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The forward Avant-guard remained in Omsk

Yesterday about thousand persons have gathered in Omsk on It is old - Northern cemetery where buried hockey player Alexey Tcherepanov. Heart of the young forward has stopped past Monday during an away match with situated near Moscow the Hero . About causes of death of the hockey player which can become in the near future an occasion to loud litigations, participants of mourning ceremony among whom there was a correspondent ALEXANDER KORNEV, preferred not to speak. Farewell to Alexey Tcherepanov has passed in the morning in sport centre Arena - Omsk where trains Avant-guard . Then a coffin have carried on It is old - Northern cemetery. The decision to bury the hockey player in Omsk, instead of in its native settlement Ozerki of Altay territory was accepted by Alexey`s parents. Road to a cemetery - street Ordzhonikidze - now repair, the public transport on it does not go, therefore to say goodbye to Alexey Tcherepanov many went on foot. How have brought a coffin, at an input for a cemetery has gathered about thousand persons. Many got on roofs of garages close to a cemetery and buildings that it is better see an event. The militia has exposed a cordon, having released entrance on a cemetery. About 14 hours local time in gate the car with a coffin which was accompanied by fans and pupils of Omsk military school with colours in hands has driven. Ahead of a procession bore the big black mourning poster with Alexey Tcherepanov`s photo in the sports form.
a coffin have exposed in the canvas tent sheathed by a mourning tape, - in the street without ceasing there was a rain. this day even weather cries - the Omsk governor and the chairman of supervisory board HK " has noticed; Avant-guard Leonid Polezhaev. He the first has said gravestone speech, having addressed to Alexey Tcherepanov`s parents. I want to thank you, Margarita Aleksandrovna and Andrey Mihajlovich, that a grave of the son you have chosen the city of Omsk. It was we love here and will be favourite on long decades - Leonid Polezhaev has told. After it a word took vice-president KHL Rodion Tuhvatulin who has named Tcherepanov a nugget . As obliges I had control over one week ago the list of candidates for a national team of our Native land. 24 - m Alexey`s name " stood number among attacking in it; - vice-president KHL has told. He has noticed that on October, 13th became a lesson for all fans and hockey players - in that, as to health of players, there are no trifles . Like will have legal proceedings from - for its sick hearts - someone has silently noticed in crowd. The day before the Minister of Health of Moscow Region Vladimir Semenov has accused a management Avant-guard that on game absolutely sick person " has been admitted;. In the reciprocal statement the chief manager of an Omsk command Anatoly Bardin has promised to bring an action against the official and the mass-media which have extended it of a word.
however, other participants of mourning ceremony have not supported a theme - they spoke about Alexey Tcherepanov as about the live. Leha always was the friend, always could support us, always was a number. On years it was an asterisk, but played hockey as the present star - the captain " has told; Avant-guard Alexander Svitov. He has assured that the seventh number under which Alexey Tcherepanov, " played; now becomes for a command sacred . The Concluding remarks were said by the cousin of the forward Dmitry Medvedev. It was laconic: has thanked a city, in which Alexey has achieved everything that wanted and the people who have gathered for funeral.
then a coffin have lifted and have incurred to a burial place place. People in crowd have understood what personally to say goodbye to Alexey Tcherepanov it will not give, and have started to press a cordon in which militiamen were replaced by then by people in the civil. we too want to say goodbye! - cried out in crowd. However in a minute the cordon has been removed, and the inflaming conflict there and then has died away. Its fans spent to Alexey Tcherepanov`s final journey in full silence.