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Dmitry Dovgija`s accomplice was helped by one million

Basmanny Court of Moscow has prolonged yesterday till January, 18th, 2009 holding in custody term to the former chief of department of investigatory management of the Main military Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Andrey Sagure. It is accused of bribe reception 750 thousand in interests of the chief of the main investigatory management of investigatory committee of that time at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation of Dmitry Dovgija. Lawyers petitioned for clearing of mister Sagury on the security of 1 million rbl., but the court on it has not gone.
judicial session has begun with announcement of the four-page petition of the inspector of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation of Denis Nikandrova running business about a bribe. In it it is noticed that the fault of mister Sagury proves to be true the searches spent at his place, and also result of a confrontation with applicant Ruslanom Valitovym. We will remind that Andrey Sagura and Dmitry Dovgy have been detained on August, 18th within the limits of investigation of criminal case upon plunder at Tomskneft more than 6 mlrd the rbl. As appears from business materials, as the witness on it passes 42 - summer businessman Ruslan Valitov. Thus any day it quite could change the status and turn in accused as by a consequence have been established it participation in commission of crime and legalisation stolen - acquisition for 205 million rbl. of 100 % of shares in Open Company authorised capital stock investsotsbank . Besides, in 2005 - 2006 it had been bought a cottage on the Grief Nikolinoj (where it and it is registered) for $10 million and the car of Aston Martin in cost $350 thousand On one of meetings Andrey Sagura has ostensibly suggested mister Valitovu to solve a problem for 750 thousand which it will transfer to Dmitry Dovgiju. This money as confirmed subsequently Ruslan Valitov, it has transferred to mister Sagure at restaurant the Muscat two tranches - in October 2007 and February of this year.

50 - the summer colonel of justice Andrey Sagura worked in military Office of Public Prosecutor since 1979. It is known for that conducted an investigation of the case of the former main financier of Minister of Defence George Olejnika and the former deputy minister of the finance Andrey Vavilov accused of excess of powers of office and drawing to the state of a damage at a rate of $450 million In December, 2001 has left bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor.

proving necessity to prolong term of the maintenance of Andrey Sagury under guards, the inspector has referred that Sagura is accused of grave crime fulfilment, and in case of preventive punishment change upon softer can put pressure upon witnesses, prevent investigation of criminal case or disappear abroad. Besides, the inspector has mentioned that within the limits of this business it is necessary for it to interrogate Dmitry Dovgija`s parents, and also certain Skvortsova. The public prosecutor has completely supported the petition of the inspector.

After that the court has asked to speak to lawyers and Andrey Sagure. According to protection, the consequence has not resulted any real acknowledgement to the arguments. Searches of wine of mister Sagury cannot prove to be true, as at his place any material evidences it has not been found. Cannot form the basis for arrest and a confrontation with Ruslanom Valitovym. Therefore, lawyer Robert Zinovev has declared, its client can change a preventive punishment, for example, to clearing on the security. Protection has transferred to court the statement of the spouse of mister Sagury in which it is said that it is ready to bring for clearing of the husband of 1 million rbl. Also lawyers have asked court to attach to materials has put documents on 82 sheets from a private affair of reserve officer Andrey Sagury. In them it is said that last is the participant of operations in the Chechen Republic, has three state awards and the nominal weapon. Also defenders have noticed that from military service Andrey Sagura has been compelled to leave on a state of health which in the conditions of an insulator is irreversible worsens. I Hope, you confirm with the fair decision that Basmanny Court is capable to make humane decisions - lawyer Zinovev has addressed in the end of the performance to court.

Mister Sagura also has asked to release it on the security, however judge Olga Dubrovin has decided that, it having appeared on freedom, the retired colonel of justice working recently as the adviser for legal questions in AKB mezhtrastbank can not only disappear, but even to contact accomplices of a crime incriminated to it. about what accomplices there is a speech, we and have not understood, - lawyer Robert Zinovev has commented on this statement of the judge. - If to start with business materials, that at Andrey Sagury one is Dmitry Dovgy who also is in custody .