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Cinemas will build in system

As it became known the Ministry of culture has prepared amendments to the law About the state support of cinematography of the Russian Federation providing introduction of uniform system of the account of display of films in cinema halls. If the bill is approved, in 2010 all cinemas will be already obliged to give the data about quantity of the sold tickets in the uniform registration centre that will allow to make system of film theatrical display of more transparent. Now, according to the experts, producers and kinoprokatchiki receive less on the average 20 % of a gain which remains at cinemas.
amendments to the federal law (the text is on hand ) Provide obligatory placing of the information on sale of film tickets in the uniform automated information system of the account of display of films in cinema halls. The information that the bill is prepared and directed to the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development and trade, was confirmed with a source in Ministry of culture. if the project meets with approval in all departments since 2010 all cinemas will be obliged to give the information on sales of tickets in the uniform registration centre following the results of day - he speaks.

thus as it became known the state will finance current activity of the uniform registration centre, employing for performance of these functions the company - the contractor which will get out as a result of the tender. Equipment by system of the account of cinema halls will be incurred by cinemas and film theatrical networks. The source in Ministry of culture has told that annual financing of the uniform centre will make about 15 million rbl. And investments into the equipment of one cinema hall are estimated by system in 280 thousand rbl. of All in Russia of 1,6 thousand cinema halls, thus, their total expenses for system installation can make $18 million Thus large networks ( Sinema park the cinema Formula and others) are already equipped by own monitoring systems behind receipts from sale of tickets. In Ministry of culture notice that department considers different variants of work with such networks - as certification existing programmno - hardware maintenance, and introduction new.

in the explanatory note applied on the bill, it is said that concealment of incomes of hire of films at various cinemas makes from 4 to 50 % of their total sum . In 2007 the Russian films have collected $135 - 140 million About 50 % of gathering receive film theatrical networks, the rest is divided by producers and the film rolling companies in a proportion approximately 85 into 15 %. By company Movie Research estimations, producers and the film rolling companies receive less as a result of concealment of incomes from cinemas about 20 % of means.

general director Movie Research Oleg Ivanov says that the data given by networks prokatchikam, often does not coincide with quantity visited a cinema hall. The general director of company Art Pictures Studio Dmitry Rudovsky agrees with it. Some cinemas showed phenomenal gathering of our last project Elka and their direct competitors - result in three - four times more low. This suspiciously big divergence - he speaks.

the film rolling companies agree with producers. the uniform system of the account has allowed to make transparent the market of cinemas in the West - the general director of film rolling company UPI Vadim Ivanov speaks. The first deputy of the general director Tsentral Partnership Sergey Shestakov specifies that the bill is in a channel of the same tendency, as the new concept of state financing of cinema (see from September, 2nd). the State began to concern cinema as high-grade industry and is interested in its transparency - it explains.

representatives of cinemas assert that hide incomes only the individual companies and this problem the bill will not solve. not clearly, why networks should pay to solve problems prokatchikov: the piracy is observed only at single cinemas - the general director of a network " is surprised; Sinema park Sergey Kitin. The general director cinema Formulas Andrey Tereshok is assured that as the system will not give out the information in a mode online separate cinemas will always find a way to bypass it. Sergey Kitin says that the system can face complexities in realisation, specifying in problems at introduction EGAIS (the uniform state automated information system of the account of alcoholic production), from - for which in 2006 for some months activity of many companies - manufacturers has stopped.