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the Doctor of business administration (DBA) - the higher professional degree in area business - formations. In the West DBA exist for a long time already, and in Russia this program has appeared rather recently. Now it offer some business - schools. But, most likely, it will be fast them much more.

in hierarchy of academic degrees DBA (the doctor of business administration) follows for MBA (the master of business administration) and it is conditionally equated to PhD (the doctor of philosophy). Cardinal difference DBA from PhD that DBA is calculated basically on training operating a top - managers, and PhD - scientific degree for which reception it is necessary to master the academic disciplines. Thus presence of one of these degrees at all does not define a career direction, but more often in business go after DBA, and to the academic sphere - after PhD. Students DBA in the West are those who sees itself, say, the president or the general manager of the large company, or the future owners of business.

the First programs DBA have appeared in 1950 - e years in England, Australia, the USA and Switzerland. Now, for example, in Great Britain DBA is in 16 educational institutions (Nottingham, Birmingham, Bradford and etc.), in Australia - in six (University of South Australia, Southern Cross University and so forth) . In the USA well-known programs DBA of such universities, as Harvard, Boston and others.

Training for the VIP - persons

On a plan of founders DBA the program should become something like the VIP - training for business - elite. Arriving on it already have taken place as successful businessmen, but they do not have not enough ability globally to comprehend processes occurring in economy. If MBA learns how correctly to operate business DBA allows to investigate and analyze thoroughly business - processes and to supervise them in the company.

On DBA accept only with experience on high positions. The competitor should have propensity to research work and base vocational training of level not more low MBA (for example, MA or MS) in any economic area. The most comprehensible age for DBA - 33 - 50 years (middle age of student MBA - 27 - 29 years).

Certainly, the entrant should know English freely (many schools demand from candidates of granting of results of test TOEFL). Level logiko - mathematical thinking shows other test - GMAT; some schools are limited to oral interview.

Usually duration of the program - three years. But training term can be reduced or prolonged, and the program to last both two years, and seven years - all are defined by vocational training and presence of free time at the student. Year of training are three semestre.

Program DBA concerns the most expensive - one semestre costs not less $14 thousand (year of training on MVA in Harvard - about $37 thousand, a complete course - $74 thousand) .

Independent work

On western DBA each listener is trained under the individual program separately from fellow students, and the total of students DBA at school usually does not exceed 10 persons. In an ideal the specialisation chosen by the pupil should coincide with that that was studied on magisterskoj to the program. Otherwise it is necessary to pass in addition variety of special disciplines, and it demands time.

It is possible to choose as internal (full - time), and internally - correspondence (part - time) mode of study. By the way, in the course of study transition from one form on another is possible. Those who is engaged part - time - and such the overwhelming majority, - visit internal employment during the rare arrivals to business - school. Thus they can master any subjects, and the program assumes their very deep studying. So, if on MBA pass elements of strategic management, on DBA - its advanced methods. The big plus that each student even during study can put the received knowledge into practice.

the program Lion`s share should be mastered independently under supervision of advisers - teachers. Homework is reduced to preparation of analytical research works. They should be written in the form of articles suitable for the publication in the academic and professional magazines. For example, at the British university Bradford it is necessary to write not less than three large publicistic works. Subsequently these works become heads of the dissertation.

In general - that for the dissertation prepare all time of training. Its theme should have a direct bearing on business of the student. For rendering assistance in dissertation preparation professional experts from among editors of specialised editions are quite often involved. They prompt how correctly to state a material, give advice and even help to edit work. In case of unsuccessful protection of the dissertation reprotection is resolved. For example, in Southern Cross University at the competitors trained on the day program, it passes in six months after initial protection, and at listeners internally - correspondence - only in a year.

De - fakto is, de - jure is not present

More recently DBA have appeared and in Russia. First three years ago DBA the Higher business school (VKSH) has opened at the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation with assistance of the European institute of the international management (France). Vladimir Burenin, rector VKSH: the French partners have taken an interest, why we, having MBA, till now have not entered at itself such program known in the West, as DBA. We have listened to their councils.

