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The president raises secondary education

Yesterday on council at the president on a science, to technologies and formation under the chairmanship of Dmitry Medvedev high school problems were discussed. As its basic critic the rector of the Moscow state university Victor Sadovnichy, suggested to look after schools to federal universities has unexpectedly acted. Under the information reform of schools is really planned, and this question can be included in the message of the president to Federal meeting.
the idea of performance of president Dmitry Medvedev who has opened session on problems of school, consisted that at least half of Russian citizens now is not satisfied by school education. It is especially unpleasant that an education system over the last ten years it is permanent it was reformed . According to the president, the national project Formation it has appeared successful undertaking: it was possible To create the new monitoring system and uses of means . However, a school infrastructure on - former in a disastrous condition. According to the president, 18 thousand from almost 60 thousand Russian schools (two thirds from them rural) need capital repairs, and 1 thousand schools and at all is in an emergency condition. We will remind that in October in the Orenburg region the school building therefore schoolboys were lost has fallen. The commission to Minister of Education Andrey Fursenko within two weeks began one of practical results of session to prepare the plan under the decision of problems of emergency schools.

however, the rector of the Moscow State University and the chairman of the Union of rectors of Russia Victor Sadovnichy has appeared the basic lecturer concerning school education. It has concentrated on decrease in teacher`s motivation, poor-quality textbooks, bad health of schoolboys, unequal access to good formation in regions and high school commercialisation. According to the rector, the volume of paid services in general education system during the last years has considerably grown. But the main thesis of mister Sadovnichego consisted in decrease in quality of formation as that: the Volume of knowledge grows in the world after an exhibitor. And at school there are the new subjects which do not have the deep scientific maintenance . Mister Sadovnichy has appeared is true to the principles. So, the rector of the Moscow State University defending superiority of the Russian school in the world, urged colleagues not to trust, for example, to low results of the Russian pupils in the international school research PISA: the rector asserted that they estimate a pragmatism of schoolboys, instead of erudition. However, according to representatives rektorskogo communities, present performance of mister Sadovnichego with school criticism not casually. The higher education problem costs more sharply: the Russian diplomas on - former do not admit in the West, and in ratings of the best high schools of the world of the Moscow State University never during the last years has entered into first hundred. Despite it, mister Sadovnichy has suggested large universities to take patronage over schools of the region.

under the information the question on high school reform can be included in the forthcoming message of the president to Federal meeting. The frozen operating time of Minobrnauki can be put in a modernisation basis: profile senior school and new school standards (according to head Minobrnauki, both the maintenance, and training conditions). Standards can include new subjects, for example, business bases . The priority of natural sciences, in particular, mathematicians can become special point of the program of modernisation. US president John Kennedy as - that has told: we have lost Space to Russian behind a school school desk - president Dmitry Medvedev has hinted at arrangement of reference points. Expansion of scope of application of uniform state examination (Unified State Examination) should become one more point of reform. So, total certification of schoolboys will be spent most likely after each educational step - after elementary school, in the end of the ninth class and as final test. Besides, in Minobrnauki agree with the yesterday`s offer of representatives of school to found pedagogical internship on the sample medical which will expand practice of graduates of pedagogical high schools. At last, school reform will include optimisation of teacher training Universities: Over the last ten years the number of schoolboys was reduced from 20 million to 13 million persons, but any pedagogical high school has not been closed - the director of the Tsaritsynsky educational centre Efim Rachevsky has told yesterday. School education reform by tradition it decided to fix thematic year - at approval of president Dmitry Medvedev 2010 will be declared by Year of the teacher.