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The banker has shown subsidiarnuju responsibility

Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) at last has had an opportunity completely to pay off with creditors of Roskomveteranbanka which have gone bankrupt still in 2006. Means for satisfaction of requirements of creditors and investors were given by the former chairman of the board of bank. In the history ASV it is the first case when guilty of bankruptcy of bank the head has completely paid off from own means with all creditors.
that the former chairman of the board Roskomveteranbanka Michael Glushnev has given ASV means at a rate of 8,4 million rbl. for full satisfaction of requirements of creditors of bank, the first deputy of general director ASV Valery Miroshnikov has told. One of these days eks - the banker has voluntary executed the judgement taken out in February on attraction to subsidiarnoj responsibility under bank obligations. Otherwise the considerable part of requirements of creditors of Roskomveteranbanka would remain unsatisfied: by the time of licence withdrawal actives have been completely deduced from bank.

single cases of voluntary execution by separate heads of banks of judgements on attraction to subsidiarnoj responsibility were and earlier, Valery Miroshnikov continues. However till now received from were a top - managers of means sufficed only for partial calculation with creditors. So, one of five top - managers ASB - the bank which has gone bankrupt in 2005, has executed the judgement on attraction to subsidiarnoj the responsibility, however brought with it 9 million rbl. has not sufficed to pay off with creditors: the total sum of requirements to bank exceeded 200 million rbl. Other heads ASB - bank to execute a judgement have refused.

However private competitive managing directors are not assured that among were the top - managers of banks will be many interested persons to follow the lead of mister Glushneva. All will depend on volume of requirements of creditors of banks - bankrupts to a management of bank, presence at it sufficient own means for payment with debts, moral qualities of heads of banks, and also the bankruptcy reasons - intention or a management error - competitive managing director Edward Rebgun considers. According to competitive operating other bank - the bankrupt if it is a question not of millions, and about billions roubles of requirements of creditors, to bankers to hit in races easier. if the sum of requirements of creditors does not put a serious damage to private means were a top - the manager of bank why not to pay off and to have possibility to continue easy to live and work in Russia - he specifies.

However, for the former chairman of the board Roskomveteranbanka the prospect of quiet life and work in Russia looks relative. Payment with creditors within the limits of judgement execution on a civil case does not remove from it a criminal liability for deliberate bankruptcy within the limits of the criminal case raised on February, 6th, 2008. at the moment on business preliminary investigation is conducted, and mister Glushnev, having paid off with creditors, most likely, can count on softening, but not on punishment cancellation - Valery Miroshnikov summarises. To Contact Michael Glushnevym yesterday it was not possible.