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Intolerable weight last

// the DEJA VU
In Czechia the literary scandal connected with the writer - the dissident in Milan Kundera has burst. Milan Kundera, in the past the convinced communist - the reformer and the supporter of the ideologist of the Prague spring of Alexander Dubcheka, in 1968 after the Soviet intrusion in CHSSR got to disgrace, in 1975 - m emigrated to France, and in 1979 - m for the novel the laughter and oblivion Book deprived of Czechoslovak citizenship, it is known as the furious exposer of a communistic mode. However on October, 13th the Czech political weekly journal Respekt has informed that in 1950, still the student, Kundera informed in police on enemies of communistic Czechia. The employee of the Prague Institute on studying of totalitarian modes has found out Kundera`s denunciation on which has been arrested in police archives, and then is sent on uranium mines Miroslav Dvorzhachek - the fighter with the communists, earlier running in Germany and come back to Czechia as the American spy. The writer has rejected vigorously charges, having declared that it is provocation of mass-media. Many Czechs are not ready to present the author Intolerable ease of life in a role of the informer also try to protect the favourite writer, declaring that in 1950 - m he still sincerely trusted in communism and operated according to the belief. Meanwhile scandal grows. The similar shock has endured recently a German society, when the Nobel winner Gunter Grass admitted that in a youth served in SS (see the Power N33 for 2006).