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Vasily Bojko have imposed with pledge

Investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the head of the company " has explained yesterday, why released on the security the Supreme court of Russia; the vashfinansovyj trustee Vasily Bojko did not leave on freedom. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, him have detained within the limits of a legal investigation about swindle with the earth of the agricultural enterprise Tuchkovsky . Thus in the Supreme court have explained that pledge of 50 million rbl. will not be returned, as it have brought on another matter. Lawyers of the businessman say that the consequence has spat on the decision of the higher judicial instance .
we Will remind that according to definition of the Supreme court of Russia Vasily Bojko should leave a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s Tishin before the October, 7th, however arrived to meet the businessman lawyers, relatives and colleagues so it and have not waited. And about 22 hours they knew that Smartly inspectors have again detained the mister and have taken out from a pre-trial detention centre ( informed on it in yesterday`s number). All night long and all yesterday Vasily Bojko`s lawyers tried to find out a site of the client. However, as they said, members of an investigatory brigade have refused to talk to them, and in rung round by them pre-trial detention centres and IVS have told that Vasily Bojko at them does not contain. the event does not climb in any legal frameworks, - lawyer Alexey Averyanov has told. - in business of our principal there are warrants of all its lawyers, and inspectors have been obliged to inform us on its detention and to invite to investigatory actions . Thus lawyers consider that employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have actually spat on the decision of the Supreme court: to the mister released on the security Smartly have not allowed even to leave for pre-trial detention centre gate.

In investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs have explained that the mister has been smartly detained on other criminal case which has been not connected with on what he has been released on bail (on the case of swindle with the earth of the former state farm of a name of Dovatora in Ruzsky area). Detention of the businessman have explained that, it having appeared on freedom, it could disappear and put pressure upon witnesses.

in manufacture of inspectors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation now is five criminal cases on which there passes Vasily Bojko. All of them are connected with swindle with the ground areas in Ruzsky area. Detention has been made on the case of frauds with sites of the agricultural enterprise Tuchkovsky on which the mister Smartly passed in quality of the suspect.

as have told in public organisation Our earth representing interests of victims on this business, the majority of the earths of the former state farm Tuchkovsky In 90 - h years it has been rented or redeemed by physical persons under building of summer residences and country houses. In the summer of 2004 to owners and tenants of the earths letters from Joint-Stock Company " have come; State farm Tuchkovsky in which it was offered to pay rent under the new rates exceeding former (instead of 65 rbl. for a hundred part - 600 rbl.) Or to redeem the earth at the price to $2 thousand for a hundred part. To people who asserted that they already owners of land, in ground committee of area have declared that corresponding certificates are void. In default to pay under new rates representatives of Joint-Stock Company promised to take down all constructed houses. Under statements of summer residents in 2005 it has been raised three criminal cases. As a result the consequence has found out that Joint-Stock Company was under control to Vasily Bojko. According to the investigation, the mister Smartly expected to release more than 3 thousand in hectare of the earth Tuchkovsky from summer residents to realise on them the project on building of cottages.

in investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs have informed that, even being in custody, the mister Smartly tried to organise payoff of witnesses on the given criminal case . In the near future the consequence is going to address in court with the petition for new arrest of the businessman.

in the late evening Vasily Bojko`s lawyers have found the client in IVS the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow on Petrovka, 38. Inspectors have not explained to us, on what basis he has been detained, - has told lawyer Averyanov. - have told only that all learn tomorrow in the Tver court in which they will address with the petition for its arrest . Comment on new charges to the mister Smartly the defender could not, having referred that the consequence to it has not been present documents. I can add only that at us the impression that inspector Bardin is made (investigates frauds with the earth. - ) has decided to oppose itself to all judicial system - the lawyer has added.

in turn, the official representative of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Pavel Odintsov has informed : in spite of the fact that Vasily Bojko was detained right after by replacements of its arrest by clearing under the pledge, the 50 million rbl. brought for it Remain on the account of court before adjudgment on business. the Supreme court made the decision on clearing on the security on one business, - mister Odintsov has declared, - and he has been detained on another to which the given decision of the Supreme court of the relation has no. Therefore and the mortgaging sum remains on the deposit as though the mister has been smartly released from - under guards on freedom .