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The European Islam and not western bourgeoisie

In Germany in Frankfurt am Main the sixtieth book fair yesterday has opened. Despite an economic crisis, it was possible to organizers, though and nenamnogo, to beat results of last year - record on commercial indicators. On fair ANNA - NARINSKY has gone.
this year we have leased on 1,4 % of more area, than in 2007 - m - has declared on a press - conferences the director of fair Jorgen Boos. He also with pleasure has noticed that stands at fair rented more than seven thousand participants from hundred countries, but recognised that in the book market it is impossible to name a situation radiant. According to the research spent by the Union of German publishers, for nine months of current year the volume of the book market of Germany has decreased for 3 %. But the majority of experts believes that the situation in this business remains stable. The director of the Frankfurt fair has expressed opinion that the book world in general endures universal economic launches and falling is almost painless - because the book is not luxury, and articles of prime necessity .

Turkey became the Guest of honour of fair this year. At opening ceremony have acted the president of this country doctor Abdulla Gjul and - that has much more inspired public - the Nobel winner Orhan Pamuk. Mister Pamuk has said rather short speech in which has mentioned one of the main things that discussed today by the western cultural establishment: the World cultural card changes before our eyes, on it there are new centres. I speak about new not western economy and elite . Orhan Pamuk has expressed confidence that the person of today`s world culture influences experience of self-knowledge and the self-description of not western bourgeoisie . This influence mister Pamuk explains such important phenomenon, as returning in the today`s literature of the novel as genre. In the end of the speech Orhan Pamuk has reminded that in Turkey till now is applied 301 - I criminal code article - the mouth uses to shut it to writers to pursue them the same as in due time pursued me (in 2005 of Orhan Pamuk tried to bring to court for a mention of massacre of Armenians and Kurds in Ottomansky empire). Doctor Gjul in the performance, on the contrary, said that Turkey already almost completely corresponds to standards of the European Union in questions of ideological freedom.

work of the international centre of fair was opened by discussion Islam in Europe - the European Islam but it is not connected in any way by that the Muslim country became the guest of honour this year. A theme the European Islam In general one of the cores at this book forum and as a whole in today`s Europe where by the most approximate calculations lives more than fifteen millions Moslems. Islam became one of the European religions - all participants of discussion agreed with this statement: and the Oxford professor Tarik Ramadan, and the important official from German federal agency on affairs of migrants and refugees Albert Schmidt, and the journalist of broadcasting company ZDF of Kamran Safiarian. It was amusing to observe, how these three exclusively elegantly dressed misters hypnotise each other and gathered, suggesting to recognise that now in Europe the generation of people which are Moslems on religion and Europeans on culture (" has already grown; in the same way, as Moslems - inhabitants of Africa in cultural sense - Africans ) So, Islam appears a part of the European identity. It is necessary to respect simply values each other and then such awful things, as murder of director Teo Van Gogh in Amsterdam and comical scandal in Copenhagen become impossible.

the theme of Islam and the European identity yet did not become a topic on duty in our country (in which European part lives absolutely not smaller quantity of Moslems) so this problem has not been reflected in any way in an exposition of domestic pavilion. But anyway, it is necessary to recognise that this year the Russian stands in sense of design looked much better and much more on - European, than in the past, and an exhibition of memory Solzhenitsyna located in the centre of our exposition, - in general doubtless good luck. Laid out from books - the turned yellow Soviet editions, a samizdat 1970 - h, the western paperbacks and domestic postreorganization volumes, - it accurate, as life of the writer, and simple, as its tombstone.

And all metres in thirty from stands with Ivan Denisovichem Gulagom and the Red wheel the Georgian pavilion is located. For October, 17th action under the name " there is planned; the Georgian writers against the Russian aggression .