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Whether favourably to entice the personnel?

the Petersburg trading company the Tape has accused the Russian division of the German company the Underground the Cache end Kerry in peremanivanii the personnel. the underground the given fact does not deny and does not justify. To hedhantingu at least time in life resorts almost any company, and it is not considered shameful. However here in what a question: and whether favourably to entice the personnel?

Tatyana Kozhevnikova, the director for the personnel, the councillor of directors of the company the Underground the Cache end Kerry :
- In each company periodically there are the vacancies assuming presence at the candidate of a certain experience which simply does not exist in the organisation. For example, last year our company has decided to create department of internal audit, the expert with excellent knowledge of methodology of audit according to the western standards should head it. It is obvious that a unique place where it is possible to find the similar expert, the companies " are; the big four . We had to address with this request to rekruteram. If we not enticed the similar expert, and tried to prepare it in the company, on it years could leave. I have not casually put a word to entice in inverted commas as I consider that in most cases people pass in other company not because it very much is pleasant to them (without having started to work, it will not estimate) that is why that it would be desirable to leave from a present place of work. The reasons can be different: absence of career prospects, uninteresting work, the unloved chief, necessity often to go in business trips and so on. The worker completely happy with the company and the position in it, to entice it is almost impossible.

If to answer a question in general certainly, the companies the own personnel is much more favourable to raise and develop instead of to invite external candidates. In - the first, it less risky, as to us well-known strong and weaknesses of each employee. In - the second, positively influences motivation of the personnel and a climate in collective. And at last, it is more favourable from the financial point of view. Certainly, the company invests certain means in training of employees, but such expenses are stretched in time and are not comparable on volume with fees rekruterov.

Alexander Karpov, the director of management of personnel selection of the trading house Copeck :
- What way the company satisfies the requirement for qualified personnel, depends on many factors. What means to entice the employee at the competitor? It means to offer it working conditions more interesting to it, the best corporate culture and, at last, attractive repayment terms. Whether so favourably to entice the personnel? I consider that it is more favourable to create in the long-term, strategic plan conditions for professional growth of already working employees. Thus important already at a selection stage on a post bottom level on a labour market and in high schools to select candidates with good base preparation and growth potential. And then for them it is necessary to create such conditions that, performing the work, they it is constant lasted upwards during the decision of current problems continuously raised the qualification. Internal candidates are in many respects preferable to the company. They not only to subtleties know specificity of business, but are able and want to work in the cultural context generated in the company, to grow together with the company. Therefore our company prefers attraction of the personnel from a labour market and preparation of an internal reserve, without resorting to peremanivaniju. At peremanivanija the personnel there is also one more aspect - reputatsionnyj. If at the company positive image worthy candidates and without peremanivanija offer the services at opening of vacancies was generated, participating in competition on a level with internal candidates. If reputation not so in such company it is possible to entice only such people who do not connect with it the plans for a long time.

Irina Galunina, the director for Open Society human resource management Confectionery association ` Is sweet ` :
- to Entice managers from other cities, regions, the states is a usual practice for the country with normally functioning labour market. To the companies it is not important, where geographically there is a potential employee. The main thing that it met the requirements of a post. In Russia in this sense too there were new tendencies. Strong managers are now and outside of MKAD. We try to search for employees across all Russia and behind its limits. In our command of managers there are natives of Belarus, Ukraine, the most different regions of Russia. It, is unconditional, favourable to the company. Managers from the CIS and the Russian regions more vigorous, creative, quick and with other things being equal aspire to get on the Russian and capital labour market. Thus already many have experience in multinational corporations. And motivation at them frequently above, than at the spoilt Moscow applicants. Certainly, it is necessary to consider that in most cases, involving for work of the manager from other region, it is necessary to rent to it apartment, to pay moving and etc. There are also other complexities - for citizens of the CIS and foreign countries it is necessary to make out the work permit. As a whole, the more employees will move from one region to another, the dinamichnee there will be a labour market. fresh blood it is favourable to employers as stimulates a healthy competition. We estimate first of all experience and skills of potential candidates, their conformity to our requirements. If it standing candidates we try to entice them to ourselves. Money here has already minor value.

Victor Struchkov, the head of department on work with personnel AFK System :
- it is the most favourable to raise, of course, experts independently. It does not mean that it is necessary to do all by own strength - it is possible to direct employees to receive the second higher education or MBA. Work with the reserve is always more preferable, because the people are impregnated by corporate culture. But there are cases when venture projects are created. They arise suddenly, and to grow up under them the expert it is in advance impossible. Under such projects the organizer who in the company can and not to be is necessary. Such person for certain has work, it is successful, but most likely, that to which him invite takes of lower position, than. We will admit, in the company which it leaves, work with a reserve is not too correctly put, and he has grown for a long time professionally, and career growth still is not present. To entice the manager money it is not meaningful - hardly the vice-president will want to become the vice-president in other company from - for small growth in the salary. Here more the wide range of questions, the big powers can interest. The fact from life of our company: for last five years at us was only two cases of the invitation of experts through agencies which are engaged in managers of the highest level.

George Abdushelishvili, the senior partner of company Ward Howell:
- It would be unprofitable, would not entice and would not address for the help to headhunters. Eventually, the industry on personnel search exists more half a century and is presented on all continents. On one of meetings of heads professional rekruterskih the companies of Russia it has been noticed that the volume of services given by them has grown in 2002 in comparison with 2001 - m on 25 - 30 %. Absolute figure - $75 million a year that is a little in comparison with the developed countries and, accordingly, the forecast for the future - the same growth. It is obvious that for growing business the human capital - the most important. It was not possible to bring up inside, it is compelled to involve from the outside. It is normal and if professionally you search, - it is favourable. The requirement of the Russian companies for managers increases, with growth of volumes of solved problems their compensation grows. So, fees of headhunters grow. For example, average cost of one order Ward Howell last year has made $42 thousand And the maximum fee for search a top - the manager - $260 thousand Major customers were the raw companies: they consolidated actives and employed the expensive personnel, including foreigners. Among customers there were also new industries - will tell, in a retail there was a present boom, in show business. And steels to open for hiring of people from monopoly - electric power industry, a railway transportation and others. In total for last year we have executed about hundred orders for search a top - managers.