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Great nekonkretnost “ Aeroflot “

to fix the repozitsionirovanie in a high price segment, “ Aeroflot “ has decided to spend scale imidzhevuju campaign. However complexities with radical improvement of service on all routes have forced the company to refuse at once accurate promises. Advertising " was necessary; inconcrete “ but “ great “ corresponding to a title of the main national air carrier. To cope with a problem, agency FCB MA had to collect a creative consultation from every corner of the globe.

“ we cut the concept behind the concept, - the commercial director of “Aeroflot“ Evgenie Bachurin remembers. On his face there is a pensive half-smile. - have cut pieces fifteen. All of them were insufficiently great “. Memoirs Ilya Slutsky, president Media Arts Group, are not so pleasant: “ We of one slogans have thought up about two hundred, and how many has been rejected concepts, at all did not consider “.

Work on the first imidzhevoj advertising of the updated brand “ Aeroflot “ has occupied almost year - campaign should begin even in the spring of this year, but was published only in October. To make “ great “ advertising, to agency FCB MA which enters in Media Arts Group, it was necessary to use a last resort - to address for the help to partners in a network.

Explaining complexity of work with such client, as “ Aeroflot “ Ilya Slutsky gives an example from a children`s cartoon film.
- there is such animal, Kotopes. At it from one end of a trunk a head of a dog, from another - a head of a cat. Very much it is pleasant to my child, but I as the adult person, often I reflect on complexity of life of this animal.
- and and here “ Aeroflot “?
is too very difficult company - joint-stock company which is supervised by the state and is the main national air carrier. Thus, unlike “ Gazprom “ the company not a monopolist, and works on difficult and vysokokonkurentnom the market. What turns out? On an aviation market the most perspective audience - businessmen. They are men whom, speaking in images, to show the undressed girl, and it for certain takes for soul. But the undressed girl not so matches the Russian flag on a plane fuselage. As well as other national airlines - such as British Airways or Air France, - “ Aeroflot “ cannot allow itself of much. Though should build an adequate brand to be competitive.

the Realized necessity
Comprehension of that it is necessary to build a brand, has come to “ to Aeroflot “ in 2000. Before the company was “ It is industrial focused “. “ Aeroflot “ tried to increase quantity of transportations, gave not so good service and took for it small money. But this money all the same did not suffice. “ our recipe: to improve a product, to form new image, to raise the price. We go “upward“ “ - Evgenie Bachurin speaks.

the Company should take record tops. In the summer “ Aeroflot “ has formulated the purpose: on service level in 2010 to enter into the five of the best European companies (now on rating Sky Trax it occupies 15 - e a place among 20 largest European companies). It is possible to be surprised ambitions of the Russian carrier (which till now has not got rid of problem image) if not to know that other way at it simply is not present.

to improve service and to raise the price - a traditional method of large airlines. However “ Aeroflot “ joins in world race far not the first. Reasonable question: can be, it would be necessary to move some other way?

“ Other way “ have shown such American companies, as Southwest Airlines and JetBlue (is still Virgin Atlantic, but it is special history). Both of them have made a name on consistently cheap positioning. To reduce costs it three key principles allow. The first - park optimisation in which there are only the most economic planes of one model that cuts expenses on service. Further - refusal of a network principle of the organisation of routes (the similar companies choose the most perspective steams of cities for flights that raises profitableness, but reduces a choice for the consumer). And at last, these airlines fly basically on the near internal flights which passengers are ready to save on service (the longer there is a flight, the it becomes more important for passengers a degree of service).

Analyzing the similar approach, “ Aeroflot “ Has quickly understood that in Russia this model will not work. To refuse a wide network of flights from Moscow it is impossible. Routes from capital of Russia to Europe occupy more than three hours: it already on border between short and distant flights when the factor of good service becomes important. Besides there is no real possibility to make park from cars of one type - now at “ Aeroflot “ eight models of planes, and radical replacement would demand unfairly big expenses. Thus means not always suffices even on tactical purchases - there are routes where the company could be present, but free planes are not present.

