Rus News Journal

What for to the party country?

Nikolay Shaklein, the governor of the Kirov region:

- As what for? For political process. It now parties are silent, because is not clear what to speak. And as soon as the situation hardly will clear up, statements at once will go.

Alexander Lebedev, the co-owner of National reserve corporation:

- that is, even under party definition do not get. It is properties. In Russia and the parliament is not present: laws are not published almost, parliamentary investigations are not spent. And debate is conducted only on those questions which are supposed by the power.

Yury Kobaladze, the operating director of company X5 Retail Group:

- Parties exist to build the light future and to meet historical XVII congress an United Russia . And the people which have endured crises, defaults and putsches, to political life have cooled down for a long time. From parties already anybody waits for nothing. It is more important that in this difficult situation will make the government.

Boris Titov, the chairman Business Russia :

- That various electoral groups could state and protect the opinion. The policy spent by the state does not reflect opinion of some layers of business. Offers from parties does not arrive, because on the right flank anybody is not present, and left cannot estimate financial crisis and its consequences.

Boris Nemtsov, in 1997 - 1998 vitse - the prime minister, in 2001 - 2005 the leader of Union of Right Forces:

- For holujstva. The present party would ask to companion Putin a simple question: why it with Medvedev rescues Rublevku, instead of simple citizens? Any party is obliged to set this question, after all Russia on crisis has lost more than all the others: Dow Jones has fallen to 15 %, and at all of us has failed on 50 %.

Alexander Volovik, the president of oil and gas corporation Bi - Gas - Si :

- And where they, parties? Enormous unemployment and what parties do approaches? Think to sit out in smooth water which have ostensibly constructed in Russia. They do not want and are not able to think of people. At them even leaders in itself, and parties in itself.

Vladimir ShCherbakov, the chairman of board of directors of a group of companies avtotor :

- Parties are, of course, necessary. Only deputies discuss any nonsense, and about crisis words. And after all after the investment commodity crisis can begin. Then metallurgy, petrochemistry will stop, unemployment will begin.

Vladimir Milovidov, head FSFR:

- Without comments.

Dmitry Oreshkin, the political scientist:

- For appearance though the public policy in general is reduced to shameful level. The Moscow City Council struggles with smoking, the State Duma is pliable approves all decisions of the prime minister and the president. We observe gradual degradation of laws, parliament, elections. All is signs of forming of a vertical of the power where both chambers of parliament play only decorative role.