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Intolerable ease of marketing

If we want something and we have a budget what can stop us? but I have given it the unlimited budget, and it has not kept within it! on the agency offer to make web - a page has answered with the counteroffer to make web - a turn .

It only three citations from Igor Manna`s cheerful, kind and substantial book. However at once I warn - fans of the Boston matrixes, multidimensional branding and meticulous researches of the market can not open it at all. It is impossible to name the book deeply scientific, its author adheres to a principle simply and well about the most difficult . And though such approach is not always defensible - all - taki not at the time of mammoths we live! - to clear interest to subtleties of a trade at beginning experts in marketing to the book certainly it is possible.

it is more difficult that who already considers itself as the professional. For them at first all is boring enough: good, but not refined style; interesting, but not the vivid examples. Though at once you understand that the author in a theme, mentally you begin with it in something to agree, and where - that to argue. But especially does not light - a few Carnegie, it is a little Traut, it is a little God-sends. More shortly, it is obvious not Mozart, but strong Salieri. And here you reach appendices, and everything that has read before, starts to play new paints.

Misters professionals! If you condescend to the book, start to read it from the end: the description of the competent and thought over programs of marketing support you will seldom meet in the business domestic literature. And having estimated quality of professional work, come back to the beginning. It is assured, now you by all means will have two desires. The first - to steal, or, on - scientific, to carry out a benchmarking . The second - to understand, how the author has reached such remarkable life. At first sight banal councils and examples start to be perceived on - new: time they lead to so decent results, means, are not too primitive.

But how much applied conclusions a top - the manager of the international level are valuable to Russia, which, as it is known, not America? To answer this question, it is necessary to remember results of poll western captains of business according to which managers rather vaguely understand the purposes, problems and marketing functions. I do not doubt, Igor Mann of all chiefs will teach lives that is to how it is necessary to love marketing.

The matter is that neglect, nedoponimanie, marketing distortion - a world scale problem. That is why problems at experts in marketing everywhere the identical: to plan and protect the project, to beat out the budget, to carry out a complex of actions, to adjust feedback, to prove necessity of development. And in Russia all it is especially actual, after all in our country marketing function - the youngest. At a socialism to market requirements listened unless underground tsehoviki driving dzhinsu and linen bags with desired dandies inscriptions AVVA and Demis Russos .

Over the last 10 years in Russia the set of textbooks on marketing has been translated. Transfers successful and not so, authors interesting and so-so come across. But at visible saturation of the market of the educational literature interest to positive experience of experts on - former is great. However ours colonels of business alas, yet do not write - did not leave yet on the deserved capitalist rest. The circle of those who, having stored experience and knowledge is very narrow, takes the trouble to share them with fellow tribesmen. And the book - an appeal Do as I! Igor Mann has put to the place of pure theorists, has lighted a guiding asterisk a beginner, and some professionals has forced to think like of obvious things in their trade. As the hero of a film of Balabanov spoke: it is not necessary to Relax! War goes .

Marketing on 100 %. How to become the good manager on marketing
God-sends I
to Spb: Peter, 2002
Cover/ 240 with.

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