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In the south of Moscow two persons

On jugo are shot - the West of a city near to automobile filling station (gas station) the unknown person shot at the man and the woman. As a result of shooting the woman from the received wounds has died on the spot, the man is hospitalised. According to the eyewitnesses, shooting was not slavic appearance in a black leather coat. For search suspected of Moscow the plan - interception " is declared; the Volcano - 5 .
Incident has occurred nearby 15:30 on crossing of Trade-union street and Butlerova. The man at the age of 30 - has some times shot 35 years at the man and the woman. According to law enforcement bodies, the woman has died on the spot, and the second victim hospitalised.

now on a scene all necessary investigatory actions are carried out. In a city it is declared militian spetsplan which is usually applied to search of especially dangerous criminals.

Signs of the suspect are transferred to all posts of militia, patrol cars are focused on its search - have noted in law enforcement bodies. Inspectors try to find out also persons killed and the wounded man. According to preliminary data, victims - natives of Tajikistan.