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$25 mlrd on new Gate

In the expired quarter the most grandiose foreign business - the project became a city under the name the Mediterranean Gate which will be constructed in Tunis for $25 mlrd by company Sama Dubai of the United Arab Emirates.
crisis knee-deep
While the whole world endures financial crisis and even the largest builders are compelled to refuse the expensive projects, the companies from the countries of Arabian peninsula, apparently, stand aside from general problems. Corporation Sama Dubai from the United Arab Emirates in the middle of September declared that it, at last, managed to reach the definitive agreement with the government of Tunis about building in territory of this African state of a new city under the name the Mediterranean Gate. The total sum of investments into the project should make about $25 billion Company Sama ECH - joint venture which Sama Dubai has created with the London consulting firm EC Harris will operate its realisation. Now portfolio Sama Dubai include already some scale projects, basically in Arab Emirates and the next states. Among them - a complex of skyscrapers Dubai Towers executed in the form of tongues of flame (its cost reaches $5 mlrd), and also the whole quarter under name The Lagoons, representing some artificial islands in the centre of Dubai ($18 mlrd). And one year ago Sama Dubai has presented the first project in territory of Africa - resort Amwaj in cost of $3 mlrd in Rabat, capital Morocco.

recently the states of Arabian peninsula actively put means to Africa, to be exact, in the Muslim states of Africa. Unlike the European competitors, the young Arabian companies spend courageous enough direct investments to regions where business dealing is connected with certain risks, but makes good profit. First of all the Arabian enterprises are interested in oil and coal deposits, the African governments are ready to pay for the help in which working out. The enterprises from the United Arab Emirates, for example, enter the markets of the states of the Western Africa rich with resources, such as Ghana, Guinea and Senegal. However close financial communications were established also between Arabian peninsula and the North Africa where there are countries of the Big Maghrib - Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis and Libya.

we are interested in all markets which possess the big investment potential and good factor of return - chief executive Sama Dubai of Farhan Faraiduni speaks. Most likely, he considers as such market the Tunisian. Its opinion is divided by many companies, including from being on other party of Mediterranean sea of France and Italy. The stream of direct investments to Tunis last year has exceeded $1,5 mlrd, that is has reached almost 5 % of gross national product of this country. In comparison with 2006 the volume of investments has grown more than on third. In the last report on business dealing conditions in the different countries the World bank has placed Tunis on 73 line - this result, of course, it is impossible to name outstanding, but among the countries of the Big Maghrib it the best.

Mini - Dubai
It is possible to tell with confidence that Tunis first of all is obliged by successful attraction of foreign investments to the geographical arrangement. It is the small country, but it possesses a coastal line in length of 1400 km. Along all coast there are sandy beaches which are built up with the prestigious hotels, the different centres of entertainments and golf courses. In the north the basic part of the population of the country is concentrated. In the same place there is also a state capital - Tunis.

the project the Mediterranean Gate becomes, according to developers, a city in a city as will occupy territory in the south of capital. It will be located on the bank of one of two lakes which are in line of Tunis. Now under building 837 hectares of the earth there are allocated, however project Sama Dubai will demand use of 150 more hectares of a water table. The total area of premises which will enter into a complex, will make not less than 18 million in sq. m.

Clearing of the site allocated under the project, has begun in December of last year when started a preliminary stage of building. Territory preparation here is especially important, as the project provides considerable change of a landscape of district. There, where now the land, is planned to spend channels and to dig out decorative small rivers, and here on a lake surface islands and embankments for building of small landing stage for yachts, on the contrary, will be generated.

