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The real estate remains a last refuge of the small investor

Monitoring/ savings

in the Most reliable way of an investment and storage of money the population of the Russian Federation considers purchase of real estate, gold, and also the depositary account in the Savings Bank, follows from poll of the All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) which sociologists have spent 4 - on October, 5th, actually right after how consequences of world financial crisis began to be felt in Russia. The main preferences of Russians on preservation of personal savings since 1998 have changed insignificantly. As well as ten years ago, the leader the insurance the personal finance from crisis there was a real estate purchase. That it the most reliable way this year has noted more half interrogated (51 %), in 1998 - m - 45 % (the schedule see). For ten years the share of those who prefers acquisition of gold and jewelry (from 26 % to 19 %) has decreased. On the contrary, almost twice (about 9 % to 17 %) the number of supporters of the Savings Bank has increased. The share of the respondents considering that it is favourable to store money in foreign currency, - from 39 % to 7 %, that is five times has essentially decreased. 13 % of respondents believe that the most safe way of preservation of own means are cash roubles (in 1998 such there were 14 %). The variant " has shown positive dynamics; purchase of actions of the enterprises - in it has specified 8 %, thus that ten years ago such answers there were only 3 %.

As appears from poll VTSIOM, 32 % of respondents recognised that they have bank contributions, and 13 % from them have declared that are afraid of them to lose. More often investors are afraid for the savings from - for uncertainty in political and economic stability (has noted 21 %), repetitions of a default of 1998 (18 %). As other bases for alarms it is underlined inflation (16 %) and a little abstract threat consequences of world financial crisis (15 %). Besides, investors do not trust domestic bank system (13 %) and are afraid of possible bankruptcy of the bank (12 %). This mistrust is perfectly illustrated by that, according to poll VTSOIM, only 2 % of Russians, as well as ten years ago, consider account opening in commercial bank as reliable way of preservation of the savings.