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2,5 million have not found an exit from the Sheremetyevo

In Golovinsky capital court litigation on business of former court enforcement officer Ullibija Bizhamova, the son eks - the Minister of Justice of Dagestan has begun Tazhutdina Bizhamova. Mister Bizhamov - younger is accused that in February of this year at the Sheremetyevo airport has crossed customs control of the airport, without having declared transportation 2,5 million Consequence qualified its actions as contraband.
the former court enforcement officer 30 - summer Ulliby Bizhamov has been detained on February, 18th, 2008. Having arrived in the Sheremetyevo airport - 2 of Dubai (United Arab Emirates), it has crossed a line of customs control, having proceeded on a green corridor. However mister Bizhamov has got under selective examination of customs inspectors. The customs officer has suggested the passenger to place hand luggage on a tape rentgenoskopii luggage. Before carrying out of examination 30 - the summer Russian has shown to customs officers the passport with the customs declaration enclosed in it (form TD - 6) in which the sum in 2,475 million This sum has been specified by cash and has been found out in its bag made of cloth.

customs officers have considered actions of mister Bizhamova illegal. Having chosen a green corridor, according to employees of customs, Ulliby Bizhamov thereby has declared absence at it values subject to obligatory declaring. And for lawful import in the country of this sum it was necessary for it to go to other corridor and to show the declaration and a bag to examination voluntary. Thus, without having declared officially currency taken by it, Ulliby Bizhamov, customs officers have solved, tried to leave from payment of the customs duties for currency import.

as a result concerning mister Bizhamova criminal case on p.1 item 188 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (contraband) has been brought, and mister Bizhamova from the court sanction have placed under arrest.

Recently as has informed the head a press - services of Moscow City Court Anna Usachyov, criminal case has been finished and transferred in court by Office of Public Prosecutor on supervision of execution of laws on air and a sailing charter. Ulliby Bizhamov does not recognise the fault. With protection of mister Bizhamova yesterday it was not possible to communicate. We will notice that one of lawyers of the defendant is his father - the former Minister of Justice of Dagestan Tazhutdin Bizhamov. Mister Bizhamov - the senior, by the way, in 1998, being the minister, was late law enforcement bodies on suspicion in plunder of 60 million rbl. of budgetary funds. However the court has justified it.