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Formation “ two in one “

it is good to understand information technology does not mean yet to be successful IT - the manager. In this case it is necessary to understand also how business is arranged. Recently in Russia there were educational programs on which it is possible to study simultaneously and IT, and management.

last two years in Russia there were some new programs of additional education (on the basis of the higher) for IT - managers. So high schools have reacted to a growing demand from the Russian and western companies on similar experts.

the requirement for these employees is now really great: all - taki - services depends on quality of work IT normal functioning of any modern company. The expert who is responsible IT - development, it is possible to name safely one of key figures of the organisation. In the West it call CIO (chief information officer, analogue of ours IT - directors) is a vice-president of the company on information development and the right hand CEO, general directors of the company (a rating of the best CIO Russia see in Council of Federation #7 for last year). It supervises over all information system at the enterprise and bears responsibility for IT - an infrastructure: the employees involved in this sphere, introduction of new information programs, strategy of technological development of the company and etc. However, in Russia CIO in the western understanding of this word yet so and it is a lot of. Moreover, even post IT - directors is no more than in 40 % of all companies.

Olga Kitova, the director for marketing “ Academies AjTi “: “ Russian IT - directors frequently have base technical education, but, for example, badly know modern technologies of management in full. Generally IT - graduates of technical colleges become directors. Studying of psychology of people is given to them uneasy. But after all present CIO “ develops “ from four components - liderskih qualities, good knowledge of information technology, knowledge of business in general and business of the company in particular “.

Training on special programs in high schools helps to fill all these blanks. Michael Lugachev, zavkafedroj economic faculty of the Moscow State University: “ We position the program as a step for transformation Russian IT - directors in presents CIO which is not conceding to the western experts. We plan to achieve it, training students in modern principles of economy of information systems “.

At arriving on programs can be and other motives. “ I only am going to go to study as program ANH and “AjTi“, - Dmitry Volkov, the director of department IT of the company “Vest Koll” speaks . - I can not tell that I do not have not enough any specialised knowledge - they at me are. My main objective - to structure available knowledge. Besides, I want, that that ajtishnyj language which is frequently clear only to me and experts in this area, would be clear also to all other employees of my company “.

the Shortest way from the nurse to CIO
the First curriculums for CIO have appeared in the West about 30 years ago, and now they are in the majority of known universities. So, in the USA the best are programs MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Carnegie Mellon, Wharton, Owen Graduate School, Michigan and Haas. In Europe as leaders are considered Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands) and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). Annually the list of the high schools opening such programs, increases.

as a rule, training lasts no more year. In this time students manage to study thoroughly everything that is connected with management in IT - sphere, in particular e - commerce. Specialised courses are studied together with business - disciplines.

many graduates of similar programs who do not have a technological background, achieve the big successes in the field of IT. For example, one of graduates Carnegie Mellon before receipt on the program had arts education and worked as the nurse. Now it holds post CIO in one of leading clinics in Vermont. Other graduate, some years a holding post of the director of the dealer centre of Mercedes-Benz, having received magisterskuju degree in the field of IT, became the president of the consulting company specialising on the Internet - marketing. Some ordinary programmers after training have occupied posts of directors for working out of information strategy in large corporations.

the Initial stage
Programs for future CIO are while only in three high schools - in the Moscow State University of a name of Lomonosov, Academy of national economy (ANH) at the government of the Russian Federation and GUU a name of Ordzhonikidze. This list can soon join REA a name of Plehanova and GU - VSHE.

administrative IT - shots high schools solve the Problem of preparation in partnership with the Russian company “ AjTi “. In 2000 it forces of the division “ Academy AjTi “ has developed year magisterskuju program CIO on the basis of ANH. At the program two specialisations: CIO and MIS (Management Information System). The first is focused on preparation of directors of information service of the enterprise, the second - on the first persons of the companies of the most different branches. As a result graduates receive degree “ the Master of information management “ on one of two these specialisations.

program GUU of a name of Ordzhonikidze is called MBA/ MBI. On it prepare masters of business administration with specialisation “ Information management “.

