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The corporal Ermaka have overloaded with weights

In voensude Novosibirsk garrison process on business of the major of group of special troops " has come to the end; Ermak the Siberian district of internal troops (SibOVV) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of Andrey Polshina. The participant of five business trips to the North Caucasus has beaten the at fault subordinate, has chained to his hands of the weight and has forced to overcome with them ognenno - an assault strip. The major recognised guilty as well in swindle, have sentenced to four years of imprisonment in a standard regime penal colony and have deprived of an officer rank. The Novosibirsk garrison court has considered case of the commander 3 - j groups of group of special troops Ermak SibOVV major Andrey Polshina who was accused of excess of powers with application of violence and spetssredstv (ch. 3 items 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and attempt at swindle (item 30, item 159). As it is underlined in business materials, in December of last year the corporal - contract employee Vladislav Andreev has received holiday home in the city of Belovo of the Kemerovo region, but in a part arrangement has not returned and remained at home. In the middle of February, 2008 of the member of spetsnaz walking on belovskomu to station, police officers on what have reported on major Polshinu under whom Andrey`s mister served have detained.
having got out the subordinate of police station, the major on own car delivered it in a part and has started to it to education . On business materials, at night the major the wet towel of 30 times braided in a hard plait has struck the at fault corporal on a back and feet - on blow per every day of delay. Then has chained the corporal in two pairs handcuffs: the left hand has fastened above head level to a lattice of a room for weapon storage, right - to pudovoj to the weight. So Vladislav Andreev has staid till the morning. Next day before construction major Polshin has fastened to a hand of the contract employee one more weight in weight already 24 kg. As witnesses tell, with such cargo the corporal by order of the torturer has overcome ognenno - an assault strip. For the night the major has chained subordinated by handcuffs to a bed.
according to the investigation, further the officer has explained to the corporal that to that the criminal liability and impressive term for autocratic ostavlenie threatens a part and not to give to business a lawful course, he has asked to pay to it 50 thousand rbl. About it has told and mother Andreeva who have arrived to Novosibirsk. But instead of raising money, she has addressed with the statement in FSB. There it was supplied mechenymi with money, with videos - and sound recording equipment. On February, 20th Andrey Polshina have detained at the moment of transfer to it of money. The consequence qualified this episode as swindle: ostensibly the major did not possess powers, sufficient for excitation or removal of action. In September it has appeared before voensudom.
When proceeding came to an end, Andrey Polshin admitted swindle, but the fact of mockery over subordinated continued to deny categorically. In debate of the parties state accuser Alexander Kuznetsov has demanded for the member of spetsnaz three and a half a year of a general regime. However judge Dmitry Bogdashov presiding over process has appointed to half a year more. Besides, Andrey Polshina have deprived of a military rank and the right to two years to occupy on civil service the posts connected with a management by staff. However, awards - Zhukov`s medal, For service in special troops For military valour For service on caucasus - to it have left. The court also has satisfied the claim left with service after term of the contract of Andreeva to the former commander: as compensation of moral harm the condemned is obliged to pay to the suffered 20 thousand rbl. of the Former major have detained in a court hall.
Konstantin Voronov, Novosibirsk