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Clan branding

the Bajkersky community, street gangs or even the gay - club can render to your brand the invaluable help. After all at mass audience similar communities have the generated image which allows to use them as effective propagandists of trade marks. It is enough to make a product authoritative in their circles - and the brand will inevitably win mass audience. Solid clans of the people united by the general interests, experts in marketing name the main media channel “ future marketing “.

for All the theory about leaders of opinions who define a fashion and style of life is known. It - as good, but a useless gift which was made by sociology to experts in marketing. In a life you will not apply, and it is a pity to throw out - it is painfully beautiful.

Theoretically all is clear: it is enough to manufacturers to win this audience to make the goods mass. But it is absolutely not clear, how the theory to transform into practice. “ Experts in marketing say all time that it is necessary to convince leaders and then they will be followed by the others, but it is not enough at whom it it turns out “ - Sam Rotman, the director for work with clients DDB Russia considers .

Problems are clear: almost each expert in marketing experiences difficulties at identification of leaders for the audience and a choice of ways of their gain. Probably, therefore for decades which have passed since opening of sociologist Pola Lazarsfelda about leaders of opinions, on - to the present one technique - use in advertising of stars and other authoritative persons became popular only. Frankly speaking, not the most refined application “ a gift “.

However some companies have found not less effective approach to the theory of Lazarsfelda. It has appeared what much more conveniently and more productively to work not with leaders of opinions, and with “ clans “ - the solid groups of people creating certain subculture. Introducing a brand in clan life, the owner of mark wins also mass audience for which this clan possesses authority on any specific area.

Has gone - has gone
One of pioneers of philosophy “ clan advancement “ there was company Sony. In 1979 it deduced on the Japanese market revolutionary product Sony Walkman - a small cassette player with ear-phones. Sceptics asserted that the product is too unusual also the companies it is necessary to spend many money for explaining to people of its advantage.

Sony it was prepared thoroughly: has organised creative presentations for journalists and has involved in advertising advancement of stars from the music world. But business was not limited to it. In addition to traditional methods the company has extended the goods among scooters, having made its attribute rollerskoj lives. Soon Sony Walkman has won popularity in Japan, and then and all over the world.

In what there was a difference of similar strategy of what became earlier? The company has found the people, which steels sincere missionaries of the new goods. Scooters possessed certain subculture, and their way of life as well as possible corresponded to style which the company wanted to propagandise.

“ the Cult of individuality, freedom and carelessness underlies a way of life of scooters, and the same values made an emotional essence of a novelty “ - Maxim Baryshnikov, creative director TBWA/ Russia notices . The clan of the young men personifying independence and mobility, became live advertising Sony Walkman.

the new idea of advancement has received the brightest embodiment in one of the American campaigns Nike. In the middle of 1990 - h legendary agency Wieden & Kennedy which develops all advertising of a brand, has considerably divided target audience of advertising and target audience of a product and advanced a brand calculated all over the country, only in two cities of the USA.

East vs. West
In 1980 - h years Nike it was known as a brand of sports footwear for runners. But run if it can be compared to basketball in mass character, obviously concedes in staginess. The company has decided to expand the audience and in 1990 - h years to become “ the “ a brand for all admirers of basketball.

“ In America the culture of street basketball is very strong. It is closely connected with a rap and exists in parallel with professional sports, - Sam Rotman who some years ago worked in Wieden & tells; Kennedy. - If you are able to play basketball, you god of street. There there are superstars who have serious authority though never appear on TV screens. The most well-known platform for street basketball - Rucker in New York. Even superstars NBA come to play there with leaders of street basketball “.

Nike has decided to win street. The centres of basketball culture are two cities - New York and Los - Andzheles, at east and western coast USA. They were included also into program City Attack developed W & K. The agency has made a series of commercials with stars of street basketball which never appeared earlier on television. They told about the relation to game and life. The creative was simple: plain shootings nju - jorskih slums or basketball platforms, an offscreen voice, in free style telling any short story from life. But the effect has appeared strong.

“ Anybody outside of New York and Los - Andzhelesa did not see this advertising, but Nike became “the“ brand for the people, betrayed to basketball, from all country “ - Sam Rotman remembers. Having narrowed target audience of the advertising to a clan of street basketball players, Nike could gain authority which till now cannot shake Adidas and Reebok.

introduction Experience
How to choose target “ a clan “? It is Enough to find solid social group with the special subculture. The it will be brighter and more unusual its way of life, the better. It is important, that the group had certain image in the opinion of other communities. As a matter of fact, she should be a brand. Becoming one of attributes of this brand, the trade mark will provide to itself the necessary image.