In 2001 similar magisterskaja the program has appeared and at economic faculty of the Moscow State University - it is organised together with company Columbus IT Partner. However, within the limits of the given project one has been let out only, pilot, a set of listeners. Now the Moscow State University continues training of managers in sphere IT, but already under the new, biennial program “ Economy of information systems “ - in common again - taki with “ Academy AjTi “. Since March within the limits of the project “ AjTi “ - the Moscow State University one more will be started, reduced, the program of improvement of professional skill - “ Economy of information systems “ (Its duration - 22 days). Olga Kitova: “ Most likely, managers from regions which do not have possibility long will be trained there to live in capital. We have made vyzhimku of program CIO, having cleaned therefrom all general disciplines and having left only specialised “.

Teach on all these programs not only theorists, but also experts - experts from IT - the companies, for example from Oracle, “ 1Ρ “ Columbus IT Partner, Hewlett - Packard and many other things. It is necessary to study in the evenings 4 - 5 times a week.

the General and special
the Basic contingent of listeners - managers of the general profile without special IT - formations, and also IT - directors with the higher technical education. Among students it is a lot of programmers and even analysts and advisers. Bazhenov`s belief, the manager of program MBA/ MBI in GUU: “ Any manager irrespective of specificity of the activity will receive on our program those of the competence which to it lacks in work. Many our listeners at the very beginning of the program declare that in IT they the present pros, but here in management by it still are to that to learn. On what we answer that if to us comes IT - the expert who does not have not enough general knowledge in the field of management in the course of training it will study more thoroughly administrative disciplines. And on the contrary, the usual manager with blanks in IT will emphasise special disciplines. And in both cases study will pass on the same program, but here accents in training will be different “.

Each educational program is divided on two basic parts - the general and special. Into the first enter base business - disciplines: mikro - and macroeconomic, marketing, the finance, strategic management, English language and etc. The second block - the specialised disciplines connected with corporate automation and construction of information systems. The general and special part are studied in parallel, and on the second it is taken away no more half of school hours.

so, on program MBA/ MBI GUU in the first semestre pass modern problems of management, world economy, IT in systems of intrafirm management and etc., in the second - the basic functions of management and their information support (principles of strategic management, management of the finance, marketing, the personnel and another). In the third semestre begin specialisation and more uzkonapravlennoe studying of specificity IT. Students pass strategy of development of information resources of the company, information support and so forth And at last, in last semestre the listener needs to take four courses for choice, for example: “ Leadership and practical skills of the manager “ “ Bases of administrative consultation “ “ information Protection “ “ Information security “ and etc.

the Program of the Moscow State University and “ Academies AjTi “ “ Economy of information decisions “ it is constructed by a modular principle. Besides a general-theoretical part which is read by university teachers, it includes also practical, consisting of several modules. Olga Kitova, the director for marketing “ Academies AjTi “: “ We have deliberately made this part on the basis of modules as we expect to include in the future them in programs Russian business - schools, chtobyoni developed at myself IT - formation “.

GUU gives the chance to the listeners to train in one of the western companies. Bazhenov`s belief: “ there was now a possibility to send our listeners in the Danish companies. We are going to send the first pilot group to Denmark this winter “. And in the Moscow State University listeners do not have necessity to leave abroad. Last year, for example, practice passed in the multinational corporation company.

requirements to arriving on programs for CIO in all high schools the different. As a rule, there accept the people having higher education, it is desirable technical, and some experience. Arriving in GUU it is necessary to be tested on bases of managerial economics and interview with a selection committee.

Certainly, there is also one more requirement - training payment. In the Moscow State University the biennial course costs about $9 thousand, and the reduced program “ Economy of information systems “ - about $3 thousand Besides, in the Moscow State University it is possible to be trained on separate modules in 28 hours everyone; any module costs $500. MBA/ MBI in GUU Year program CIO in ANH will manage to students in $6,5 thousand there are $7870, and MIS - $9,9 thousand

Pluses and minuses
Some students move ahead on service even in the course of training. Bazhenov`s belief: “ Now we cannot predict, what professional successes our graduates upon termination of the program as the first release at us will be only this year will achieve. Nevertheless changes in career at students already are. For example, recently one listener who has come to us as the head of department, was included into board of directors of the company. Besides, often enough students help with employment each other “.

Meanwhile at Russian IT - formations there is a set of unresolved problems. On responses of students, programs are still insufficiently worked. At times organizers not absolutely accurately understand how competently to build the curriculum and on what disciplines to emphasise. Some listeners complain that in training business games are seldom used, and many cases are uninviting from the professional point of view. However, it is possible to consider all these problems as symptoms “ illnesses of growth “. When educational IT - programs “ will grow up “ this “ illness “ will pass.