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Range of trends

Collection Max and Co. autumn - winter 2008/ 09
Marina Prokhorov

Youth mark Max and Co has examined. Is the original experimental laboratory which collections obviously influence more expensive brands Max Mara and Sport Max. Quality fine - all is sewed at one factories. Designers - 25 persons - work on four continents, tracing trends of a street youth fashion and experimenting new materials and forms. Things are on sale exclusively in separate shops, and these shops exclusively in the neighbourhood with shops of luxury clothes are located.

as mark collections - the original range of trends, in them is not created any uniform fashionable image, but there is all the most actual. We will begin with outer clothing. This autumn at Max and Co. Small thick cloth coats of a silhouette " are presented; the eight - on a hem a pulling together cuff, on a waist a wide belt. Narrow bajkerskie jackets from dense jersey and a quilted glossy skin. Exaggerated coats from glossy plashchovki with a figured proline, and also almost classical trenchi, short pea jackets both checkered fitted coats and jackets in the spirit of 1970 - h.

Besides, in a collection there is terribly fashionable in this season a fur and knitted outer clothing - jackets - bombery and vests from the rabbit fur, asymmetric knitted kardigany from a melange yarn with the huge collars, also calculated under a belt and elegant knitted coats with the asymmetric fastener, slightly given a close fit.

the girls aspiring by an image lady like are not forgotten also. For them in a collection there are tweed small coats with a collar - a bow, and also spacious street jackets from a fluffy baize, with supatnoj a fastener and the truncated sleeves - is perfect in the spirit of Grejs Kelly.

For free time in a collection is a few things in sea style - wide morjatskie trousers and jackets, tops - stripped vests and knitted dresses - stripped vests in it is white - a dark blue strip. Besides, at a collection are present stilisticheski neutral narrow direct trousers on waists, every possible vests, vests and kleshenye the maiden skirts in a strip or large multi-coloured peas.

is in a collection and business clothes - for university and office. Blouses with collars - bows and a jabot. Skirts - pencils and excellent dresses with skirts - tulips.

the celebratory part of a collection is more intricate, in it ideas of the two first decades of the XX-th century are mixed. Laconic spacious rabfakovskie blouses from thin transparent shifona which sleeves below an elbow are cut out by small lamps. Gentle silk wide dresses with the contrast edgings, reminding stylistics 1920 - h. Dresses with the overestimated waistline, from silk with a coupon print in the form of irises - in the spirit of 1910 - h, but short. Dresses - shirts and tops of the silhouette reminding ar - deko, but with contrast abstract drawing. Charming old-fashioned suits from a thin tweed - a skirt with nezastrochennymi soft inverted pleats and the top blouse pulled together with a silk tape with a large turn-down collar.

accessories too are worthy. Low predatory boots with belts twisting an ankle and soft wide tops, on a relief thick sole. Not less predatory boots with klepkami and on a low thick heel. Baletki with buckles and shoes with thongs, on a thick type-setting heel.

Bags - the hunting kind, with the waybills clasped on buckles by pockets, but executed from a thick soft skin, and also soft quilted volume feed bags and evening handbags - envelopes from the soft husky which has been densely laid out by leather volume roses. The rest on a trifle - berets and scarfs from a thick yarn, volume French caps, long knitted gloves. All is absolutely suitable to winter fashionably.