That “ to leave upward “ the company has decided to aim first of all at businessmen, as business - a class - the most perspective audience: it is not so sensitive to the price. The problem to make from “ Aeroflot “ Expensive service brand, according to company management, it is not so utopian, as it seems at first sight. “ Russian character means such qualities as kindliness and hospitality, - Evgenie Bachurin speaks. - even some years ago the main problem consisted not in service level, and in its non-uniformity. By plane “Aeroflot“ it was possible to fly smartly - better, than on boards of the European companies. But at the same time to you could not carry largely and then the impression of the company remains not the best. For this reason many have closed for themselves “Aeroflot“ theme “.

“ the Ten remarkable smiles can be brought to nothing a personnel carelessness “
Michael Shishhanov,
president AKB BIN:
- It would be desirable to estimate laconicism of a creative and at the same time the depth peculiar thought up company together with advertising agency to the decision. Certainly, “ Aeroflot “ takes serious steps on change of the image, or as it is accepted to speak now, repozitsionirovaniju. This theme always was for me attractive, and to watch process repozitsionirovanija the largest Russian aviapereletchika twice interesting and curiously.

the Problem before airline costs very difficult. On the one hand, it now needs to fix and develop the successes in the mass Russian market, and with another, to get new clients, so-called customers business - a class. And here already in this segment simple repozitsionirovanija absolutely not enough. The additional, well thought over ideas of own development and advance and action on their realisation are necessary.

For the company it is not enough to tell audiences “ I became another “. It is necessary to change and be convinced really cardinally that the consumer has estimated this change. And these changes should concern all stages of work of airline: from the seller of tickets to stewardesses. Besides a lot of attention it is necessary to give to a question of qualitative service at the airport, there, where it probably as this part of flight also traditionally associates at the consumer with an air carrier which services the concrete passenger uses.

Here again already few one images, let and forming demanded image. In addition if not in a basis to new image, there should be changes in technologies of all service business - processes. And there, where it is necessary, and creation of absolutely new communications with the clients. And this part of the project under the name “ change of image of the company “ the most important. As a rule, innovations in technologies of service are necessary for spending before changes in image. Both the tar spoon spoils a honey butt, and the ten remarkable smiles can be brought at once to nothing a personnel carelessness. In that case against very rigid competition to force the client to make a repeated choice will not help neither creative advertising, nor new image.

the Alignment upward
To begin with “ Aeroflot “ together with company McKinsey has analysed that such, from the point of view of the passenger, good service. The main parametres it has appeared not so much. This convenient schedule - for businessmen daily frequency of flights, better even twice a day is important. Appearance of the plane and stewards. Convenience of armchairs. A food during flight. And a manner of dialogue of the personnel with passengers.

the Company has begun heroic work on improvement “ a product “. The personnel have sent on trainings. Began to optimise a network - to pass to daily frequency of flights, closing those routes where such schedule appeared unprofitable. Restaurant service is entered into business - a class by an example of the Asian airlines. Have developed a new comfortable armchair. Soon on company boards there will be electronic devices for entertainment of passengers.

In parallel with struggle for quality the company began to rise in the price which were already made even to the European. Thus “ to Aeroflot “ it was possible not to lose the clients. In 2003 the company has transported 5,8 million persons, but only for nine months of this year of 5,85 million persons. In the nearest plans - to raise the price even above Central European.

But “ roughness “ on - former remains the main problem of the company: novelties cannot be entered at once and everywhere, it is necessary to choose key directions. Far not on all routes the company has all three traditional classes - the house-keeper, the business, the first. On many directions is absent “ a bonus product “ - it only plan to enter. Not the best recommendation for the company declaring high level of service.

Probably for this reason the problem for advertising agency has appeared so difficult. The most important danger in branding Evgenie Bachurin names an English word “ overpromis “. Overpromise - the excessive promise is the main thing that does not presume to itself “ Aeroflot “. “ We simply wanted to pay attention that we change, - the commercial director of the company explains. - therefore the agency should make something great, but without a reality. And it is difficult “.

mutual aid Cash desk
To what degree it will be difficult, Ilya Slutsky, probably, also did not assume. After in August, 2003 agency FCB MA has won on the tender ekkaunt “ Aeroflot “ the first campaign (under a slogan “ Because with all the heart “) Have made quickly enough: it started in December of the same year. But it was tactical - and nobody assigned to it of special hopes.