In June of last year DBA has appeared at the corporate governance Higher school (VSHKU) at ANH and at institute of the international business Classical business - school (IMB KBSH). VSHKU co-operates with Swiss Swiss Business School, and IMB KBSH trains the listeners under program DBA American University of Business Administration. For the sake of justice we will notice that these western business - schools are not included into number of leaders in the world.

Now the Russian educational standard DBA is not present, and if it and appears, that, obviously, not soon. So, according to Vladimir Burenin, de - jure this program in Russia does not exist. VSHKU gives out the diploma about additional formation to the higher under program DBA, and IMB KBSH and VKSH - diplomas of the foreign partners.

the training Principle on Russian DBA differs that is accepted in the western educational institutions a little. For example, the program of VSHKU ANH passes in internally - the correspondence form and lasts three years. In educational year four internal sessions for 10 days everyone. Elena Kasimovsky, the director of program DBA VSHKU: Our listeners - the superoccupied people. Therefore for those 10 days on which they can come off from tekuchki and arrive on employment, we try to pump up their knowledge on a maximum. So, at the first session students pass Central actual problems of business in modern conditions then a course Methods of the economic analysis in applied researches and methodology of a writing of research projects . Further - a cycle on to Technics of management and professional skills of the modern head . The program comes to an end with the block the Foreign language for business dialogue and reading business - literatures . Between sessions - independent training. Specialisation begins on the second year of training.

Program VKSH lasts all year, mode of study - internally - correspondence. Students can visit internal sessions in Russia and in France. By the way, the French teachers periodically come to Moscow to conduct lessons and to accept at Russians examinations. Course DBA in IMB KBSH consists of eight modules two of which are obligatory, and the others are chosen by listeners.

Students should pass some certifications. In VSHKU certification passes once a year and includes the report on preparation of doctor`s work.

Listeners of IMB KBSH defend the dissertation in the scientist Russian - the American council, and graduates VKSH in the end of training write analogue of the dissertation - the research project - and pass examinations.

Individual copies

Study on Russian DBA while units. The biggest set, 24 persons, in VSHKU. And here in VKSH, for example, only two students - both occupy topovye posts and in the future expect to live and work abroad. On the program of IMB KBSH four students, almost it are owners of the companies. To become mass, Russian DBA years be required. Even local MBA, ten years existing already almost, do not use till now great demand in Russia.

Nevertheless heads business - schools assert that whom has got they on DBA do not accept. So, the manager, business - an analyst or the high-class adviser with experience of not less than seven years can become student DBA in VSHKU ANH. The entrant passes test for possession of the personal computer and bases of management and interview. In IMB KBSH hand over the test on English language and on check of analytical thinking. Presence of the letter of recommendation is important. However, introductory tests are faster formality - as than the program young, serious competition is not present.

Cost of programs DBA - on the average $5 - 6 thousand a year (approximately as well as MVA). Full three-year program DBA VSHKU costs $18 thousand, and in VKSH the prices vary from $10 thousand to $15 thousand Igor Znamensky: Training cost every year the different. The matter is that on our program training at the foreign enterprises are provided. Expenses on training depending on their duration and residing conditions essentially differ. The considerable part in the item of expenses is occupied with cost of teaching materials and payment of advisers - teachers. The Russian advisers are always cheaper than the western. IMB KBSH has appeared the most democratic educational institution - its program DBA costs for today $5,8 thousand for three years. Competitors concern such price policy with an easy share of irony.

By the way, now one of the basic obstacles for development DBA in Russia is shortage of the qualified teachers. Elena Kasimovsky: the Main thing that they possessed practical experience. For example, at us advisers, authors of books, heads of the companies teach. But with the same success teachers of other our programs work for us, in particular MBA also. Thus heads business - schools complain 10 years of shortage even teachers MVA, and to find professors for DBA for many educational institutions - a problem even more difficult. Igor Znamensky: the Majority business - schools to programs DBA are yet ready. Now in Russia business is learnt basically by people who have degrees of doctors of sciences. This approach is absolutely unacceptable! Such experts approach only for scientific spheres, and in the field of business many of them simply understand nothing.

And all - taki prospects at DBA are. Peter Kaloshin, the director of IMB KBSH: Business in Russia becomes more and more mature. Meanwhile a considerable role plays MVA, but soon this level to many businessmen will be already insufficiently.