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Transmineral oil have entrusted the trader

the President Transmineral oil there is Michael Mezhentsev earlier working in trejdingovyh the companies, and recently - in Sovkomflote . Mister Mezhentsev will come to the company which has just reconstructed system of interaction with customers on model Transneft . According to the analysts, the new head Transmineral oil will be more loyal to head Transneft to Nikolay Tokarev, than the left Sergey Maslov, but, probably, will manage to keep commercial principles of activity Transmineral oil .
to Head Transmineral oil to Sergey Maslov who on October, 1st has left the post (see from October, 3rd), have found replacement. Michael Mezhentsev, working in sphere of trade in oil and oil products became more than 15 years the new president of the company. In Transneft Have confirmed the fact of appointment of mister Mezhentseva, having explained that yesterday mister Maslov has met collective Transmineral oil . Phone of mister Mezhentseva did not answer.

38 - summer Muscovite Michael Mezhentsev has ended RUDN it. Patrisa Lumumby and correspondence Institute of the Soviet trade on a speciality the economist . Since 1991 worked in the various companies connected with trade by oil and oil products, - in particular, in Open Society structures TPK JUnivers Open Company Rostrejd Open Company the Petroresource and in representation of Swiss trader Progetra S. A. In February, 2007 mister Mezhentsev has gone to work in Sovkomflot where, as have explained in the company, was responsible for new projects in sphere of transportation of oil and oil products. From Sovkomflota mister Mezhentsev has left a year later and has headed, according to the source in Transneft Open Company Transneft - the terminal - affiliated company Transneft engaged in transfer on Novorossisk the terminal.

Michael Mezhentsev comes to the company which has just changed a number of the key moments in the activity. So, since October, 1st Transmineral oil has changed system of interaction with customers of services. If earlier contracts on transportation consisted with regional affiliated companies now they are unified and should consist with the head company. By this principle works and Transneft .

Alexey Kokin from IK Metropol notices that on a background mister Mezhentsev is similar to Sergey Maslov (that before arrival to the company worked in trejdingovom LUKOIL business). According to mister Kokina, probably, new head Transmineral oil will be closer to head Transneft to Nikolay Tokarev, than mister Maslov (He headed the company even before its transfer Transneft ) But will keep a commercial orientation of the company. transmineral oil - more commercial company, than Transneft - the analyst speaks. - it is compelled to compete to the railway, and for the head of the company important accurate representation about marketing, privileges and other similar aspects .

Lev Snykov from VTB believes that expansion of capacities of system " will be a priority problem on a new place for mister Mezhentseva; Transmineral oil because manufacture of oil products in Russia, possibly, will faster grow oil manufactures . Oil industry workers can essentially increase manufacture of diesel fuel which is transported " within the next years; Transmineral oil - the analyst explains. The second problem - cost of company services, marks it: Tariffs for oil transportation grow high rates, but for corresponding increase in tariffs on oil products some management efforts " be required;.