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the Cultural program
on October, 20th

In the cultural centre the House will give a concert of a trio of the veteran fri - Charles Gejla`s jazz. Nju - jorksky the saxophonist beginning in 1960 - h as the street musician, and in 1980 - h playing club Knitting Factory - the main laboratory of experimental music in the Downtown, will act together with contrabass player Hilliardom Green and drummer Klausom Kugelem.

on October, 21st

In the Hermitage within the limits of a cycle Masterpieces of museums of the world in the Hermitage from Prado will bring Menippa and Ezopa Velasquez.

21 - on October, 26th

At Small theatre it will be possible to see a live theatrical legend of the XX-th century: performance - a long-liver the Harlequin Dzhordzho Strellera brings to Moscow theatre Pikkolo di Milano . To roles of the servant of two misters which continually rises on a head or goes a wheel on a scene, 79 - the summer Ferruchcho Soleri playing the Harlequin since 1962.

on October, 23rd

In the Russian hire leaves a film Shout of ants classics of Iranian cinema Mohsena Mahmalbafa.

In Benua`s case of Russian museum the exhibition " opens; Neoclassicism in Russia. 1900 - 1932 . Having understood with such phenomena domestic art as romanticism, symbolism and impressionism, Russian museum undertook the next large-scale project on a theme of style of an epoch: Valentine Serov, Leon Bakst, Konstantin Somov, Boris Kustodiev, Zynaida Serebryakov, Sergey Chehonin, Vasily Shuhaev, Sergey Konenkov and others.

in the Russian hire leaves a film Valerii Guy Germaniki All will die, and I will remain - A debut 23 - the summer director - the documentation officer in the full-length game cinema, collected set of prizes, including two awards of the Cannes film festival of 2008.

on October, 29th - on November, 21st

On scenes of Small theatre, theatre Et Cetera and the Center of a name of Mejerholda will pass festival Performances of the Lion of Dodin in Moscow prepared the Gold mask . All repertoire of the Petersburg Small drama theatre will be presented spectators: from antiquarian Brothers and sisters and Uncles Vani to last premieres - Shakespearean Fruitless efforts of love and Long travel to night Eugene About ` Nile.

on October, 29th

In the Tretyakov gallery on Crimean to a shaft Oscar Rabin`s retrospective show " will open; Three lives Dated to 80 - letiju the veteran of the nonconformist art, one of leaders of Lianozovsky group (Evgenie Kropivnitsky, Vladimir Nemuhin, Nikolay Vechtomov, Henry Sapgir, Vsevolod Nekrasov and others) and the organizer buldozernoj exhibitions received in the West a nickname Solzhenitsyn in painting .

on October, 30th

In the Russian hire leaves Pola Morissi film Verushka : the director - associate Andy Warhol has removed the biography of Belief a background of Landorff (Verushki) - the first in the history a top - models which photographed Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton, and Michelangelo Antonioni removed in Photoincrease and artists, in a youth participating in actions of El Salvador of the Distance, and after engaged bodi - an art ohm. In a role of Verushki the Belief a background of Landorff has acted in film.

In the Tretyakov gallery on Crimean to a shaft the exhibition " opens; Its beauty Borovikovsky has rescued . The first retrospective show of the largest Russian portraitist of an epoch of Education of Vladimir Borovikovsky, dated for it 250 - letiju, will unite about 200 its products (portraits and icons) from collections of Tretyakov gallery, Russian museum, the Hermitage, palaces of Pavlovska and Gatchina, the Historical museum, provincial museums and private collections. For the first time to Russia will bring portraits Borovikovsky, stored in Louvre and Hamburg Kunsthalle.

on October, 31st - on November, 29th

On Winery in Shop White there will pass an exhibition Pernod Ricard Art World. The French modern art: 10 years of the award of Fund Rikar . Winners of the award (Boris Ashur, Kristof Berdager and Mari Pezhjus, Mirsea the Cantor, Loris Greo, Vensan Lamuru, Mate Loret, Natasha Lesjuer, Dide Marseilles, Tatyana Truve) which works are annually transferred in a collection of the Center of Pompidou, modernise a sculpture video means, a photo, performance and installation.

on November, 5th

In the Big hall of conservatory for the first time Russia will play a duet Vadim Repin and Nikolay Lugansky. In the program - three sonatas for a violin and a piano: Beethoven (N9, Krejtserova ), Debussy (salt a minor) and Frank (lja a major).