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Moscow in new light

Maloetazhku could not be built
Martin Shakkum, the chairman of committee of the State Duma on building and ground relations: Active development of industrial production of building materials for low housing construction in Russia is a myth. At us now hundreds factories, and only some work on 50 - 60 % of capacity. The great bulk stands idle, because all work cycle is not fulfilled. And even if the factory works, works in anywhere: platforms are not prepared, in time projects correctly are not issued, there are no ground plans for many years forward. There is a dangerous myth that low building it is easy and simple and that any, even the one who never built, can start to build cottage settlements. Actually many-storeyed houses to build absolutely simply, and to create cottage settlements are a difficult business .

Communal flats will be settled by realtors
Nikolay Fedoseyev fulfilling duties of the head of department of the housing policy of Moscow: We already study the program where resources on moving of communal flats as a whole on a city and on administrative districts will be provided. This program provides attraction to moving of communal flats of investors and realtors. According to department of a housing policy, for today in Moscow is more than 90 thousand communal flats .

Rent instead of a mortgage
Natalia Kirpichenko, general director GK the Multibroker : the mortgage Role in market development is now overestimated. Its active propagation though habitation acquisition in the property will lead to plural defaults among buyers proceeds. It is necessary to address not only to a mortgage, but also to rent habitation .

Private traders will solve housing and communal services problems
Dmitry Kozak, the minister of regional development of the Russian Federation: All over the world the housing and communal services sphere very much even is profitable. It seems to me that with attraction of private investors, management companies and at transition to concessions in the course of time we will manage to minimise existing problems. 240 mlrd the rbl. listed initially in Fund of assistance to reforming of housing and communal services, only on 15 % cover existing problems in all regions of the country. Nevertheless it is enormous means. Already now this program had joined 65 subjects of the Russian Federation, within the next few days them becomes 68, and already in the form of grants subjects have received more than 30 mlrd rbl. .

Investors - shareholders run from nedostroja
Konstantin Aprelev, the vice-president of the Russian guild of realtors: Private investors hastily get rid of apartments in houses where developers lag behind the building schedule, and such more than half. Investors sell apartments more cheaply, than developers. Earlier builders would redeem them, but in the given position cannot .

1,8 %
have added average rates on rouble mortgage loans in Russia from the beginning of 2008. Only for September, 2008 growth of average rates on rouble mortgage loans has made 1,4 %. By the end of September average cost of a mortgage loan in Russia has reached 15,6 % annual in roubles that corresponds to level of rates of 2002.

thus many banks already offer a mortgage under the rate above 20 % annual. Since October, 1st one of key players of the market - the Savings Bank - has raised on 1 % the rate on rouble mortgage loans (from 13,75 % annual to 14,75 %). Have raised credit rates Uralsib Deltakredit ZHilfinans Orgresbank, BTA - bank, Alpha bank, Junikredit - bank, bank the Union Russian savings and loan association and many other things. More than 80 % of the Russian banks in September have entered those or other restrictions at delivery of mortgage loans. According to bankers, growth of average rates on a mortgage in the fourth quarter 2008 for 0,8 - 1,0 % is possible. And for as much - in the first quarter 2009.

5,7 %
- on for September the average price for one-room apartments ekonomklassa in the Central administrative district of Moscow so much has decreased. According to realtors, apartments of this category have fallen in price on all capital districts, except Western and Zelenograd. On the average in comparison with August inexpensive Moscow odnushki have gone down in price on 2,1 %. The dollar for the accounting period has risen in price only for 3 % so also the rouble prices in September did not grow almost, and places have gone downwards.

8 %
the Moscow families have got inhabited real estate within last two years. It is the lowest indicator among cities - millionnikov. For comparison: In Chelyabinsk have bought apartments for the same term of 18 % of families - in 2,25 times more. According to poll spent by the Center of strategic researches Rosgosstrakh in big cities of Russia, 13 % of respondents have declared that in the last two days made transactions with real estate. 15 % interrogated plan to improve the living conditions the next two years.

36,6 %
- on have on the average risen in price from the beginning of year of apartment in the secondary market of Moscow suburbs so much. Most strongly - on 42 % - one-room apartments have grown in the price. Least - only on 28 - 29 % in relation to the December prices - have risen in price the big apartments.

52 %
from all habitation put in operation for the first half of the year 2008, were necessary on individual housing construction. Under forecasts of National agency of low and cottage building, in 2020 IZHS will make 70 % from all entered habitation.

in a month - such is the minimum cost of rent of the Moscow apartment. For a summer rent apartments ekonomklassa have strongly risen in price. As a result of more than 15 % of the tenants, counting to rent apartment $750 a month are not more expensive, have been compelled to rent a room.