Rus News Journal



GMII it. Of A.S.Pushkin

Ilya and Emilija Kabakovy. The Moscow retrospective show: Installation Gate / till October, 19th

the German expressionism - artists of group the Bridge / till November, 2nd

the State museum of architecture of A. V.ShChuseva

Classic Poljakova - an epoch monument / till November, 4th

the State Tretyakov gallery

Magic of a water colour / till November, 9th

the Moscow museum of the modern art (in Ermolaevsky)

Criti - Pop. art - collective Electroboutique/ till October, 19th

Moscow actual . A drawing/ 19 October

the Moscow museum of the modern art (on Petrovka)

Translation. videoart from the state meetings of France/ till November, 2nd

Museums of the Moscow Kremlin

Two centuries of the British fashion / till November, 16th

Buchchellati. Art out of time / till January, 10th

culture Fund Ekaterina

Grejs Kelly`s Epoch, princesses of Monaco / till December, 10th

the Center of modern culture Garage

Ilya and Emilija Kabakovy. The Moscow retrospective show:

installations Alternative history of arts and the Red car / till October, 19th


Gari Tatintsjana Gallery

Tony Matelli. A sculpture/ till November, 15th

Gallery Gagosian

that is necessary to you . Painting, a drawing, a sculpture, installation/ till October, 25th

Diehl + Gallery One

Wim Delvua/ till October, 25th


Nikita Alekseev. it is. It is not present. It is / till October, 30th

the modern art Center Winery

the Multimedia complex of actual arts (MDF)

Tony Oursler. New works / till November, 23rd

Gallery proun

Nearby / till November, 16th