On a plan of designers, the Mediterranean Gate becomes a high-grade city which will combine working and inhabited quarters, and also the centres of entertainments. Architects of the company promise to erect not simple office buildings, and shedevralnye . Following the tendency extended among present builders, representatives Sama Dubai constantly place emphasis on an elitism of the future city. In this plan he will resemble very much those projects which Sama Dubai realises at home, in the United Arab Emirates. Numerous skyscrapers which now in Tunis practically are not present, will change also appearance of capital, having approached it to standards of oil monarchy. From - for it the Tunisian project has already received from local residents an informal nickname mini - Dubai.

all premises in the Mediterranean Gate will be at least business - a class, however for especially important persons also apartments and private residences of the first class, certainly, are provided. For city visitors will construct hotels which, apparently, can brag of five, and in certain cases and seven stars on a facade.

we closely work with the government of Tunis and the private companies on purpose to guarantee that the Mediterranean Gate will turn to a city which, as well as it is promised, becomes the new world centre of trade and elevated style of life - confidently tells Farhan Faraiduni. According to this concept, in a city will construct also entertainment complexes - any cultural - dosugovye the centres, cinemas, clubs and even a golf course. For high-grade residing building of modern schools, universities, polyclinics and other public institutions is provided. For shops developers of the Mediterranean Gate had a lot of place - they have taken away under them premises on the central city street, and also have designed numerous parkways for shopping . Besides, they promise to realise the concept described by enough foggy formulation innovative shopping centres .

representatives Sama Dubai give particular attention to New technologies. In borders of a city they have provided two quarters, intended for those companies which need the advanced technological means. The first of them, a so-called Digital city, will be, most likely, is taken away under the media companies, creative bureaus and mass media. - Technological quarter - designers intend to transform the second into analogue of a Silicon Valley, having created there an infrastructure necessary for the scientific enterprises.

building of a similar city, certainly, will demand updating of all available infrastructure of Tunis - beginning from carrying out of new branch lines (including high-speed) and finishing building of the bridge which will connect northern and southern parts of a city. However the country authorities, apparently, are ready to it. The minister of investments of Tunis Mohammed Nuri Dzhuini has declared that the project of the Mediterranean Gate personifies ambitious plans for development of the country among which - to double gross national product for ten years and to rise to level of the countries entering into the Organization of economic cooperation and development.

who does not work
the Tunisians discussing building of a huge city in territory of the country, do not hide pleasure concerning that this project will allow much to get a job from them. Tunis now tests an acute shortage of workplaces. The rate of unemployment in the country last year has reached almost 15 %. That as - that it to lower, the government of Tunis declared intention to create 1 million new workplaces the next 10 years. Building of the Mediterranean Gate will allow to fulfil partly this promise - erection will demand tens thousand hands and after the city will be ready, there, according to builders, 350 thousand persons can found a job. However, before building end still at least 20 years, and the offer on a labour market, by calculations of economists, will reach peak value in two years.

representatives Sama Dubai declared time and again that are ready to lean against labour of Tunis (without specifying that they are involved with its cheapness). The company already at a preliminary stage of construction has started to place announcements of hiring in the Tunisian newspapers. we intend to use local experts and local resources in a maximum. Now we search for talented people who will bring the contribution to project development - has declared Farhan Faraiduni. Small successes in it it was possible to reach - the demands in company office have sent almost 3000 persons. However some experts state doubts that Sama Dubai it will be possible to find enough qualified personnel in Tunis. Local journalist Marjam the Lobster has written inconsolable enough article, asking a question: whether What present value of our talent and in a condition we to realise similar projects?

however, on a way of successful realisation of the project of the Mediterranean Gate is and more serious obstacles. In spite of the fact that the final decision about the building beginning was accepted at the height of financial crisis as if no crisis and is present, many experts are assured: sharp reduction of volumes of crediting in the world is capable to bring to nothing all hopes of realisation of such huge projects. Critics of idea of building of a huge city often remember that fact that company Sama Dubai while was obliged to pay only for the first phase of building which will manage all in $1,3 billion Other means she hopes to receive from investors from Tunis and other states.

during the interview to the correspondent emiratskoj newspapers Gulf News Farhan Faraiduni usually expressing in language a press - releases, tests its enterprise for a question on what difficulties, has answered unexpectedly frankly: We face the large problems caused by inflation, first of all with a rise in price of the prices for materials. Besides it is necessary to participate in ruthless struggle for skilled suppliers and the human capital . It turns out, even the rich companies from Gulf States are not protected from similar complexities. Especially if it has to be operated at once several grandiose projects.