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You are afraid of Chineses?

China increases deliveries of the goods abroad. So, the volume of export of production of the Chinese light industry last year has made $89 mlrd, and in 2003 is planned to increase this indicator to $93,5 billion And one of the priority markets of the Peoples Republic of China names Russia. Already now the turn of the Chinese goods on any of the Moscow ware markets is comparable with a turn of an average capital network of grocery shops. Compete with Chineses in the prices for production many our enterprises cannot. Therefore a firm Secret has asked to managers of the Russian companies a question: you are afraid of Chineses?

Valery Korneyev, the general director of Joint-Stock Company the Retail network ` the Children`s world ` :
- As the trading company, we, certainly, at all are not afraid of Chineses, and, on the contrary, we welcome that after Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization it will be much easier to us to run business with our Chinese partners. Tax costs which we bear now by delivery of the Chinese goods to our market will decrease also the prices for these goods in our shops, so, will decrease. What for in general to be afraid of occurrence bolshego quantity of the goods from China in the Russian market? Eventually, all know that an order of 70 % of the American market of ready-to-wear clothes the Chinese production occupies. Here in our shops only where - that of 15 % are the goods from China. If them will be more, and qualitative, but thus cheap, what in it bad?

If to take such part of our activity as manufacture - at us is factory on manufacture of children`s footwear Vellington clothes Pani Krachevska and a soft toy Tediko of course, mass sector compete to Chineses we cannot. At them as? You will tell: Sew trousers for 30 roubles they will sew for 30 and will make it well. Therefore the unique way of development is to offer the market the goods which are not present at Chineses. Conditionally speaking, they make green toy hares, and we will be yellow. Or, let us assume, we begin to let out Cheburashkas. Or in general we will leave in a segment of expensive toy. Only so.

Vladimir Bernstein, the director for strategic and investment planning of a consortium the Alpha - groups :
- There are two threats. On the one hand, it is doubtless threat of an input on our market of cheap Chinese consumer goods - we will tell, textiles. But to the Chinese textiles can make a competition the same goods which are let out in some countries Jugo - East Asia, therefore here I do not see the Chinese threat. But here the second problem is more serious - our enterprises not in a condition on the costs and to the manufacture organisation to compete with Chinese in foreign markets. The matter is that last 20 years strenuously develop the western firms, and not only in Shanghai and Hong Kong, but also in continental China, enormous manufactures which let out the cheapest hi-tech production in the world: the industrial equipment, electronics and etc. It leads to the big pressure upon our manufacturers of the equipment which they already now test in foreign markets. In particular, these markets are already closed for manufacturers of bearings, electronic components. The given tendency is very serious, it is necessary to pay attention to it.

Olga Matveenko, the assistant to the general director on sales of the Moscow representative office Tchaikovsky textiles :
- the Problem of the Chinese expansion on the Russian market, certainly, disturbs us. For our enterprise the competition to the Chinese manufacturers of a fabric for shirts of average price level is sharpest, and sorochechnaja the group in our assortment occupies an order of 20 %. Still about one and a half years ago the Chinese suppliers delivered to Russia basically the low-grade goods. Since then quality of their production has considerably raised, thus that possibilities at the Chinese enterprises in many respects surpass ours in decrease in the cost price of manufacture. At the price to them to compete difficult, therefore we work over quality of a product and in it we see the advantage.

Oleg Uljansky, the director for Open Society marketing MTZ ` the Ruby ` :
- we are not afraid. The matter is that for last 15 years on the Russian market all has got the cheapest and, accordingly, poor-quality that only is at China. That they have $1 for kg, bought and sold at us on $10 for a piece. As a result now the goods made in China are perceived by domestic consumers as something very much poor quality. In consciousness of the consumer it even is worse, than made in Russia. Not casually today in the Russian market the Chinese goods are on sale very few. The problem what to sell them it is heavy from - for developed negative attitude to this production.

it is clear that there are any groups of the goods where Chineses are strong, toys for example. I at all do not know, whether there are in the world any else toys, except the Chinese. Lego, probably, a unique exception. The same concerns clothes and footwear. In the USA every second sold pair of footwear - the Chinese manufacture. But after all it is clear that it is possible to buy a shirt for $10 and if it tears next day, to throw out and buy new, especially without being upset. When it is a question of large purchases, the consumer prefers to be assured of quality, and also to have possibility to receive if something happens warranty service.

It concerns and large home appliances, including to TVs. Though the Russian technics has too not the best reputation among consumers, nevertheless at us incomparably stronger positions, than at Chineses. Yes, they press the price, and it undermines the market. Yes, the Chinese production in sphere of small home appliances, teapots for example is on sale a lot of. But it is concrete for our enterprise, I consider, from their party no threat is present and will not be.

Evgenie Kovalevsky, the general director of the joint venture TSentroteks - Marteks Russian - the Czech enterprise for clothes manufacture:
- Basically some threat from the Chinese enterprises of light industry exists. However the Russian manufacturers quite can be competitive at performance of some conditions. What in general it is put in production price? Expenses for energy carriers, salaries of workers, cost of raw materials and equipment amortisation. The problem of decrease in these expenses can be solved - and, by the way, by manufacture placing in the same China. Here we, for example, place orders for tailoring in Vietnam and China as it is favourable. It is possible to sew, of course, things in Barnaul even more cheaply, but Barnaul is further, than China. Besides, at Chineses the equipment is better.

As a result cost of clothes of our manufacture is comparable with cost of the Chinese production sold in the markets, - $5 - 50. So we are not afraid of a competition to Chineses, as always it is possible to find possibility to make so that ours and their goods on key parametres (price-quality) were comparable.

Albina Ermakova, the general director of a chain store system the Small genius :
- I can tell that if not the Chinese toys the assortment of production presented in our shops would be much more poor. It is favourable to retail to co-operate with all manufacturers as the assortment of shops depends on it. But here the Russian manufacturers of toys need to be afraid of the Chinese competitors. Meanwhile Chineses develop better them and is more often offer accessible production at the good price. If to ponder, all world brands become in China. The Chinese toys are presented in the best shops of the world. If we want, that good brands did and in Russia too, we should be improved actively.