
- Rates of development of the company Eldorado last year were one of the most dynamical for all history of its existence: the quantity of shops has doubled (156 - on the beginning of 2002, 316 - on the end of the year). Myself which we put before ourselves, planning such development, there was a rational distribution of financial resources (thorough budgeting of each object), planning of deliveries of the goods, a set and training of a considerable quantity of the personnel. The personnel problem has appeared the most problematic: it is very difficult to find in deadlines, and then and to train the whole army of new employees, beginning from sellers and finishing managers of the central office. Now we spend optimisation of structure of management by the company. In general we consider that the given process in any developing organisation should be to constants, differently in the shortest terms overall performance of the organisation considerably worsens: there are bureaucratic barriers, decision-making terms, and also expenses for the personnel increase.

Marina Gandzhuntseva, the assistant to the general director of hotel natsional :
- With growth of the company it has new priorities and problems, and the its structure faster increases, the there should be management actions more operatively. The turned out experience becomes insufficiently. More challenges demand more professional approach, harmonious work of all administrative team. It is necessary to integrate also experience of the head with experience of other managers. In struggle for leadership in the market there is a set of reefs, including quality preservation at increase in quantity indicators. With reference to the hotel business, one of the first problems caused by increase of structure, - decrease in level of the service ordered by this or that category zvezdnosti. Besides, badly adjusted control system of divisions does the company of less transparent for the management that prevents to supervise its financial streams.

Sergey Shashurin, the president of the company Sibintek :
- too fast development of the company can conceal in itself danger only in a case nekontroliruemosti and uncontrollability of these processes. Actually, fast and rapid development is same crisis. The basic risks in the present state of affairs the following: backlog in change of organizational structure of the company, psychological unavailability of heads and employees to the changed situation. Shots are the most conservative component of any system. Practice shows that most difficult there is a psychological adaptation to new conditions. For avoidance it is brave it is necessary: to expect possibility and rapid development time, to plan respective alterations in orgstrukture, in advance to develop the reorganisation plan orgstruktury, to spend correct work with shots from the point of view of preparation for possible changes.

Andrey Vojnov, marketing - manager Thomson Multimedia:
- Any fast growth, only if it is not connected with a finding of a new, unique niche in the market, demands constant investments - human, financial or any others - for the maintenance. Any investments, in turn, demand growth of profitableness for their justification, and, thus, too dynamical rates of increase during any moment turn to an uncontrollable pyramid which at a given time falls. In the settled market I see only stable systematic development of the companies, and dynamical jumps are possible only or single supersuccessful projects, or unique administrative decisions.