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The mayor was indignant with a salary delay

the Mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky has the information that some banks, referring to financial crisis, refuse to give out novosibirtsam the salaries listed by employers. The town governor intends to understand in the circumstances with heads of credit institutions. To understand it to this meeting it was not possible: banks amicably deny presence of any problems, and employees of the mayoralty guess, who exactly was meant by mister Gorodetsky. Vladimir Gorodetsky`s statement for the problems ostensibly arising at novosibirtsev at attempt to receive the salaries on bank cards, has sounded during yesterday`s session. The town governor, acting with the review of the basic city events, has told about it to deputies, and a bit later - to representatives of the press. As he said, banks motivate it with financial crisis. it cannot be connected with crisis at all!... What preconditions not to give out the salary through cash dispenses can be? This salary was listed by the employer, and the bank is obliged exactly in time it to give out - Vladimir Gorodetsky was indignant. Neither banks, nor the enterprises which workers have ostensibly suffered from arbitrariness of credit institutions, the mayor did not name. Deputies also have not asked for the mayor of specifications. Meanwhile mister Gorodetsky focused attention on this information. In a break of session he has almost literally repeated to its journalists.
in the banks working in Novosibirsk, performance of the mayor have apprehended with watchfulness. The Leading expert of department of public relations of the Siberian bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation Natalia Rau has hastened to assure that at us cash dispenses are full of money and nobody complains . In Novosibirsk branch Globeksa (About problems with its cash dispenses in Moscow wrote yesterday) also have declared that Novosibirsk cash dispenses work regularly, and have offered in it to be convinced, having visited the central office on Lenin`s square. Yesterday cash dispenses Globeksa really worked. The expert in plastic cards Western - the Siberian branch of Sobinbank Oksana Shulgin has admitted that in any of its cash dispenses can temporarily not to be money after the client will remove the large sum, but has underlined: all cash dispenses are periodically collected, and no serious problems at its bank are present. In central administrative board of Bank of Russia across the Novosibirsk region comments have refused. Head PR - department Raisa Gorelov has informed that in bank there is a department which is engaged in situation monitoring, but has explained that we cannot give the information on banks and to name concrete banks .
In regional federation of trade unions about problems of the Novosibirsk workers deprived of possibility to get wages in cash dispenses, have heard for the first time. Not smaller surprise has caused the statement of the mayor in the municipality. According to the source, close to a management goradministratsii, no information on similar infringements from any of banks at one of departments while is present. Our experts also read your publications and from them scoop the information. Monitorit a situation - not our function - the source has told , having assumed that the mayor, most likely, has gathered the data in any private conversation .
Meanwhile for October, 18th Vladimir Gorodetsky has planned the closed meeting with bankers. As he said, participants of a meeting should consider a current situation and create anti-recessionary working group . This group, on a plan of the mayor, will conduct monitoring of a situation and operatively to find Ways of influence on it in case of crisis displays.
Polina Dobrolyubov, Novosibirsk