Serious advantage of clan advancement that it gives clear and logical alternative traditional socially - to demographic segmentation. “ The communications uniting members of group, do not depend on traditional understanding of identity on the basis of an origin and a sex, age and a residence. These communications are based on the general predilections. Members of “tribe“ divide feeling of possession of the ““ brands that helps to place the goods in the market “ - write Martin Lindstrom and Patrician Sejbold in the book “ Children`s marketing “ in which they investigate the new tools of advancement calculated on young audience, the most susceptible to innovative approaches.

it is natural, at first it is necessary to get into a clan. Whatever means should use - from direct advertising to refined methods of guerrilla marketing, the goods it how much corresponds to clan expectations will be the key factor of success. “ the marketing screwed on a product is necessary to nobody. Marketing also is a product “ - confirms Set of Times in “ to the Violet cow “. The good product is “ infectious idea “ the caught people will be “ to sneeze “ and to carry “ illness “ further. And the best and most clear way to find “ chihatelej “ - to find a clan. It can be communities on interests, professional groups and, certainly, ethnic social strata.

Set of Times gives an example a conclusion to the North American market of a new grade kivi with an edible golden peel. Company Zespri has decided to concentrate on those who showed interest to novelties. She began to sell new kivi in expensive Latin shops which buyers had enough time and desires to try something new and exclusive. Such installation of has justified: last year Zespri has managed to sell golden kivi on $100 million

Sometimes the companies initially advance the product of narrow target audience, but this audience appears so authoritative clan that brings to the goods mass success. When - that mark Absolut has been created for rather specific audience - fashionable the gay - communities of the American megacities. Owners of a brand have started to sell the vodka only in two cities - New York and the Dignity - Frantsisko, and only in clubs where gathered sex - minority. For a year Absolut became a popular spirit, and after ten years the mark became the most sold vodka in the USA. Till now each new product in family Absolut at first strengthens the positions in a homosexual society of New York and only is then realised on all country.

Out-of-class life
In Russia technologies of clan advancement are used, as a rule, in advertising of expensive and fashionable goods intended for provided Moscow audience. Experts in marketing do not please with a variety of receptions - with different insignificant variations in quality promo - a clan the richest capital public usually gets out. With advancement in this audience began the way many bonus marks - “ the Russian standard “ Kent, Parliament.

it is obvious that this rather limited application progressive “ technologies of the future “. The reason experts name unanimously - the Russian society is not segmented yet. According to creative director BBDO Igor Luttsa, clan advancement is actual only in the postmass western markets. Russia is a mass society where are not generated yet not only clans, but also the basic social classes.

As a matter of fact, even the Moscow provided audience is not “ a clan “. “ Fashionable capital people who hang out on clubs and on which the majority of similar marketing programs is calculated, it basically “gilt youth“ - close people of successful businessmen. They, of course, are certain community, but they do not have subculture, - Maxim Baryshnikov notices. - at nju - jorskih Blacks the music, fashion, a dialogue manner. The Moscow public, unlike Blacks, creates nothing, it simply party of active consumers which is constantly switched from one goods to others “. Kobrending with a brand which does not have accurate and constant attributes, hardly can be really useful.

However, in the Russian practice already there are rare exceptions - deviations from traditions of elite advancement. In the winter of this year company Nokia deduced on the market a ruler expensive fashion - phones. As the basic advantage of these phones - unusual design, as an advancement clan was it is chosen art - capital community. Having made at least for a while phone Nokia a fashionable accessory in a clan of fashionable artists, the company could get rid of problem image of the manufacturer of good phones with bad design.

A month before the beginning of sales of the main model of a ruler - Nokia 7200 - phone have distributed to several recognised leaders in different spheres of design (an interior, a web, clothes). It have suggested to make creative works, “ cast “ phone. Following the results of art - the project in boutique James have organised an exhibition to which opening participants of the project could invite the colleagues, friends and acquaintances.

“ Thus we have caught the audience necessary to us - fashionable art - youth, - Olesya Gurzhy, the general director of agency BrandNew Momentum which worked over the project tells . - Other manufacturers packs dispatch the models to celebrities, but it is clear that they simply give to their drivers and servants. And we have aimed not on blase celebrities, and at really significant people “.

Certainly, always there is opened a question: how not only to draw the attention of a clan, but also on - to the present to introduce a product during his life? And the advancement focused on fashion - community, is still far from work with “ national “ subcultures. But it is obvious that every year the demand of clan advancement will increase, and target groups of the Russian experts in marketing will be more and more democratic.

“ At such reception high potential, - is assured Maxim Baryshnikov. - and this business not such the foggy future. Speed of approach of Moscow to New York space “. Besides, it is possible after all not to wait for society development, and to create clans the hands. As shows experiment Harley - Davidson, this way appears very effective.

1. Define the basic imidzhevye values of a brand.

2. Find the clans which values correspond to values of a brand.

3. Choose a clan which in the best way answers criteria:
- the clan has a clear and accurate circle of adherents;
- its participants have created unique subculture;
- the clan possesses authority at target audience in key sphere for a brand.

4. Estimate, whether your brand can organically enter into the clan world.

5. Create the long-term program “ introductions “ a brand in life of a clan by means of BTL - tools (the organisation of actions, sponsorship, guerrilla and virus marketing). If necessary use also direct advertising, targetirovannuju on clan audience, for this purpose specialised media channels more will approach.

6. When the product will gain authority on a clan, be switched to advancement of the clan and a product in mass audience.