Rus News Journal


on October, 16th


the Smile of Mony Lizy 0. 40

the Director M.Njuell. In roles: D.Roberts, K.Danst, M.Gillenhaal. The USA, 2003

the Retromelodrama about the teacher of female college professing at the very beginning of 1950 - h years inconceivable then feminist views. As usual, the theory comes to the conflict to practice of the love which has gushed over the heroine.


Internal empire 0. 10

Director D.Lynch. In roles: L.Dern, G.D.Stenton, D.Ajrons. The USA, 2006

In comparison with Empire Highway in anywhere David Lynch - the sample of a linear and distinct narration. The film at times reminds abstract painting. Nightmares pursue the actress feeling that will be lost on shootings. Most terribly hares in the suits, bearing everyone ahineju.


Roaring the twentieth 23. 30

the Director R.Uolsh. In roles: D.Kegni, P.Lejn, H.Bogart. The USA, 1939

the Masterpiece socially - gangster cinema on which studio Warner specialised. Peace life plants three brother-soldiers of world war on the different parties of the law and morals. Hamfri Bogart yet did not become a star and specialises on roles of cynical morons, in the ending receiving the deserved bullet.

TV - 3

the Phantom from depth 0. 00

Director K.Makintajr. In roles: R.Greko, N.Bennett. The USA, 2004

the Film of a category a B. Inconceivable mash from popular motives of fantastic cinema. Parapsychologists and members of spetsnaz catch on a sea-bottom a submarine - a phantom on which board there is the ancient artefact, capable to open a hell gate.


Sartre, years of passions 23. 55

Director K.Goretta. In roles: D.Podalides, D.Alvaro. France - Switzerland, 2006

the Veteran of the Swiss cinema Claude Goretta retells life of the great philosopher Jean - Sartre`s Fields as an adventure at all only intellectual property. Sartre met Che Guevara, despite strashnovatuju appearance, had set of fans and maintained strange relations with the wife.

the STAR

And on stones trees " grow; 1. 05

Directors: S.Rostotsky, K.Andersen. In roles: A.Timoshin, P.Barker, M.Gluzsky. The USSR - Norway, 1983

Historical action in glory eternal Soviet - the Norwegian friendship which has arisen in the Middle Ages when slavic young man Kuksha was taken prisoner to Vikings and became the brave soldier under a pseudonym Einar Schastlivyj.


Druids 2. 10

Director Z.Dorfmann. In roles: K.Lamber, K. M.Brandauer, M a background Sjudov. France, 2001

the Flower bed of the European actors in pseudo-historical zalepuhe about struggle of Gauls under leadership of Vertsingetoriksa against legions Julia Caesar.