“ Neither the customer, nor we at that time still were not ready to leaving with big imidzhevoj campaign, - Ilya Slutsky speaks. - the First advertising was a step to great. But we did not think that between a step and great there will be such rupture in time “.

In FCB the received data on an aviation market and a place “ Aeroflot “ on it name not differently, as “ awful knowledge “ - are so specific both the client, and its situation. Both parties assert that concepts were rejected for the objective reasons. One were insufficiently masshtabny for “ Aeroflot “ others did not correspond to conservative image, did not inform any idea, would not inspire the personnel.

Campaign should begin spring of this year. But on a court yard already there was a summer, instead of has appeared still any approved concept. “ to us did not speak: or you represent tomorrow a brilliant idea, or we will shoot, but I felt mood of the client, the patience after all has borders, - the mister Slutsky tells. - And then I have called in Chicago to Dzhonatanu Harris, the creative director of a network, and has told:„ It is that case when the nuclear bomb ”" is necessary;.

When the nuclear bomb is necessary to any agency of network FCB, the company will organise the world circle of mutual aid under the name creative rumble. In the country convoking rumble, leading advertisement makers from every corner of the globe gather: they give up the current work to help partners in a network. Week work on the problem project then come back to the current duties. In FCB application of this technique is rather extended, therefore usually similar action will be organised less than for a month.

it is natural, creative “ flesh - mob “ gathers only for special clients and in special cases. The Russian branch FCB more than once sent the advertisement makers on help to foreign colleagues, but itself has used such possibility for the first time.

To the aid of profit the Brazilian, the South African and two Americans, one of which - the creative director of a network Dzhonatan Harris. The Russian advertisement makers have settled to them in hotel, that they “ did not distract on household nonsenses “. For five days of work the national team of four continents has anew opened eternal and great value: from a smile all becomes more light.

the Inconcrete smile
“ On what we were bought? The person looks at the world. This world happens bad or good, but that it to change, sometimes there is enough smile. Such idea also is put in advertising, - mister Bachurin explains. - and it is far behind brackets - the departing plane. Because we want to believe that the part of this positive was brought also by “Aeroflot“ “.

One year ago in the first campaign with billbordov the lovely stewardess smiled to townspeople - in it, of course, there was nothing great. In new campaign the idea of a smile left on new level: now the world smiles to the person. The person who has just arrived by the plane, goes and everywhere sees the bent line symbolising a smile: In a rainbow, in a gleam between trees, in an arrangement of colours and even in the door handle.

the Idea is duplicated both on TV, and in a press and outdoor advertising (the agency has made five variations on a smile theme). The stroke similar to a smile, has got and on a logo “ Aeroflot “. Rollers take place on the most mass channels (“ the First “ RTR, STS, REN TV) counting on target audience from 18 till 55 years (“ a kernel “ it is defined in 25-45 years). Outdoor advertising - in cities - millionnikah. Advertising in a press - in “ serious “ magazines (“ Money “ “ the Expert “ “ the Power “ “ Results “) and entertaining (Men’s Health, GEO, “ Round the world “ “ the Poster the World “) . Whether

Will accept idea the market, will define the further researches; but founders are ready to play with a smile some years - the agency already knows how to develop idea. Certainly, the message which the company addresses to wide audience, it is difficult to name concrete. But after all the main task just also was - “ to make something inconcrete “ therefore authors are assured that it is not a lack.

“ We do not want, that the consumer has learnt by heart positioning, - Ilya Slutsky speaks. - Us will arrange, if people simply remember that “Aeroflot“ smiles to them and does so that they would like to smile in the answer. We after brain storm went by the car on a city and found smiles everywhere - from clouds to the sagged wires. And it was pleasant to us, though the problem to search for plots any more was not. If you from such point of view look at the world, he really smiles to you. This idea is simple. And in it its greatness “.